How to Start a Business Being a College Student

In college, students always look for ways to make some money. It can be a part-time job, freelancing, or even your own business, while sometimes the last one seems like something unreal. You may need cash for many reasons: to cover your college loan, pay for essays, or just everyday expenses that can make you feel uncomfortable asking your parents for. Even though starting a business is hard, many students opt for it when it comes to choosing the way of making money in college. In this article, we will discuss top benefits and progressive ideas to realize as a student and receive a good profit from them.

Top Business Ideas to Consider in College

We live in a world where students can say “Just do my homework” and then receive a completed assignment within a limited timeframe. Unfortunately, we cannot do the same with business: we do need to work hard to achieve results, starting from the idea stage and moving forward to the final results. Many successful businesses started in college: for example, a well-known social network (we know it as Facebook) created by Mark Zuckerberg when he was a Harvard student. Even though he ended up dropping out of college, it didn’t stop him from becoming extremely successful.

To create a prosperous business, you will need a few hours a day, some initial investments, and maybe a couple of other talented students who can help you in realization. You will face such challenges as money (obviously), time management (high academic performance takes much time and effort), and work and life balance (if you can fit it into your schedule). At the same time, being a student, you can enjoy such benefits as easy bootstrapping (you still keep the control), student network of valuable contacts, free Wi-Fi, and access to campus resources.

Before you choose anything from the list of ideas below, we recommend you to start with building your website (WordPress will be the easiest and best fit here). The reason is obvious: in the 21st century, no business can achieve success without an Internet presence. So, you can potentially base your idea on:

1. Tutoring

If you are good at something, why not extract value and profit from it? You can start as a private tutor and then build a company hiring your groupmates and receiving your share. To start with, let other students and your professors know that you are available for tutoring and organize your schedule. You will start with little but then can extend your opportunities involving more people;

2. Photography

People like watching themselves on pictures, especially if they look good. This business is quite easy to start: take some good pictures, create an account in one of the popular social networks, or build a WordPress website and post it there. Thus, people can see what you are capable of, and you will get your first clients. It can gradually grow in a small business so you can take part in different events like conferences, parties or weddings and earn some good money. Focus on your content and its quality and never stop upgrading your skills;

3. Web and Mobile Development

This business will never go out of fashion as in this digital world. People only increase their need for software and digital products. Learning web design or mobile development, you can start by taking orders at special platforms and then build your own development company hiring other talented specialists. You will need to create the website of your company (WordPress will work for the first time) to publish your portfolio and feedback;

4. Product trade

Selling some product is probably the easiest thing you can do in college; you just need to make sure people need this product. Study the market need, get a partner (or better, a mentor) and take advantage of any resources that can help you succeed.

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