Can’t assign to overloaded object wp-includes/category.php

This error can come up when you upgrade your WordPress to the latest version, when I was working on a localhost and creating a database directory by using an excellent Directory theme from Templatic and the authors page was not displaying properly and gave this error.

“Fatal error: Cannot assign by reference to overloaded object” “wp-includes/category.php on line 342”

Fatal error: Cannot assign by reference to overloaded object wp-includes/category.php on line 342

You don’t need to look at category.php file, instead of editing it follow these steps and problem must be solved. Just simply go to Design Setting under Theme setting and change the option for “Breadcrumbs Navigation” from Yes to No and my problem is solved.


But in case if you have any other theme do the following steps:

If Installed the breadcrumbs Plugin,  Most likely you have to installed the breadcrumbs plugin, which need to be updated.

1) Try to install this plug-in standard WordPress -> it will give you an error that the update is not possible and show the way where the subject breadcrumbs. ( wp-content/themes / )

2) Remove the plugin.

3) Reinstall it and active it

Instead of using free breadcrumbs Plugin, you can use following premium plugins:

Smart Breadcrumbs – WordPress Plugin

Want to add custom breadcrumbs to your website? Here’s the easiest way!
Just a few clicks & you have customizable breadcrumbs at your service.
Different models to choose from & the possibilitty to choose font, font color, font size, hover state & more.



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