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How to Customize and Create a new Login Page for WordPress Powered WebSite

You must have seen WordPress Powered Websites with customized login page. Sometime you have to create new login page for your users and for a client required new and customized wp-admin page for login to the admin panel. There are different ways to customizes WordPress Login page template. If you use WordPress Plugin, there are some limitations, for example  activate plugin will not match your installed theme and provide less customization. So there is a need to create your own Custom wordpress login page template as part of you theme. Creating a New Custom-login Page First of  all create a new php template with "custom-login.php" name and upload it in WordPress Theme folder ( Add following code before uploading or after uploading you can edit your page and add the codes. I am not sharing my piece of code because my client have some restriction. Although  Oliver...

Super Bundle of Free e-books for Web Designers and Developers

Sharing knowledge it’s a great way to help others, this great job you can find on Project Gutenberg which is the first producer of free ebooks. If you are a Designer or Developer than this list bring to you best free ebooks about CSS, HTML, Ajax, web programming, javascript, web design and more topics about web development and designing. As well best books you can buy from tutsplus ebooks. All eBooks are available in PDF , ePUB, Mobipocket formats,  or viewed as a web page (HTML). Head first HTML with CSS & XHTML A learner’s guide to creating standards-based Web pages. How To Be Creative MacLeod, an advertising executive and popular blogger with a flair for the creative, gives his 26 tried-and-true tips for being truly creative. Each point illustrated by a cartoon drawn by the author himself. If you've ever felt the draw to do something creative but just haven't been able to pull it together, you'll love...


How to manipulate image sizes to speed up WordPress blog load times

Loading time of web site directly impact users and ranking position. As compare to text, images take more time to load and search engines indexed those web pages which have less load time and user spend time that give good impression to search engines. To load your image fast, you will have to optimize images by manipulating their size. I recommend you to use compression of images to light up your sites’ load. To load quickly your web pages images, make smaller image in size. Here are a few simple rules— they will help you minimize image sizes and will reduce the loading times. More about Image file formats. Image File Formats: Never use BMP file, because there is no space on web page for them now. GIF formate is the most best if you are not using photograph in your image, because GIF support few colors and photographs need thousand of colors. JPG is the best option, if you have large image. You can control its qua...

Free Files of the Month: May 2011 from Envato

This post is continuity of " Free Files of the Month: April 2011 from Envato"  which is the marketplaces where thousands of developers and designers buy and sell digital goods every day. Free files from Envato are completely ready-made, well-designed and functional enough to provide you with all necessary facilities for your website or project requirement. You can download the files you like absolutely for free. All you have to create an account and with this single account you can get access to all Envato Marketplaces and after Sing in  Download link will be available to you. Themeforest: Slideo Business template - available in 7 colors A modern business template, cool sliding menu and ready to use page styles. 7 custom skins: Navy, Red, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple and Grey. Live Preview | Download Code Canyon:CSS style switcher Features absolutely no PHP editing needed! 5 seconds, 3 step setu...

Where In The World Are The Tarantino´s’

Where In The World Are The Tarantino´s'. Nolan and Hannah Tarantino - Missionaries to Europe Nolan and Hannah Tarantino have lived in Europe since 2001. Their passion to bring hope to Europe has driven them to live in Brussels, Belgium where the base out of while doing as much as they can reaching Europe... stay in touch to hear about where they are working Theme Name: deLirium Theme URI: Description: Personal Blog WordPress Theme by Author: Simon Rimkus Author URI:

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