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Don’t we all love broadcasting our opinions? And don’t you love it even more when a random vote of ours contributes to a verdict? And if it’s you who is providing a platform for others to voice their opinion on, you can be sure as hell that you would be receiving numbers in spades (particularly when your site already has a following as word of mouth is going to further inflate it).

20 Excellent Websites to Download Free WordPress Themes


WordPress was first released in 2003 and since then, thousands of ordinary people, celebrities, and businesses have chosen it as a platform for their websites and blogs. Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Katy Perry, Paris Hilton, Sylvester Stallone and Channing Tatum (Channing Tatum Network), you know these people and you know what? Their blogs are powered by WordPress! As for the world’s top brands who trust their content to WordPress, these are Nokia, Adobe, LinkedIn and many others. So far, WordPress has been downloaded more than 65 million times and this number increases with every new release.

Even being the most intuitive and user-friendly CMS and a blogging tool, WordPress allows users to constantly improve their sites with the help of different plugins and extensions (both free and paid).

Many words can be said about WordPress, its functionality and usability, but we have a better idea. If you have decided on WordPress as a platform for your future project, then you know about its benefits, and now we’d like to tell you where to download free WordPress themes. Yes, those web page designs that you can use to build WordPress sites. Of course, free WordPress themes are the themes you can get free of charge, but we still suggest that you read the terms of use before you install the theme you downloaded for free. The point is many web design freebies come with credit links and users should keep these links as a reward to those who created freebies.

So, here is a list of 20 excellent websites offering free themes for WordPress. Some of these sites are online directories where you can find free WordPress themes from different designers; others are portfolios of web designers and web design companies who give away WordPress themes on a regular basis.

 Design Net

Design Net

Clone24: Free high quality wordpress themes


Clone 24Free high quality wordpress themes

Caroline Themes: Free WordPress themes by Caroline Moore

Azmind: Free WordPress Themes

WP Daily Themes

WordPress Daily Themes

WordPress Daily Themes

 Templatelite: 100% original designs WordPress Themes

Templatelite: 100% original designs WordPress Themes

Templatelite: 100% original designs WordPress Themes WordPress Themes directory WordPress Themes directory WordPress Themes directory


Web 2 Feel: Free WordPress Themes For everybody

Web 2 Feel: Free WordPress Themes For everybody

Web 2 Feel: Free WordPress Themes For everybody


Design Disease: Free WordPress Themes


Design Disease: Free WordPress Themes
Design Disease: Free WordPress Themes

 New WP Designs


New WP Designs
New WP Designs

Vandelay design WordPress Themes

Vandelay Design WordPress Themes

Vandelay Design WordPress Themes


Site Origin WordPress Themes


Site Origin WordPress Themes
Site Origin WordPress Themes


My Theme Shop: Free WordPress Themes


My Theme Shop: Free WordPress Themes
My Theme Shop: Free WordPress Themes

Vibe Free WordPress Themes

Vbe Free WordPress Themes

Vbe Free WordPress Themes

Luiszuno blog WordPress Themes

Luiszuno blog WordPress Themes

Luiszuno blog WordPress Themes

Joolu Free WP Themes


Joolu Free and Premium WordPress Themes
Joolu Free and Premium WordPress Themes


WP Free Themes

WP Free Themes
WP Free Themes


WP Skins Lab Free Themes

WP Skins Lab Free Themes
WP Skins Lab Free Themes


Theme PIX Free WordPress Themes

Theme PIX Free WordPress Themes

Theme PIX Free WordPress Themes

Bea WordPress Themes

Bea WordPress Free and Premium Themes
Bea WordPress Free and Premium Themes


Instagram usage for WordPress Powered websites


With Instagram you can share your photos with friends and family and  It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos  from your mobile. If you are running a Blog or WordPress powered website, then there are  Plugins, WP Themes and Apps related to Instagram you can use  to get more visitors and followers. You can promote their profiles on websites, as well you can add Instagram profile badge on your websites to reach more Instagrammers. In the following list you can find diffrent usage of instagram for your WordPress blog or website:

Adding Instagram Profile Badge On WordPress Website/Blog?

First of all create you profile on Instagram, so you can share and see photos with other Instagrammers but you can not upload photos from your web profile like Facebook or twitter, you can upload while your are using mobile device. After creating your profile, now you need to edit the WordPress file to display the Intagram profile badge on your WordPress blog or website.

1. Login to your profile on Instagram to get the badge (

2. Select one of the badges of your choice with different sizes and copy the code  and past it in a WordPress sidebar widget or whereever you want to display your Instagram profile badge on your blog post or website page.

Instagram Profile Badge WordPress Plugins

Pixed Instagram


  • Infinite Colors
  • Cached Calls
  • Stunning Patterns
  • Responsive
  • Show any user recent feed
  • Show your recent liked feed
  • Show any tag recent feed
  • Widget Ready
  • More than 30 options to customize
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Multiple Instances
  • Language files included
  • Import / Export tools

Live previewDetail

Instagram Badges

Add Instagram badges to your WordPress blog. To help you link to and promote your Instagram profile. A must-have plugin if you’re a photo lover. This plugin also works fine with multisite enabled WordPress. Detail

Instagram for WordPress

Simple sidebar widget that shows Your latest pictures and picture embedder. Requires PHP curl extension. To embed picture use [instagram] shortcode. Example: [instagram url=’’ size=’large’ addlink=’no’]


Reference and resource:

Announcing Instagram Profiles on the Web!

Add Instagram Badges to WordPress

How To Add Instagram Profile Badge On WordPress Website/Blog?

Embed Instagram Profile Badge on Website/Blog Instagram Launches Profile Badges

Displaying Instagram Photos as a Gallery with WordPress Plugins

If you love the Instagram and want to display your favorite photos on WordPress as a galley then there are different WordPress Plugins which enable you to display Instagram pictures on a blog or website in a beautiful and elegant way.

Instagram Gallery – WordPress Plugin

Instagram Gallery – WordPress Plugin is the plugin for wordpress that will enable you to display your snaps you or another account have uploaded to instagram or images with hashtags. This includes variety of configuration to have control over the gallery.

Live previewDetail

Instagram Gallery Widget – WordPress Plugin

Instagram Gallery Widget Plugin is a wordpress plugin for displaying images from Instagram using API . There are 3 methods to display the image on widget

  • Popular: This fetch the latest trending popular snaps on instagram and dispaly them
  • By User ID: This fetch the recent snaps published by the user on instagram and display them (There is a tool included to find the userID for username)
  • By Tag: This fetch the recent snaps with the provided hash tags and display them


Global Gallery – WordPress Responsive Gallery

Create fully responsive galleries fastly and with ease on your website. Global Gallery comes with three gallery layouts, four lightboxes ready to use and is designed to be visible on each device: whether you are using a retina MacBook or an Android phone. Live previewDetail

Instagrate to WordPress

The Instagrate to WordPress plugin allows you to automatically integrate your Instagram account with your WordPress blog. Instagrate Pro The pro version of this plugin with many more features can be found here.


Simply Instagram

The Simply Instagram plugin display your Instagram photos in three Endpoints that Instagram offers through shortcode for Post and Page or using Widget. Detail

Easy Instagram

The “Easy Instagram” plugin can display an Instagram image from a single Instagram user’s photo collection or from images throughout Instagram hashtagged with a specified Tag. It can also create a gallery of up to ten images fed either from the Instagram User ID or the Tag.


Copygram widget

Show your latest Instagram images in a widget. Images are linked to Copygram, where all your Instagram images are visible in a very nice grid.


Instapress WordPress Plugin

Highly customizable plugin to display Instagram photos in a sidebar widget, a post or on a page. Also an image gallery with paging functionality.



This plugin gets a user’s recent images, up to 10, and displays them in a WordPress Widget. It has the option to display likes and comments also.


WP Instagram Digest

This plugin downloads your latest photos from Instagram and creates post with gallery.


WP-Instaroll Instagram WordPress Plugin

Simple Instagram plug-in for creating WordPress posts from Instagram photos (both from user stream and by using a specific search tag).


Simply Instagram Plugin

The Simply Instagram plugin display your Instagram photos in three Endpoints that Instagram offers through shortcode for Post and Page or using Widget.


Instapress Instagram WordPress Plugin

This highly customizable plugin offers the possibility to embed feeds from Instagram into your WordPress Blog. It makes use of jQuery’s fancybox plugin to display a nice slideshow for your images.


Reference and resource:

Display Your Instagram Photos as a Gallery with WordPress

Auto-Publish Instagram Photos to Your WordPress Blog with Instagrate to WordPress

6 Free Instagram WordPress Plugins

How to add Instagram Photos to WordPress

Create Your Personal Instagram Gallery | Demo

Instagram Gallery for your Blog / Website Display your Instagram photos on your website

Lazy Sunday Food, Instagram Style


Create amazing blog posts or galleries for your WordPress website that include your Instagram photos.


WordPress Themes for Instagram


Live! – Music WordPress Theme

Live! is a WordPress Theme dedicated to music lovers. Whether you are a profesional or not, this theme includes all features you need for your band or label, to present, promote and sell your work online.

With BdGram WordPress Plugin— Display your Instagram photos within a gallery or a widget. (bdgram-wp-plugin)

Live previewDetail

Bigbang – Responsive WordPress Template

Live PreviewDetail

Gap – Responsive Portfolio and Business Theme

Live previewDetail

Humble – Portfolio and Business Theme

Live PreviewDetail

Picks – WordPress Photography Theme

Live PreviewDetail

Litho | WordPress Theme for Visual Enthusiasts

Live PreviewDetail

ExtraGrid – Creative, Blog & Multimedia theme

Live PreviewDetail

Hanna – Responsive Retro WordPress Theme

Live PreviewDetail[/one_half] [one_half_last]

 Noisy – Responsive Theme for Creatives

Live PreviewDetail

Kollection: 3D Folding Portfolio Theme

Live PreviewDetail

FUZZY – jQuery responsive wordpress theme

Live PreviewDetail

Acoustic – Powerful Elegant WordPress Theme

Live PreviewDetail

Kahlam – Responsive WordPress Magazine Theme

Live PreviewDetail

Moderna Responsive WordPress Theme

Live previewDetail

Reason WP: Smart, Responsive, Customizable

Live PreviewDetail

MultiGrid – Creative Portfolio, Multimedia Theme

Live PreviewDetail


Live PreviewDownload

Sites using this theme: 1915studios | Instagrate Pro | | [/one_half_last]

Adding oEmbed Support for Instagram in WordPress

Instagram Embed

Easily embed your Instagram photos into WordPress posts (or pages) by placing the instagram url on its own line. For more control, wrap the url in the embed shortcode and pass it one of three values via the size attribute.


Reference and Resource:

Add oEmbed Support for Instagram in WordPress

Embedding Images from Instagram

How to Easily Embed Instagram in WordPress with oEmbed

Other Useful Instagram  Apps

In the following list you can find very useful of Instagaram apps,  If you know others that you think can good and must be in this list, mention it in the comments area.

Quickagram | Gramgrab | Gramfeed | Copygram | Instac.At | Instagrille | Printstagram | Instagrid  | Instawar | Instagram Popular Photos | Followgram | Extragram | Instarchive | Hashtagram | Webbygram | Insta-Great |  Statigram |  INK361 | Instagram Downloader | Webstagram | Screenstagram | igertools | Stickygram |

How to Provide Customer Service Through Live Chat WordPress Plugins


Increasing online customer service giving small and large companies to promote their product and services in a very efficient way by using state of art technology software like WordPress. WordPress being an open web platform provide the opportunity to enhance the websites or blog’s features with the help of adding WordPress plugins. As well WordPress powered websites enable companies to reach many potential customers to grow their online business.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins to provide the live chat feature to your WordPress based online store, everyone tried to make it easy to start your own live chat support from your website. You can select free plugins, if you are running a blog or have freelance service on your website ( the list of free WordPress chat plugins given bellow), but for eCommerce or online stores companies, following free chat softwares will not sufficient, so they require live chat support with advance solutions to satisfy their online customers.  WordPress plugins like WP – Quack Chat Live Chat System offer native support plus more features dedicated to attract online customers to maximize the online sales for the companies.

Furthermore, these plugins have the ability to integrate with Social Media  networking websites, such as Facebook or Twitter,  that empowered the customers to get involved as active online users. If you are running online blog, providing freelance service or have a Online store (eCommerce website), this is the best opportunity to increase the number of online customers by implementing  the online customer support servive through WordPress live chat Plugins.

Szymon Klimczak said about online shopping:

When online customers want to make a purchase, it’s a sin to ask them to pick up the phone and spend money on a call or to have them wait hours for an email reply.

How to Integrate live chat with WordPress Plugin

WordPress is becoming the top most CMS software, majority of the eCommerce websites are based on WordPress like MagentoOpenCart, osCommerce. If you want to use WordPress for your eCommerce website, then shopify is a powerful ecommerce website solution that allows you to sell online by providing everything you need to create an online store based on WordPress.  WordPress powered eCommerce websites are cheap, easy to use and on top of that quick to optimize for Search Engines to get traffic.

If you have already an  eCommerce website in WordPress, to run a Live chat follow the steps bellow:

  • Get one of the WordPress Plugins from the list bellow
  • Extract and upload the plugin under Plugin folder(/wp-content/plugins)
  • Activate the Plugins under Admin > Plugins
  • After activating the Plugins, go to the Plugins setting page and provide the required information
  • Do the Setting according to your own requirements

Live Chat WordPress Plugins

WP – Quack Chat Live Chat System

This WordPress plugin packs all of the features available in version 1.0.2 of the PHP script. It is the only live support plugin that texts your phone when you are needed.

Quack Chat integrates easily into your website and provides a mobile-friendly way to interface with your customers. Quack Chat is web based and can be used from almost any computer or mobile device.

With the option to receive an email or text when you’re needed, you are notified immediately when a customer on your website is ready to chat. Set it to send a text your mobile phone and get alerts wherever you go.

Live Preview | Detail

WP Online Chat

The WP Online Chat plugin is a full jQuery AJAX chat client for your WordPress site. You will be able to chat with other users and also visitors if enabled. It’s a great way to keep in touch with your sites visitors… real time!


  • User Statuses
  • View old chats
  • Country to IP for visitors
  • Easy to navigate client
  • Admin Client

Live preview | Detail

Comm100 Live Chat – Best WordPress Chat Plugin

Comm100 Live Chat is the enterprise-grade live chat software for website. Comm100 Live Chat enables you to have a 360 degree view of your website visitors and provide them with live support.


ClickDesk Live Support – Live Chat – Help Desk Plugin for Websites

Besides being the fastest live chat service, ClickDesk also allows visitors to call your business directly from browser or by dialing our local access numbers in 40+ countries. Manage your emails & offline chats with the new integrated lite help desk.


ActiveHelper LiveHelp Live Chat

Monitor in real time your website visitors. Know how many visitors are in the website, who referred, where are from, what keywords we reused to find the website and the visitors navigation history. Know decisive information of your website visitors patterns, conversations and agents service.


Acobot Live Chat Robot

Go to the beach without worrying about your online business. This happy, chatty and clever robot will say Hello to the website visitors, answer their questions and turn them into paying customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Conversion Support Live Chat

Conversion Support offers live chat for website owners and online businesses; lets you chat with website visitors from web and mobile. With built in chat transcripts, automatic notifications, canned responses and personal branding, Conversion Support is surely the best app for capturing leads and providing support to customers.


Live Chat with Multimedia Tools

VeriShow is the world’s first multimedia platform for delivering live help and real-time sales support to website visitors. The WordPress plugin enables you to interact with site visitors in real time using live chat, voice and video and access a host of collaborative tools, such as document, image and product-video sharing, a second-camera input and many others. You and your visitors can annotate those in real-time, for example to point out a feature on a product document or image.

For more information visit:


OggChat Live Chat

Interact directly with website visitors and increase sales with OggChat Live Chat. Chat with visitors from your IM or mobile phone. Just upload the plugin, enter your OggChat Chat Key, and immediately start offering live chat and live support on your website.


WP Mibew

WP Mibew is a WordPress plugin that will help you include the Mibew chat on your WordPress installation. Just paste [wp-mibew] short code anywhere in the post or your theme files. It will be found and replaced. Additionally, you can include HTML comments around [wp-mibew] they will be replaced too. WP Mibew will generate the chat code for you.


Quick Chat

WordPress chat plugin supporting private chat, chat rooms, avatars, user list, words filtering, smilies, caching plugins and more. Quick Chat is self hosted chat solution. This means that your chat messages are stored inside your local WordPress database and are totally under your control. Because of that there are no limits or monthly fees for number of chat users or messages, these are limited only by your web server capabilities.


Live Chat

Live Chat is the easy way to have a live chat in your your WordPress blog. For more information, check out Live Chat.


LiveAgent free chat & helpdesk

WordPress LiveAgent free plugin integrates full featured help desk and live chat software LiveAgent into any WordPress installation. It can provide complete customer support platform with hybrid chat and email tickets. You will have 50 chats/tickets per month for free – read more.


Live Customer Service
Chat with your visitors, boost your sales!

WP ChatBlazer

Embed a chatroom on WordPress pages and posts with an easy to use shortcode. Host your own chatroom on your blog for a fun interactive experience with your audience. Easy to use interface allows users to Video chat, chat by sending instant messages, and share all types of media, including pictures, youtube videos, and whiteboard drawings. Requires Chatblazer account, free or paid.


Banckle Live Chat

Along with providing live support to your customers it also keeps you updated about your website visitor tracking and activity. You can view the technical and demographical information of your visitors. Get collaborative and social with your customers and make sure that they get the best customer service through Banckle Live Chat for WordPress Plugin.

Being Free: Banckle Live Chat for WordPress Plugin is easy to integrate and configure, fun to use and comes at best possible price…i.e. FREE.

Being Administrative: Its administration is done through Banckle Admin Console that works as the power-house of innovation and creativity



LiveChat is a fast and intuitive live chat software to enable your sales representatives contact customers on the website. Help online visitors find what they need before they leave your site. Try LiveChat free for 30 days! Sign up here: Take a tour to see why you need LiveChat on your website:


Zopim Live Chat

Ever wondered how to chat with visitors to your website? With Zopim Live Chat, they are just a click away! Using their award-winning tool to respond instantly to visitors and engage them proactively. Live chat can’t be simpler with Zopim.


Best WordPress Themes providers for eCommerce

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Fastest growing wordpress live chat plugin zopim
  Flash Chat

How to Show PDF, Spreadsheet and Word file in WordPress post


My client want to display pdf files in the post, his website is powered by WordPress, although there are lots of plugins to achieve this task but the requirements was to display pdf content without installing any extra plugin. I have found a solution on WordPress API.

By using this piece of code you can easily embed PDF files into a a page or post for clients, so website visitors can read the PDF document right from the page. The process of embedding PDF files into a WordPress post is fairly simple by using the Google doc technology. This function not only enable you PDF documents but also you can embed Microsoft Word Documents, PowerPoint slides, Excel Spreadsheets, and other elements in your WordPress blog without loosing the quality of text, table and graphics [Dream Template]. Open up your function.php file and add following piece of code in it, which enable you to create a shortcode in WordPress:

function pdflink($attr, $content) {
return '<a href="' . $attr['href'] . '">'.$content.'</a>';
add_shortcode('pdf', 'pdflink');

Now for displaying  link of PDF documents, Microsoft Word DocumentsPowerPoint slides, Excel Spreadsheets, and other elements in your WordPress blog in article or post you need add the following lines in the article.

[pdf href=””]View PDF[/pdf]

Upload the required file and get the file link and replace with, this will create  pdf link for your pdf document in your site. Although with WordPress latest version you don’t need to use this function to provide the link. WordPress by default now give this facility.

But we want to create PDF or document  link in to display the document content in page or post. So there are WordPress plugins and following code will help you to show the documents in WordPress post or page. Add following code in theme’s function.php file:

function pdfshow($attr, $content) {
return '<iframe src="'.$attr['href'] .'&embedded=true" style="width:600px; height:500px;" frameborder="0"></iframe>';
add_shortcode('pdfshow', 'pdfshow');

And now for displaying PDF or documents in article or post, add the following lines in the article as a shortcode:

[pdfshow href=””]

Upload the required file and replace this with your own download files link.

Embed PDF, Spreadsheet, and others with WordPress Plugins

Google Doc Embedder

Google Doc Embedder lets you embed several types of files into your WordPress pages using the Google Docs Viewer – allowing inline viewing (and optional downloading) of the following file types, with no Flash or PDF browser plug-ins required:

Detail | How to Use

Html To Pdf On Fly For WP And Shortcode Style

with this plug-in for wordpress you can create PDFs from HTML code on fly and save them in a specific folder of your blog. For example, you can create an invoice with this script and archive it.

  • Easy to use
    (just write your html and transform)
  • Include CKeditor, TCPDF and jQuery
  • Some configurable options for your PDF
  • “Downloadable” PDF
  • Preview PDF
  • PDFs Listing
  • Give PDFs links to your clients via shortcode created automatically
  • With shortcode you can show PDFs preview to your client and they can download PDFs
  • ou can style each shortcode and save its configuration


Web Grabber WordPress Plugin

If you want to embed various contents from public web sites into your WordPress blog, then the Web Grabber WordPress Plugin is the perfect tool that will help you do that.
No frames or iframes involved! Real HTML content, grabbed form the web and displayed in whithin your blog just like you wrote it by yourself.

Live previewDetail

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