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Welcome To WordPress Optimization and Performance Service Page. Professional WordPress Optimization Service is launched to make your WordPress site World’s Fastest Blog by Industry’s Top WordPress Experts and Professionals.

Optimizing a WordPress blog can be a very time-consuming. Depending on your knowledge and technical aptitude, it can still take a lot of time figuring out what is best for your blog. The research just figuring out what to do can be very time-consuming.

What if you could just fill in a form answer a few questions and have your WordPress blog configured, and optimized? For only $149 you can do it here. The Service Includes:

  • CSS Minification
  • JS Minification
  • Leverage Browsing Cache
  • Removing query strings
  • Deregistering unused scripts for load times optimization.
  • Conditional Loading of Scripts on Required Pages
  • Code Cleanup
  • Error Removal Regarding Speed and Performance
  • CDN Setup (If Required)
  • Deferring scripts.
  • Database Cleanup
  • WordPress Cleanup
  • WordPress Updates including Plugin and Theme Updates without breaking anything.
  • Email Support

I will install the most important plugins for Performance and Optimization, determine if custom permalinks are a viable option for your blog and check to make sure all features are working correctly. Afterwards, I will send you more information to finalize your blog and how to use it and provide ongoing answers to your questions

Customizing a theme, adding a header, additional plugins and other things like setting up your domain name on your hosting account are not part of this service. If you desire any special services or customization, I can help but need to know up front. I will contact you after you submit your information below, please reply to that email with any addition services you may require at that time, and I will be glad to help.

Filling in the information on the form below and my assessment of your blog will not require payment. Only after we have communicated and come to an arrangement, a PayPal payment will be requested.

If you don’t know the FTP information leave that box blank.

Remember this is not an automated service so make sure your email address is valid or I will not be able to contact you with any questions!

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Important Information!

I usually reply to all orders within 24 hours. If you haven’t heard from me in a day, it is probably because my autoresponder didn’t forward the information you just submitted to me. If you haven’t heard from me in a day please Click Here Now and send me an email to get things started.