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Gives users the ability to comment via Facebook, Twitter, Google or WordPress IDs.

WordPress is very strong platform to publish and promote your thinking by powering blog and Website on it. No one commenting on your blog posts? Get the conversation start giving the option to readers to comment with an account they’ve already set up, then you will be much more likely to get some interaction.

There are 3rd party commenting systems like eComments – easy commenting system, Disqus, IntenseDebate, Livefyre, Automatic Comments, Facebook Premium Client Application, along with others that work cross-platform regardless of what programming language or scripts your site is based on.

Today, I’m going to compile a list of the most commonly used (by bloggers and site owners) WordPress Plugins and 3rd party commenting and discussion systems, along with their key features and a couple of useful links for your reference.

Best 3rd Party Commenting Systems and WordPress Plugins

Comments Plus

Let your readers choose to comment via Facebook, Twitter, Google or regular old WordPress – developed for, now available for you!

Here are some cool features:

  • This plugin effectively allows you to combine comments from all these different services, rather than picking just one
  • If users choose Facebook or Twitter, comments are by default posted to their own accounts, extra exposure for you!
  • Fully integrated with subscribe by email with Facebook and Google
  • Works beautifully with any theme (and if you have any issues we’ll sort you right up!)

Useful Comments Plus Related Links:

Automatic Comments – Get the conversation started!

No one commenting on your blog posts? Get the conversation started with the Auto Comment plugin. Auto Comment automatically posts a comment on every new blog like: “Did anyone else see this?”, “Who has experience with this?”, “Has anyone tried this?”, etc.


Facebook Plugins, Comments & Dialogs for WordPress

This Facebook Plugins for WordPress is the ultimate and most advanced plugin to integrate Facebook Plugins, Dialogs and Facebook comments into your blog or website. It’s using WordPress shortcodes to make it very simple to add a Facebook plugin or dialog into any blog post or page. The plugins also comes with 4 widgets ready to be customized + a way to automatically add a Like button and/or the Facebook comment system into all your posts and pages.


  • 7 Facebook plugins that can be integrated with one line of code.
  • 2 dialogs using native Facebook popups.
  • Shortcode support for all the plugins and dialogs.
  • 4 widgets ready to be customized.
  • Automatically add a Like Button to all your posts or pages.
  • Automatically integrate Facebook comment to all posts and pages.
  • Easy way to customize the look and options of the plugins.
  • A way to disable the WordPress default comments.
  • Rich documentation and each shortcode option is documented.
  • Compatible with the Facebook WPress for WordPress.


Disqus (dis·cuss • dï-sküs’)

Disqus is the most used comment management system amongst bloggers and website owners. Integrating Disqus with your website and blog can be fairly simple. After signed up with Disqus, Under Admin, Click on Tools and go to the Import / Export section to find out more instructions on how to import your existing comments from various platforms (WordPress, Blogger, Movable Type, or other commenting systems) to Disqus.

Disqus mobile friendly:

Are you really attached to your phone? Our suite of mobile apps is the perfect fix if you’re looking to manage your community on the go. Moderate, reply, search, and manage straight from your iPhone, Android, or webOS phone!

Disqus features:

  • Compatible with search engines, in another word – SEO friendly.
  • Integrates with Akismet.
  • Allows commenters to post as guest, or login via OpenID or social networks IDs (Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo).
  • Allows user to flag comments.
  • Easy comment moderation via admin panels.
  • Supports blacklist/ whitelist and word filtering.
  • Allows site owner to display Tweets and other reactions.

Disqus: Useful Links:


IntenseDebate is a feature-rich comment system for WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and many other blogging/CMS platforms.  IntenseDebate is an Automattic product, the same guys who brought you WordPressPollDaddyAkismet and other cool web services.

 IntenseDebate features:

  • Supports numerous widgets to show off your comment stats, most recent comments, most popular comments and top commenters.
  • Allows users to login via OpenID, Twitter, Facebook or even ID.
  • Developers can take advantage of the Plugins API to make commenting and discussion even more interesting. E.g., adding PollDaddy polls, embedding YouTube Videos, etc.

IntenseDebate: Useful Links:


Livefyre is the first real-time comment platform built from the ground up for the social web. But what is it really about and what is it doing? Find the main features:


  • Connecting people and their friends to real-time discussions about topics they like.
  • Bringing comments up to speed with the rest of the web.
  • Having LIVE conversations about LIVE events.
  • Building community around the content you create.
  • Providing a platform where communities can engage in real-time across sites.
  • Interacting with our community and participating in the conversation.
  • Building the the newest innovative tools that connect you to the social web.
  • Listening to your feedback to give you the best experience possible.
  • Sharing the hot topics that the world is talking about.
  • Empowering our users to share their thoughtful opinions with the world.
  • The future of commenting and conversations on the Internet.

LiveFyre Related Links:

Janrain Engage

Janrain Engage increases site registrations and generates referral traffic to your site by allowing users to easily register and login via an existing account with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo!, LinkedIn and other social platforms. Users also can publish their comments or activities from your site to multiple social networks simultaneously.


References Useful Resources: 
Gigya Socialize WordPress Plugin – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google, Yahoo, AOL
Top 3rd Party Commenting Systems – Reviewed
Authenticating Users With Facebook Connect and Google Friend Connect
 Stunning Facebook WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

Best Facebook Tips and Tutorials for WebSites Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social networking website. It helps a lot to do social marketing. Now Facebook is just like an addiction for everyone who is using it. There are a lot of information exchanges happen daily through Facebook. So, some serious bloggers start paying their attention on Facebook and threat it as a medium to promote and share stuffs with their friends.

If you are using WordPress than you have an edge because there are lots of plugin can help you to do that. I will provide a list of these plugins also.  The first thing you have to do is to create a Facebook fan page and then display on you blog. You can use it for business purpose as well. If you don’t know how to create Facebook fan page, visit on the following link: How To Integrate Facebook With WordPress Automatically.

After creating your fan page, you need people who like your page. To achieve this goal Andrea Vahl have done a tremendous job to compile a list of these resources on CopyBlogger. Which tells you how to attract people to like your fan page and you can measures your progress. Hope you must enjoy these resources as I did.

All about Facebook Fan Page

Facebook 101: A Simple Guide to Understanding When & How to Use Basic Features

In this article he explain, What is Facebook profile? how to use it for marketing? what is Facebook page? and what are Groups, Pages, Places, and Events can help you to do marketing.

How to Set up your Facebook Account

Facebook Tutorial: How to Create a Facebook Profile

He explained in a very easy way and provide set by set guide about how to create Facebook account.

Facebook 101 for Business: Your Complete Guide

This post is designed to help you understand what Facebook can do for your business and lead you through a step-by-step process for getting started on building a compelling presence and optimizing your Facebook marketing.

Facebook Privacy and Security

How to Protect Your Privacy with Facebook’s New Privacy Settings in 17 Easy Steps

The Author “Sara Inés Calderón” provide details about Privacy with Facebook and settings that you should make sure you’re clear about. Otherwise, you may be exposing (or not exposing) the information you intend to.

Set up “Login Approvals” 2-step account security on Facebook?

Ask Dave Taylor outlines how to use Facebook’s login approvals, which require an additional numeric code only when you try to log in to your account from a computer that Facebook’s never seen you use before.

Reasons for using Facebook for Business?

11 Mind-Blowing Reasons Your Company Needs Facebook

Jay Baer of Convince and Convert is a Social media consultant, explained most important 11 things about Facebook that you need to know.

Top 10 Reasons You Should Have a Fan Page

Kim Garst provides some compelling numbers and reasons why your business should have a Fan Page.

Free and 1000 Premier Facebook Fan Page Template Themes Pack

R.I.P. 3 Ways Facebook is Killing Your Website

Another great post by Jay Baer where he drives home the need for Facebook. But be careful, as he says, and don’t become what Copyblogger calls a “digital sharecropper” — don’t build your future on rented land.

How  to Setup your Facebook Page

Examples of Great Facebook Pages

If you are looking for inspiration, Activeden provides plenty with these Facebook Pages.

How to Set Up a Facebook Page

Laura Drell takes you by a step-by-step guide to help you initiate your Facebook marketing campaign.

How to Build the Perfect Facebook Fan Page, 2011 Edition

This is a guest post on Techipedia by Tim Ware, owner of HyperArts. He has done an excellent job of showing all the new features you can use with Facebook Pages.

How To Set Up The Vanity Url For Your Facebook Fan Page

Once you get 25 “Likes” on your Facebook Page, you need to go out and grab a custom URL for your Facebook Page. Your URL will be easier to remember, branded to your company, and much shorter! One more excellent article about getting more fans:  “Friends help Friends: Get more than 100 fans for your Facebook Fan page

How to Attract People to Like Your Page

21 Creative Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fanbase

Mari Smith gives some smart ways to increase your Likes on Social Media Examiner.

Business 101: How to Get People to LIKE You – Tips on Building Your Facebook Fan Base

Facebook has brought back that anxious feeling of how to get more people to like us. But never fear, with a few key strategies you can be the most popular Page on the block!

How to Get More Likes For Your Facebook Page (The Easy Way!)

Dave Charest shares tips about how you can make it easier for your Facebook Friends to like your page.

10 simple ways to grow your Facebook Page

Rob Dickens covers in 10 easy ways to grow your fan Page as organically as possible.

Disturbing trend: big brands pimping Facebook “Likes”

B.L. Ochman gives us an alternate view of forcing the “Like” by offering an incentive. A disturbing and abhorrent trend has emerged on Facebook, where big brands force visitors to “Like” their page in return for a gift, coupon, or special access to promotions or contests.

Why I Don’t Like Your Brand on Facebook

Guest post by Andrew Blakeley. He said “This morning my yoghurt told me to find it on Facebook. It didn’t tell me why, it just told me to find it. Why on Earth would I want to find a yoghurt on Facebook? It’s a yoghurt!” This what to give people a reason to click on Like button.

How  to Setup a Welcome Page

How To Build A Facebook Landing Page With iFrames

Francisco Rosales from Social Mouths helping  us how to create own Facebook iFrame Application in easy way.

Tutorial: Add an iFrame Application to your Facebook Fan Page – 2011 Edition

Tim Ware at HyperArts is a great resource if you are going to build your own iFrame Application. This is a series of tutorials to help you get started with using iFrame applications on your Fan Page. As well, he has a very nice easy iFrame application called TabPress if you don’t want to build your own.

How to Make a Custom Facebook Page Tab With Iframes

If you need more reference material on how to create your own Facebook iFrame Application, Kim Woodbridge of (Anti) Social Development also takes you through the steps.

How to Add the Wildfire iFrame Application to Your Facebook Page

Everyone is getting in a tizzy about iFrames on Facebook and how to create new custom Welcome Pages with iFrames.  Help is here!  There are many new Facebook applications to help you create a custom page on Facebook and it’s easy peasy.

3 Tools to Create New Facebook iFrame Pages

Paul Chaney of Practical eCommerce covers three of my favorite third-party iFrame applications: Wildfire, Involver and Static HTML: iframe tabs. All very easy to use and allow either a graphic or HTML code to create your Welcome Page.

All about Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Pages – Which Is Best?

Which is better: a Facebook Page or a Facebook Group? The answer you can find in a great post by Mari Smith. She suggests using both, but I think you can decide after reading this post.

New Facebook Groups Could Be Big for Business

How can you use Groups for business? John Jantsch at Duct Tape Marketing gives you some ideas.

All about Facebook Events

HOW TO: Organize an Event on Facebook

Some people wonder if all this social networking is really making us more social — we’re just sitting in front of our computers, after all. But Facebook, the web’s largest social network, plays host to 3 million event listings each month. And these are offline events, ranging in size from small, friendly get-togethers, to company picnics, to enormous political protests.

Josh Catone takes you through the steps.

Creating the Perfect Facebook Event — Part One

This tutorial in two parts and tell you When, What and Where are some of the basics that Alex Smith covers in this post.

Creating the perfect Facebook event — Part Two

More info and how to use the invitations are covered in part two of Alex Smith’s post.

Six Ways To Effectively Promote Events on Facebook — Case Study

This an other post from Mari Smith. She gives other ways to use Facebook to promote it, such as share buttons, comment plugins, and more.

Facebook Lets Users Check In to Events via the Touch Site, Soon the iPhone

Combine the Facebook Place “check-in” concept with your event to draw more attention to your event. Josh Constine gives you the low-down on Inside Facebook.

10 Facebook Events Gone Wrong

Julius Solaris is the editor of the Event Manager Blog, learn about him at He outlines 10 Facebook disasters. Most of them involved free booze.

Facebook Mobile with Places and Deals

New Data: 33% of Facebook Posting is Mobile

Dan Zarrella is a social media scientist. Facebook Mobile usage is increasing, which is a good reason to use Places and Deals to your advantage.

A Field Guide to Using Facebook Places

Mashable provide us the big picture of actual physical storefront on Facebook Place where people can check in.

Facebook Deals Review

Facebook Deals were touted as the “Groupon-killer” by many blogs and news outlets when Facebook officially launched the Deals service in April. So far, so good … for Groupon. But don’t count Deals out; Ignite Social Media shows what Deals look like and where they live on Facebook.

Introducing Deals

Facebook’s own blog gives a very good overview of how to use the new Deals features.

How to add Facebook Applications

Top 75 Apps for Enhancing Your Facebook Page

In this post on Social Media Examiner, Mari Smith gives you the top 75 Facebook Apps. Which is plenty. You don’t have to use them all.

Add YouTube to Your Facebook Page

Laura Roeder shows you how easy it is to add your YouTube channel to your Facebook Page.

NetworkedBlogs is the App of Choice for Bloggers

Denise Wakeman of Build a Better Blog did an informal poll and found that most bloggers use NetworkedBlogs to automatically import their blogs posts.


It can be challenging to find the right app to use since Facebook’s own search function is not that hot. Appbistro is a good place to find apps that can help.

Big Companies on Facebook

The 15 Most Popular Brands On Facebook

Justin Bieber has some of the most die hard fans in the world, so it’s no surprise that they are also the most active on Facebook. Business Insidertakes a look at the numbers for the top 15 brands.

8 Brands That Have Found Success on Facebook & What We Can Learn

Dave Kerpen is the CEO of Likeable, a social media agency that has worked with more than 200 leading brands.

26 Facebook Fan Page Examples in Detail

Over on the Ignite Social Media Blog, Lisa Braziel is dissecting 26 big brands on Facebook to show you exactly what they are doing. Follow this series of posts for some great ideas.

25 brilliant examples of Facebook brand pages

Jake Hird covers 25 brands that are doing a good job on Facebook on Econsultancy.

Small Companies on Facebook

Two thirds of small business owners use Facebook for marketing

78 percent of small business owners said they plan to spend more of their marketing budget on social media this year than they did in 2010. ZDNet dissects some recent stats from a survey of 1,132 small businesses on Facebook.

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

Must read this post by Leyl Master Black.

B-to-B Companies on Facebook

10 Examples of B2B Facebook Fan Pages

Business-to-business can be a little trickier on Facebook. You are searching for a more specific niche audience. In Social Media B2B, Jeffery Cohen gives examples of companies that are doing well.

7 Awesome B2B Facebook Pages

Yet another great post by HubSpot. This time they cover what makes these B2B Pages special.

Non-profits on Facebook

Facebook Business Tips for Nonprofits

Rebecca Leaman helps answer questions for non-profits such as whether to use a Group or a Page, and how to set a social media policy.

Facebook Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations

Diosa Communications gives 32 tips for nonprofits.

How to Comment on and Tag other Pages as your Page

Everything You Need To Know About Facebook’s Epic Upgrade To Pages

John Haydon covers these changes and shows you how to comment as your Page on another Page which can increase your visibility.

Tagging Other Pages On Your Facebook Business Page Wall: How-To & Ettiquette

Mesh Marketing provides a very nice step-by-step post on how to tag Pages and how not to be a self-promotional jerk about it.

Best Practices for Facebook Page

Top 5 Things for Facebook Page Success

Adele Cooper, the director of global customer marketing & communications for Facebook gives the good tips.

Altimeter Report: The 8 Success Criteria For Facebook Page Marketing

This is 27 pages report from Jeremiah Owyang.  You can download it.

The Difference Between Engaged and Engaging

Danny Brown shows an example of the best way to be engaging on Facebook.

Are You Asking The Wrong Questions On Facebook?

To best way to create engagement on Facebook is to ask interesting, thought-provoking questions. But did you know there’s a right way and a wrong way to ask questions? Watch this video to learn how to ask the questions that get your Fans talking.

Make Your Facebook Page Posts Count

John Porcaro gives a great list of best practices such as keeping it short, adding a link and delivering value, as well shows some concrete examples of posts that catch his eye.

5 Tips To Drive Engagement With Your Fans On Facebook

Jeff Bullas tells us not to beg for Likes, but get them naturally through engagement with these five tips.

How to Advertise on Facebook

Facebook Ads 101 – How to Set up and Track Facebook Ads

Subliminal Pixels has a great overview on getting started with Facebook Advertising.

The How-To Guide For Facebook Advertising

This is the Guest post of Anthony Piwarun on Social Media Explorer, and explained how to identify your goals, understand the cost structure and measure your results.

Facebook advertising tricks for b2b marketers

Paul Dunay is the co-author of Facebook Advertising for Dummies, so he is giving great targeting tips in this article.

Guide to Facebook Ads

Facebook would like to encourage you to spend money with them in this comprehensive overview of how Facebook Ads works.

How to Run a Contest on Facebook

Is a Facebook Contest or Sweepstakes Right for your Business?

Debbie Hemly sharing his experience about running contests on Facebook in this Gigcoin post.

The unofficial guide to Facebook’s terms and conditions

Lauren Fisher of Simply Zesty gives us the guide to Facebook’s Contest rules in this post, so you get not confuse to run a contest on Facebook.

Facebook Promotions: What You Need to Know

Another gem by Mari Smith, although she doesn’t mention Woobox in her list of contest applications, which I have used and liked.

How to Sell on Facebook

16 Facebook Marketing Strategies

There are thousands of Facebook apps, including a growing class designed for marketing use on company Facebook Pages. Here is a list of 16 different marketing strategies — using apps — that can help your ecommerce business.

Facebook Posts Are 3 Times More Powerful Than Tweets

A recent study covered in All Facebookcalculated the conversion rate of Facebook to be three times higher than Twitter for social shopping.

Why it’s important to set up a Facebook store

The write explain why to Set up a storefront on Facebook.

4 Ways to Set Up a Storefront on Facebook

Four excellent apps to use to sell your wares on Facebook are covered on Mashable.

Facebook ROI

Facebook Marketing ROI: 3 Case Studies

Brian Carter shows three small business examples of how Facebook Ads generated at least 300% ROI and higher for these cases.

How to use Google Analytics to measure Facebook ROI

John Haydon  in this video takes you through Google Analytics to determine your ROI.

Your Brand Has Thousands of Facebook Fans–What Is the ROI?

Steve Kerho explained What is the ROI? and this post is the follow up of his previous post,  in which he focus on ROI methodology and look specifically at how it would apply to Facebook.

10 Measures of Social Media ROI for Your Brand

Neil Glassman  focus on the metrics that are truly relevant to your business.

This not the End!

5 things you can do to spice up your Facebook Page

Ayelet Noff tells us how on

EdgeRank and Facebook News Feed Optimization

WebProNews talks about how to get into the Top News and what EdgeRank has to do with it.

EdgeRank Checker

An unofficial tool to check your EdgeRank and see how likely it is that you are appearing in the Top News.

How to Use Hootsuite with Facebook Pages (tutorial)

This is excellent Tutorial of Cheryl at Beautiful Blog Designs and  he explained how to use Hootsuite to manage your Facebook Page and schedule updates for later.

How to use Facebook insights to identify core supporters

John Haydon goes through the steps to using Facebook insights in a meaningful way in this YouTube video.

Learn how business crowdsourcing affects most graphic designers.

If you have your own favorite Facebook resources? Share with us in the comments!

Facebook: FanPage Templates and Resource to Promote your Website

How to Embed an iFrame in WordPress Blog

I had this problem when I was trying to add my Facebook Like Box  in my post. Whenever I past the given code in ‘HTML’ mode and get back to ‘Visual’ mode. Nothing showed up, so I switched back to ‘HTML’ mode, and found out that the embedded code is no longer there.

So I have found few solutions for that to display your iframe code in your post. First of all there is a very simple and easy solution. Once you had put the code in ‘HTML’ mode, don’t move back to ‘Visual’ mode. Directly save or publish the post, and the embedded code is viewable. Now,  you can share and embed your facebook Like Box, calender and any other iframe code  to any WordPress Post without using Plugin.

However, there are WordPress plugins called smartPop-Up BOX, embed iframe, Insere Iframe, IFRAME Embed For YouTube that will allow you to use a shortcode to embed an iframe; by using the shortcode you can  switch between Visual and HTML view without the risk of losing your iframe code.

WordPress Plugin to Embed an iFrame

smartPop-Up BOX – WordPress Plugin

You know those anoying pop-up boxes that appear when you open a website?
Now you have the change to have one on your website!
Even if you need a banner, a image, a video, an iframe, smartPop-Up BOX supports it all!
It’s very easy to use & it’s very usefull!
You have the folowing settings for the smartPop-Up box:
- Display only for ip: Configurate settings on a local workstation. If you are in development mode, the pop-up is showed only for the workstation (ip) you set: When you’re ready just delete/empty this field and your pop-up will be visible to everybody.

Live Preview | Download

Embed Iframe

Embed Iframe is a plugin that will let you embed iframe – an HTML tag that allows a webpage to be displayed inline with the current page, in a WordPress post. Although an iframe can lead to a complicated website, it can be very effective when used appropriately.

There is a  video at which explains how to install the embed iframe plugin, and how to insert an iframe into a WordPress post or page using the embed iframe shortcode. Click Here to Watch the Video!


IFRAME Embed For YouTube

IFRAME Embed for YouTube plugin enables you to insert iframe code for a particular YouTube video on your WordPress blog. YouTube has recently released the IFRAME embed code for videos but still that code is not available on YouTube and people are using OBJECT embed code which inserts flash player of YouTube. Those flash player YouTube videos are only visible on browsers having flash plugin installed. IFRAME inserted code for YouTube automatically detect the browser capability and automatically switch between flash and HTML5. So videos embedded thru this plugin will be visible on browsers which are not having flash support (specially mobile device browsers).


Insere Iframe

EN: This plugin is a simple way to easily insert iframes in your posts. PT: Este plugin permite inserir iframes facilmente em seus posts. To see how to use this plugin, please visit Insere iframe a simple wordpress plugin to insert iframe in posts


WordPress Themes With Popup, Iframe, Video, Link Control

Multimedia – Music, Video, Picture, Blog WP

  • 7 Theme Style
  • Option Tree (Wp Envato Admin Panel)
  • Easy Install and Ready Shortcode
  • Full Ajax Control
  • Popup, Iframe, Video, Link (Ajax)
  • Ready 50+ Button
  • Short Code (20+)
  • Custom Fields
  • 7 Ready Widgets
  • 11 Help Videos (Include Folder)
  • IE7 , IE8, Chrome, Firefox and Opera, Safari other browser

Live Preview | Detail

Hype WordPress Theme Blogs, Magazines & Portfolios

Built with lot of time, effort and heart put into it. You can trust the guy behind it’s development is always pushing to be and do things better. This theme has tons of options:

  • Customize the layout of the Homepage.
  • Give the theme your own overall look and feel with tons of style options.
  • Setup a gallery or a portfolio and showcase all your images or videos.
  • Provide an Ajax Contact form for your site user to get in touch with you.
  • Use it for your own personal blog, or your companies online magazine.

Live Preview | Detail

Apollo – WordPress Theme

The Apollo WordPress theme delivers a sleek & minimalistic feel but is still packed with features.

It offers a custom CMS homepage with a eye catching featured area as well as sub-featured area. Included in this custom CMS is 6 different color options and Google Analytics, and many more amazing options…

On top of the 6 professional looking color schemes, this theme enables and gives you control over every element you see. Uses Cufon Font replacement to ensure a beautiful font selection as well as custom galleries and portfolio’s! And last but definately not least, there is a great selection of custom page templates to make sure you have the correct layout for your content. The sidebar and footer are widgetized.

Live Preview | Detail

Free and 1000 Premier Facebook Fan Page Template Themes Pack

If you want to launch a Facebook fan page to promote your business within a powerful Facebook social network you can make use of specially premade Facebook templates. These are readymade Facebook designs able to make any fan page establishment easier than ABC and give it a second-to-none outlook.
Today I have compiled  Free and a Pack which included over 1,000 Themes for your facebook fan page. Many of the design elements were made by some of the leading designers on the internet.

They have included well over 1,000 themes for you to apply at your fingertips. They will also have more in production as time moves forward.

They have made it extremely simple for you to choose your favorite theme,and apply it to your facebook page. Its as simple as one line of XML .


All You will need to change is “bg.png” which is the name of your image,and you will have updated your theme to whatever background you want.

You can choose the background name you want from  “Theme Explorer” which is available in their item preview ,just choose which primary color you want first, so you can be sure

your background looks best with the primary color.

Selling products, downloads, and services on your facebook fan page is now a Breeze. This Theme includes a fully packed PayPal Shop that allows you to sell your tangable goods,and digital goods right from your Facebook Fan Page.

All you have to do is set your PayPal Email Address,and let the Theme do the rest!


You can set the following ITEM properties.

  • Product Title
  • Small Image (Thumbnail Image)
  • Large Image (Full Detail Image)
  • Price
  • Shipping Price
  • Redirection URL for Thank You Pages,and downloadables .zip, or .rar files etc.
  • Delivery Time
  • Return Policy
  • Short Description
  • Full Description

The Theme supports a YouTube Header which allows you to display a YouTube Video of your choice, in the Top Header portion of the Theme Layout. You can easlily change the YouTube “vidid” from the XML file.

Codempire offers Free Support for ActiveDen Members who have questions, and need help setting up their products. They  also welcome any suggestions, tips, or requests. You can reach them by using the contact form on his profile page located Here.


10 Free Facebook Templates

1. Best Business Free Facebook Page Template

Demo | Download

2. Lingerie Shop FaceBook Template Free

Detail | Download

3. Daniel Portfolio Free Facebook Template

Detail | Download

4. Business Free Facebook Template

Detail | Download

5. Vanila photo gallery free Facebook template


More you can get from : Facebook Fan Page Templates

Facebook: FanPage Templates and Resource to Promote your Website

Facebook fan page allows you to create a page to promote your blog or business – and it’s completely free.  It is true that there are millions of Facebook users all over the world.  The reason make the Facebook fan page the largest social media website on the globe, and people spend a lot of time surfing through it’s pages and connecting with friends and business contacts.

There are millions fan pages that it’s impossible to stand out from the crowd unless you’re willing to do a little customization and make attraction on your own personal or business Facebook fan page.

That’s why you have to customize your Facebook fan page, If you don’t have the skills to do it themselves and it can cost a small fortune to pay someone to do it for you.  So I am absolutely LOVE the idea of compiling the best Facebook Fan Page Templates and other resources from Themeforest.

Hope you must like to visit other pages of WPArena on Facebook.

How to Create Facebook Templates with Wix

How To Integrate Facebook With WordPress Automatically

Facebook Applications to Must Explore

1. Creative Facebook Fanpage Template

The “Creative Fanpage Template” is a Premium Template which is specifically designed to be used as a Fanpage Application.

Everything you see can be setup via XML, a config file which is editable with any text editor. A detailled PDF guide which helps you install the template on Facebook and customize it according to your wishes, is provided with the download.

Download Get it here: CreativeFacebook  FanPage Template

2. CMS Facebook Millennium Template

This is the Flash Facebook Templates that have a full Control Panel to edit content.

Detail about CMS Facebook Template With Control Panel

3. Book – Facebook Fan Page Themes/RSS/Ken Burns/XML

This template is build to fit in perfectly in your Facebook’s Fan Page Tab and uses Flash technology to do things FBML and HTML is not able to. 500 million Facebook users are waiting to get impressed by your page.

Detail and Download

4. Facebook Tab Application

We know every Blogger wants to share his posts with the world to get exposure. Now the owners of FLASH BLOG TEMPLATE and FLASH BLOG SPECIAL will have the chance to do this through a cool Facebook Tab Application, which will streamline their unique flash blog in one of the most popular Social Networks today – Facebook.

1.You must have FLASH BLOG TEMPLATE installed to use this Facebook Tab Application

or FLASH BLOG SPECIAL installed to use this Facebook Tab Application

Detail and Download

5. Translucent – Facebook Fan Page Template

This is a Flash Template prepared for Facebook’s Fan Page Tab. Editable through single XML file and no Flash authoring skills needed to customize / update data. Just inserting your image for background and choosing right Text Color can bring expected feel and uniqueness to the page. Supports dimensions up to 520px wide and unlimited height.

Detail and Download

6. Facebook Paypal Shop Template

This shopping cart template is mainly focused for FACEBOOK usage, though it can be easily used as a useful module inside any flash template, usign external SWF loading. It has a powerful catalog to display any kind of media content, images, swfs and videos. It has a clean and minimal style, which can be easily customizated (almost 40 configuration parameters), from the xml file. Also several layered photoshop files with the preview designs are included in the pack.

Detail and Download

7. Grid Gallery for Facebook

Enhance your Facebook Pages (or any other flash & non-flash site) with this powerful and flexible grid gallery.

Detail and Download

8. Orbit Facebook Template

It comes with a cool home page featuring the best selling Ken Burns Slideshow, a media gallery which allows you to showcase your items in a really cool way, a text page,a feed reader and a sweet contact page.

Everything is customizable via xml and all modules can be reused, making this the perfect custom page that will impress all your clients!

Detail and Download

9. Creative Facebook Page Template

You can embed this Flash facebook template in your facebook’s fan page. It is meant to be a simple template with about page, news feed, a simple gallery with description and a contact page.

Detail and Download

10. Facebook Static FBML App 520px Site Template

This Facebook Static FBML template was created to meet the needs of those looking to add a flash file to their Facebook FBML application to display extra special content without having to know in-depth Ajax code.

Detail and Download

11. Facebook Fan Page YouTube Player AS3 01

This is an YouTube video player, specially created to fit inside any Facebook fan page tab. It is easily customizable through the XML settings. Add unlimited number of videos. It can be used as a stand-alone youtube player as well


12. Facebook Fan Page Template

Facebook Fan Page Template, is a versatile XML driven flash template for Facebook or as a Standalone. to showcase any work on a creative way, featuring a grid layout,, which is fill of thumbnails that can be link to an Image, Image Gallary, External Flash or Link. With this you have a wide range of possibilities on how the end looks can be and functionality.


13. Black and white XML Facebook Fun Page

Black and white XML Facebook Fun Page can be a good portfolio or personnal fun page to promote your business, full XML driven, easy to customize.


14. Invincible XLE Facebook Fan Page

This is a Flash Template for Facebook’s Fan Page Tab. Editable through XML files and no Flash skills needed to customize / update data. Just inserting your image for background and choosing right Text Color can bring expected feel and uniqueness to the page.


15. Flash Stack Template for Facebook Fan Page

You can embed this Flash Stack Template in your facebook’s fan page. The template is suitable for your works or photography. The video is support Youtube or Vimeo.


16. Flash Minisite for Facebook Fan Page

You can embed this Flash Minisite in your facebook’s fan page. The template is suitable for your works or photography. The video is support Youtube or Vimeo. The step by step tutorial is included in the source package.


17. City Limits Facebook Fan Page Template

City Limits is a professional Facebook Fan Page Template that is very simple to setup and change content.

Includes Full Media Kit with Brandable PSD ’s and more. 100% Ready to be deployed to your new Facebook Fan Page.

The App is 100% XML driven,and all text,list images, content, sound, etc can be updated with the stroke of a keyboard. (no flash skills , or flash experience needed).


18. Flashed – The Facebook Template

Show your presence on face book. Cstomize your facebook page to include slideshow, twitter updates, your work portfolio and a contact form using FBML .


19. Fine Dining – Facebook Page Template

Show your presence on face book. Customize your facebook page to include slideshow, image gallery, and location through FBML application.

This template is made targeted at restaurants but you can use your creativity to use it for any other business, though most suitable for a bistro or a restaurant


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