The Downside of WordPress Blog

downside of WordPress blog

WordPress making blogging very easy — and free! A lot happens behind the scenes to make your WordPress blog or Web site function. The beauty of WordPress platform is this: You don’t have to worry about what’s happening on the back end to manage and maintain a Website — unless you want to.
That is why using a WordPress as a blogging platform has a couple of drawbacks.

1. Attraction for bad guys


The most popular and open source code are a good combination, but ba guys are always looking to ruin everyone’s fun. WordPress runs so many high-profile sites, some crackers (A cracker is a person who attempts to hack computers or computer networks maliciously.) types are on the lookout for flaws that can be exploited. But, the WordPress developers are very quick to patch vulnerabilities, So all you have to stay on top of the releases and make your WordPress installation up to date.

2. Dynamically page generation:


WordPress display post and page content dynamically that you see. Whenever a visitor visits any blog post or page, a few things are happening in the background. For example, Database queries are fired off, PHP code is executed, and then the page is displayed. Usually, this system isn’t a problem; But it cost to utilize different resource on the server which creates load on the server and slow down the blog or site because of heavy load on the server. This thing does not happen with static pages.

Do you think there are any downsides of using WordPress to make a website? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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