How to add Tags to a WordPress Post?

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If you’re familiar with the concept of tagging from social media sites like Flickr, YouTube, or Delicious, the tag feature in WordPress holds no surprises for you. Tags are subject keywords, just like categories, but where categories must be set up ahead of time by an editor or administrator, authors are free to create new tags simply by typing them into the Tag box while writing a post.

Note that after you’ve added new tags, you must press Add in order to apply them. Then, you still
have to press the blue Publish/Update button before your changes take effect.

To manage your tags, go to Post Tags in the main menu. Here, you can add or delete tags, edit slugs,
add descriptions, or convert tags to categories. Like categories, tag slugs must be unique—and since categories and tags share the same pool of slugs (they’re both considered taxonomies), a category and a tag can’t share a slug, even if they have the same name.

You can get feeds for each of your tags, as you’ll see in my next Post, so subscribe to WordPress Arena’s Feed.

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How to add tags to a post in WordPress?
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  • greg urbano

    sound and simple advice, do you know of any automated tagging plugins?

  • Alex@Jocuri

    Great advices, simple and to the point. This is great for all those newbies with wp.

    @greg urbano, you can try wp auto tagger it creates tags for you content via Yahoo api(which uses your content).

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