The Ultimate Guide to HTML5 Video and Audio Players for WordPress


In the contemporary digital realm, the utilization of HTML5 for video blogging and embedding videos online has garnered considerable traction, particularly with the proliferation of mobile devices such as the iPad, which lack support for Flash player. This has led to a surge in the development of HTML5-based WordPress plugins for video and audio streaming, serving the needs of users who require backward compatibility.

HTML5 Video & Audio Players for WordPress

Here is an extensive compilation of HTML5 video and audio players tailored specifically for WordPress, along with their features and plugins:

  1. HTML5 Video Player WordPress Plugin

    • This plugin encompasses three video player types, each with unique features such as right-side playlist, bottom playlist, and no playlist.
  2. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo

    • As a responsive and localized video gallery plugin, this offers swift and comprehensive features, providing an exceptional user experience.
  3. MediaElement.js – HTML5 Video & Audio Player

    • Developed on the MediaElement.js HTML5 media player library, this plugin offers Flash or Silverlight fallback players for non-HTML5 browsers, supporting a wide range of file formats.
  4. Vidplanet WordPress Video Sharing Plugin

    • With the capacity to create and manage unlimited playlists and video galleries, this plugin provides extensive customization options for shortcode controls.
  5. Projekktor Video Tag Extension

    • This plugin facilitates the embedding of HTML5-based audio and video players with premium themes and various features such as automatic Flash fallback and social integration.
  6. YouTube Premium Videos Integration for WordPress

    • This premium YouTube plugin enables the seamless integration of single YouTube videos, full YouTube channels, and featured YouTube videos into WordPress posts and pages.
  7. VideoJS – HTML5 Video Player for WordPress

    • A WordPress video plugin built on the Video.js HTML5 video player library, supporting both HTML5 and Flash for wide browser compatibility.
  8. External “Video for Everybody”

    • This WordPress plugin allows the display of videos on WordPress sites using a simple shortcode, with support for HTML5 <video> tags and Flash fallback.
  9. Vimeo Video Player WordPress Plugin with Playlist

    • Offering extensive customization options, this plugin allows users to administer the entire video player using a user-friendly interface.
  10. Video Player WordPress Plugin – YouTube/FLV/H264

    • Similar to the previous plugin, this plugin facilitates the administration of the entire video player with a friendly user interface and customizable CSS files.
  11. HTML5 and Flash Video Player

    • This versatile plugin enables the addition of video and other media to a WordPress website, with support for HTML5 video and integration with Google Analytics.
  12. Degradable HTML5 Audio and Video

    • With the capability to embed video and audio using shortcodes, this plugin offers HTML5 native playback for compatible browsers while gracefully degrading to lightweight Flash players for others.
  13. The Wall – Media Gallery – WordPress Plugin

    • This plugin offers captivating effects for interactive media presentations, powered by the cross-browser jQuery library and supporting various types of media.
  14. WordPress Media

    • This plugin offers HTML5 audio and/or video player integration to themes, requiring PHP 5.1 or higher and supporting multiple instances of the player on a single page.
  15. YouTube Pro

    • This plugin allows for seamless upload, editing, and deletion of YouTube videos directly from the WordPress dashboard, with customizable player appearance.
  16. MyMedia for WordPress

    • Useful for importing YouTube videos, cataloging movie and music collections using metadata, and providing comprehensive multimedia item management.
  17. Universal Video

    • Although not free, this player offers extensive features such as protecting audio from hijacking and providing a beep overlay for commercial use.
  18. WP YouTube Lyte

    • This plugin enables “lazy loading” of YouTube embeds, reducing download size and rendering time substantially for improved page performance.
  19. FlasHTML5 Video

    • A WordPress implementation of the FlasHTML5 Video Javascript Library, featuring HTML5/Flash video with mobile fallback.
  20. WP Video Music Box

    • This distinctive WordPress floating music player comes with a music search box and a button that triggers a slide-effect form for music playback.

Other HTML5 Media Players

In addition to the aforementioned WordPress plugins, numerous other exceptional HTML5 media players cater to different requirements and offer a diverse range of features. These include Acorn Media Player, Dplayer, HTML5 Media Player, jPlayer, VideoJS, Vimeo HTML5 Video Player, YouTube HTML5 VideoPlayer, and more.

HTML5 Audio Players

Facilitating seamless integration of audio content on WordPress sites, HTML5 audio players provide a cross-browser solution for delivering audio experiences. Noteworthy HTML5 audio players include:

  1. Accessible Audio Player (AAP) – Cross-Browser HTML5 Audio Player

    • This player utilizes the HTML5 <audio> element for supporting browsers and the Yahoo! Media Player for non-supporting browsers.
  2. An HTML5 <audio> radio player

    • A tutorial explaining the capabilities and advantages of using the <audio> element in HTML5 for rendering audio content on web pages.
  3. audio.js – Add HTML5’s Audio Tag Anywhere

    • By using the native <audio> where available and an invisible Flash player for unsupported browsers, audio.js provides a consistent HTML player UI to all browsers.
  4. Scott Andrew’s HTML5 audio player

    • A minimalist HTML5 audio player that effectively renders audio content without complex functionalities.
  5. Speaker: Cross-browser Audio solution featuring HTML5

    • Offering flexibility in dimensions and color schemes, Speaker utilizes Projekktor technology for cross-browser compatibility and optional social and artist information links.

HTML5 <video> Tutorials

Developers seeking to leverage HTML5 <video> elements for web content can benefit from various tutorials and resources such as:

  1. Learn Flash To HTML5 Video Fallback

    • A tutorial guiding developers on providing an HTML5 fallback option for devices lacking Flash player support.
  2. Simple HTML5 video player with Flash fallback and custom controls

    • Explains the process of embedding video content on web pages using HTML5 <video> elements and CSS customizations for enhanced user experience.
  3. HTML5 Video Facts & Fiction: New Whitepaper

    • A whitepaper covering the current and future state of HTML5 video delivery, providing insights into the emerging standards and industry trends.
  4. The State of Video on the Web

    • A comprehensive overview of the evolution from Flash-based video delivery to HTML5, discussing the significance and impact of HTML5 for video playback.
  5. Cross-Browser HTML5 Video With Flash or Silverlight Fall-back

    • A practical guide on implementing cross-browser video playback using HTML5 with effective fallback options for non-supporting browsers.

HTML5 <audio> Tutorials

For developers interested in implementing HTML5 audio players and content, a range of tutorials and resources are available:

  1. How to Building a Custom HTML5 Audio Player with jQuery

    • Demonstrates the process of creating a custom HTML5 audio player with jQuery for seamless integration on web pages.
  2. Building a Custom HTML5 Audio Player with jQuery

    • Provides an in-depth exploration of the code and interface design for a custom HTML5 audio player using jQuery, catering to the specific requirements of podcast streaming.

By harnessing the wide array of HTML5 video and audio players, WordPress users can enhance their content delivery and user experience, ensuring compatibility across various browsers and devices.

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