Ultimate Guide to Website Marketing on Facebook

Facebook Facts

Facebook is the most popular social networking website. It helps a lot to do social marketing. Now Facebook is just like an addiction for everyone who is using it. There are a lot of information exchanges that happen daily through Facebook. So, some serious bloggers start paying their attention to Facebook and treat it as a medium to promote and share stuff with their friends.

If you are using WordPress then you have an edge because there are lots of plugins that can help you to do that. I will provide a list of these plugins also.  The first thing you have to do is to create a Facebook fan page and then display it on your blog. You can use it for business purposes as well. If you don’t know how to create a Facebook fan page, visit the following link: How To Integrate Facebook With WordPress Automatically.

After creating your fan page, you need people who like your page. Now, if you want to boost your fan page in a short time and need some organic reviews, you can follow this article for buying reviews for Facebook. To achieve this goal Andrea Vahl has done a tremendous job to compile a list of these resources on CopyBlogger. Which tells you how to attract people to like your fan page and you can measure your progress. Hope you must enjoy these resources as I did.

All about Facebook Fan Page

Facebook 101: A Simple Guide to Understanding When & How to Use Basic Features

In this article he explains, What is a Facebook profile? how to use it for marketing? what is a Facebook page? and what are Groups, Pages, Places, and Events can help you to do marketing?

How to Set up your Facebook Account

Facebook Tutorial: How to Create a Facebook Profile

He explained in a very easy way and provide set by set guide about how to create a Facebook account.

Facebook 101 for Business: Your Complete Guide

This post is designed to help you understand what Facebook can do for your business and lead you through a step-by-step process for getting started on building a compelling presence and optimizing your Facebook marketing.

Facebook Privacy and Security

How to Protect Your Privacy with Facebook’s New Privacy Settings in 17 Easy Steps

The Author “Sara Inés Calderón” provide details about Privacy with Facebook and settings that you should make sure you’re clear about. Otherwise, you may be exposing (or not exposing) the information you intend to.

Set up “Login Approvals” 2-step account security on Facebook?

Ask Dave Taylor outlines how to use Facebook’s login approvals, which require an additional numeric code only when you try to log in to your account from a computer that Facebook’s never seen you use before.

Reasons for using Facebook for Business?


11 Mind-Blowing Reasons Your Company Needs Facebook

Jay Baer of Convince and Convert is a Social media consultant, explained most important 11 things about Facebook that you need to know.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Have a Fan Page

Kim Garst provides some compelling numbers and reasons why your business should have a Fan Page.

Free and 1000 Premier Facebook Fan Page Template Themes Pack

R.I.P. 3 Ways Facebook is Killing Your Website

Another great post by Jay Baer where he drives home the need for Facebook. But be careful, as he says, and don’t become what Copyblogger calls a “digital sharecropper” — don’t build your future on rented land.

How  to Setup your Facebook Page

Examples of Great Facebook Pages

If you are looking for inspiration, Activeden provides plenty with these Facebook Pages.

How to Set Up a Facebook Page

Laura Drell takes you by a step-by-step guide to help you initiate your Facebook marketing campaign.

How to Build the Perfect Facebook Fan Page, 2011 Edition

This is a guest post on Techipedia by Tim Ware, owner of HyperArts. He has done an excellent job of showing all the new features you can use with Facebook Pages.

How To Set Up The Vanity Url For Your Facebook Fan Page

Once you get 25 “Likes” on your Facebook Page, you need to go out and grab a custom URL for your Facebook Page. Your URL will be easier to remember, branded to your company, and much shorter! One more excellent article about getting more fans:  “Friends help Friends: Get more than 100 fans for your Facebook Fan page

How to Attract People to Like Your Page

facebook marketing

21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

Mari Smith gives some smart ways to increase your Likes on Social Media Examiner.

Business 101: How to Get People to LIKE You – Tips on Building Your Facebook Fan Base

Facebook has brought back that anxious feeling of how to get more people to like us. But never fear, with a few key strategies you can be the most popular Page on the block!

How to Get More Likes For Your Facebook Page (The Easy Way!)

Dave Charest shares tips about how you can make it easier for your Facebook Friends to like your page.

10 simple ways to grow your Facebook Page

Rob Dickens covers in 10 easy ways to grow your fan Page as organically as possible.

Disturbing trend: big brands pimping Facebook “Likes”

B.L. Ochman gives us an alternate view of forcing the “Like” by offering an incentive. A disturbing and abhorrent trend has emerged on Facebook, where big brands force visitors to “Like” their page in return for a gift, coupon, or special access to promotions or contests.

Why I Don’t Like Your Brand on Facebook

Guest post by Andrew Blakeley. He said “This morning my yogurt told me to find it on Facebook. It didn’t tell me why it just told me to find it. Why on Earth would I want to find a yogurt on Facebook? It’s a yogurt!” This what to give people a reason to click on Like button.

How  to Setup a Welcome Page

How To Build A Facebook Landing Page With iFrames

Francisco Rosales from Social Mouths helping us how to create own Facebook iFrame Application in an easy way.

Tutorial: Add an iFrame Application to your Facebook Fan Page – 2011 Edition

Tim Ware at HyperArts is a great resource if you are going to build your own iFrame Application. This is a series of tutorials to help you get started with using iFrame applications on your Fan Page. As well, he has a very nice easy iFrame application called TabPress if you don’t want to build your own.

How to Make a Custom Facebook Page Tab With Iframes

If you need more reference material on how to create your own Facebook iFrame Application, Kim Woodbridge of (Anti) Social Development also takes you through the steps.

How to Add the Wildfire iFrame Application to Your Facebook Page

Everyone is getting in a tizzy about iFrames on Facebook and how to create new custom Welcome Pages with iFrames.  Help is here!  There are many new Facebook applications to help you create a custom page on Facebook and it’s easy peasy.

3 Tools to Create New Facebook iFrame Pages

Paul Chaney of Practical eCommerce covers three of my favorite third-party iFrame applications: Wildfire, Involver and Static HTML: iframe tabs. All very easy to use and allow either a graphic or HTML code to create your Welcome Page.

All about Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Pages – Which Is Best?

Which is better: a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group? The answer you can find in a great post by Mari Smith. She suggests using both, but I think you can decide after reading this post.

New Facebook Groups Could Be Big for Business

How can you use Groups for business? John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing gives you some ideas.

All about Facebook Events

facebook events

HOW TO: Organize an Event on Facebook

Some people wonder if all this social networking is really making us more social — we’re just sitting in front of our computers, after all. But Facebook, the web’s largest social network, plays host to 3 million event listings each month. And these are offline events, ranging in size from small, friendly get-togethers, to company picnics, to enormous political protests.

Josh Catone takes you through the steps.

Creating the Perfect Facebook Event — Part One

This tutorial in two parts and tell you When What and Where are some of the basics that Alex Smith covers in this post.

Creating the perfect Facebook event — Part Two

More info and how to use the invitations are covered in part two of Alex Smith’s post.

Six Ways To Effectively Promote Events on Facebook — Case Study

This an other post from Mari Smith. She gives other ways to use Facebook to promote it, such as share buttons, comment plugins, and more.

Facebook Lets Users Check In to Events via the Touch Site, Soon the iPhone

Combine the Facebook Place “check-in” concept with your event to draw more attention to your event. Josh Constine gives you the low-down on Inside Facebook.

10 Facebook Events Gone Wrong

Julius Solaris is the editor of the Event Manager Blog, learn about him at meetjulius.com. He outlines 10 Facebook disasters. Most of them involved free booze.

Facebook Mobile with Places and Deals

mobile facebook

New Data: 33% of Facebook Posting is Mobile

Dan Zarrella is a social media scientist. Facebook Mobile usage is increasing, which is a good reason to use Places and Deals to your advantage.

A Field Guide to Using Facebook Places

Mashable provide us the big picture of actual physical storefront on Facebook Place where people can check in.

Facebook Deals Review

Facebook Deals were touted as the “Groupon-killer” by many blogs and news outlets when Facebook officially launched the Deals service in April. So far, so good … for Groupon. But don’t count Deals out; Ignite Social Media shows what Deals look like and where they live on Facebook.

Introducing Deals

Facebook’s own blog gives a very good overview of how to use the new Deals features.

How to add Facebook Applications

Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Page

In this post on Social Media Examiner, Mari Smith gives you the top 75 Facebook Apps. Which is plenty. You don’t have to use them all.

Add YouTube to Your Facebook Page

Laura Roeder shows you how easy it is to add your YouTube channel to your Facebook Page.

NetworkedBlogs is the App of Choice for Bloggers

Denise Wakeman of Build a Better Blog did an informal poll and found that most bloggers use NetworkedBlogs to automatically import their blogs posts.


It can be challenging to find the right app to use since Facebook’s own search function is not that hot. Appbistro is a good place to find apps that can help.

Big Companies on Facebook

facebook fan page

The 15 Most Popular Brands On Facebook

Justin Bieber has some of the most die hard fans in the world, so it’s no surprise that they are also the most active on Facebook. Business Insidertakes a look at the numbers for the top 15 brands.

8 Brands That Have Found Success on Facebook & What We Can Learn

Dave Kerpen is the CEO of Likeable, a social media agency that has worked with more than 200 leading brands.

26 Facebook Fan Page Examples in Detail

Over on the Ignite Social Media Blog, Lisa Braziel is dissecting 26 big brands on Facebook to show you exactly what they are doing. Follow this series of posts for some great ideas.

25 brilliant examples of Facebook brand pages

Jake Hird covers 25 brands that are doing a good job on Facebook on Econsultancy.

Small Companies on Facebook

Two thirds of small business owners use Facebook for marketing

78 percent of small business owners said they plan to spend more of their marketing budget on social media this year than they did in 2010. ZDNet dissects some recent stats from a survey of 1,132 small businesses on Facebook.

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Must read this post by Leyl Master Black.

B-to-B Companies on Facebook

10 Examples of B2B Facebook Fan Pages

Business-to-business can be a little trickier on Facebook. You are searching for a more specific niche audience. In Social Media B2B, Jeffery Cohen gives examples of companies that are doing well.

7 Awesome B2B Facebook Pages

Yet another great post by HubSpot. This time they cover what makes these B2B Pages special.

Non-profits on Facebook

Facebook Business Tips for Nonprofits

Rebecca Leaman helps answer questions for non-profits such as whether to use a Group or a Page, and how to set a social media policy.

Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations

Diosa Communications gives 32 tips for nonprofits.

How to Comment on and Tag other Pages as your Page

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook’s Epic Upgrade To Pages

John Haydon covers these changes and shows you how to comment as your Page on another Page which can increase your visibility.

Tagging Other Pages On Your Facebook Business Page Wall: How-To & Ettiquette

Mesh Marketing provides a very nice step-by-step post on how to tag Pages and how not to be a self-promotional jerk about it.

Best Practices for Facebook Page

Top 5 Things for Facebook Page Success

Adele Cooper, the director of global customer marketing & communications for Facebook gives the good tips.

Altimeter Report: The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing

This is 27 pages report from Jeremiah Owyang.  You can download it.

The Difference Between Engaged and Engaging

Danny Brown shows an example of the best way to be engaging on Facebook.

Are You Asking The Wrong Questions On Facebook?

To best way to create engagement on Facebook is to ask interesting, thought-provoking questions. But did you know there’s a right way and a wrong way to ask questions? Watch this video to learn how to ask the questions that get your Fans talking.

Make Your Facebook Page Posts Count

John Porcaro gives a great list of best practices such as keeping it short, adding a link and delivering value, as well shows some concrete examples of posts that catch his eye.

5 Tips To Drive Engagement With Your Fans On Facebook

Jeff Bullas tells us not to beg for Likes, but get them naturally through engagement with these five tips.

How to Advertise on Facebook

Facebook Ads 101 – How to Set up and Track Facebook Ads

Subliminal Pixels has a great overview on getting started with Facebook Advertising.

The How-To Guide For Facebook Advertising

This is the Guest post of Anthony Piwarun on Social Media Explorer, and explained how to identify your goals, understand the cost structure and measure your results.

Facebook advertising tricks for b2b marketers

Paul Dunay is the co-author of Facebook Advertising for Dummies, so he is giving great targeting tips in this article.

Guide to Facebook Ads

Facebook would like to encourage you to spend money with them in this comprehensive overview of how Facebook Ads works.

How to Run a Contest on Facebook

Facebook contest

Is a Facebook Contest or Sweepstakes Right for your Business?

Debbie Hemly sharing his experience about running contests on Facebook in this Gigcoin post.

The unofficial guide to Facebook’s terms and conditions

Lauren Fisher of Simply Zesty gives us the guide to Facebook’s Contest rules in this post, so you get not confuse to run a contest on Facebook.

Facebook Promotions: What You Need to Know

Another gem by Mari Smith, although she doesn’t mention Woobox in her list of contest applications, which I have used and liked.

How to Sell on Facebook

facebook storfront

16 Facebook Marketing Strategies

There are thousands of Facebook apps, including a growing class designed for marketing use on company Facebook Pages. Here is a list of 16 different marketing strategies — using apps — that can help your ecommerce business.

Facebook Posts Are 3 Times More Powerful Than Tweets

A recent study covered in All Facebookcalculated the conversion rate of Facebook to be three times higher than Twitter for social shopping.

Why it’s important to set up a Facebook store

The write explain why to Set up a storefront on Facebook.

4 Ways to Set Up a Storefront on Facebook

Four excellent apps to use to sell your wares on Facebook are covered on Mashable.

Facebook ROI

Facebook Marketing ROI: 3 Case Studies

Brian Carter shows three small business examples of how Facebook Ads generated at least 300% ROI and higher for these cases.

How to use Google Analytics to measure Facebook ROI

John Haydon  in this video takes you through Google Analytics to determine your ROI.

Your Brand Has Thousands of Facebook Fans–What Is the ROI?

Steve Kerho explained What is the ROI? and this post is the follow up of his previous post,  in which he focus on ROI methodology and look specifically at how it would apply to Facebook.

10 Measures of Social Media ROI for Your Brand

Neil Glassman  focus on the metrics that are truly relevant to your business.

This is not the End!

5 things you can do to spice up your Facebook Page

Ayelet Noff tells us how on Socialmedia.biz.

EdgeRank and Facebook News Feed Optimization

WebProNews talks about how to get into the Top News and what EdgeRank has to do with it.

EdgeRank Checker

An unofficial tool to check your EdgeRank and see how likely it is that you are appearing in the Top News.

How to Use Hootsuite with Facebook Pages (tutorial)

This is excellent Tutorial of Cheryl at Beautiful Blog Designs and  he explained how to use Hootsuite to manage your Facebook Page and schedule updates for later.

How to use Facebook insights to identify core supporters

John Haydon goes through the steps to using Facebook insights in a meaningful way in this YouTube video.

Learn how business crowdsourcing affects most graphic designers.

If you have your own favorite Facebook resources? Share with us in the comments!

Facebook: FanPage Templates and Resource to Promote your Website

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