Best Facebook Tips and Tutorials for WebSites Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social networking website. It helps a lot to do social marketing. Now Facebook is just like an addiction for everyone who is using it. There are a lot of information exchanges happen daily through Facebook. So, some serious bloggers start paying their attention on Facebook [...]

How to Embed an iFrame in WordPress Blog

I had this problem when I was trying to add my Facebook Like Box  in my post. Whenever I past the given code in ‘HTML’ mode and get back to ‘Visual’ mode. Nothing showed up, so I switched back to ‘HTML’ mode, and found out that the embedded code is no longer there. So I have [...]

Facebook: FanPage Templates and Resource to Promote your Website

Facebook fan page allows you to create a page to promote your blog or business – and it’s completely free.  It is true that there are millions of Facebook users all over the world.  The reason make the Facebook fan page the largest social media website on the globe, and people spend a lot of time [...]

How to Create Facebook Templates with Wix

Website building platform Wix has released a Facebook application for the creation of Web pages that can be embedded inside Facebook Fan and Community pages. For those without any familiarity with the Facebook Markup Language (FBML), the application could prove quite useful. Currently, you can [...]

The Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers of the Future

Thanks to the WordPress for modification through thousand of the Plugins available. It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish on your blog, here is the fuel for excellence that will give you an edge over other blogging platform, these WordPress Plugins are the key for the birth and success [...]

Common Uses for WordPress Plugins

The beauty of WordPress is its extensibility. It is possible to make WordPress do just about anything you can think of with plugins. This is the list of Plugin categories to help you expand your site. It has included the specific plugin names to make it easier when you want to extent and searching fr [...]