How to redirect the spammers where you want

WordPress is my favorite platform for blogging as well spambots love to target WordPress’ comment script directly by using automatic commenting plug-ins.  There is best way to bounce them back or on an other page, where ever you want to simply by editing your .htaccess file. Here is the script [...]

How to Exclude a Category from the Home Page

This is the  most common customization requests for WordPress, “How do I prevent posts from a certain category from displaying on my home page?!”   As I have a categry about WordPress Powered Website “Showcase” and I want to omit from the post loop so that post related to [...]

How to Convert Blog Visitors into Subscribers and Readers

The main purpose of a blog is to attract a large number of visitors and additionally convert that traffic into regular readers. It is the most important task that a blog designer should pay attention to. If the blog’s content is unique and blog has good design than this task can be much simpler. [...]

Document Sharing Plugins for WordPress 3.0

WordPress with combination of plugins, it is possible to share documents. Although, It is always very tricky for  a committee or a club, finding a good way to share news and documents. The Members Only plugin from ChurChcrunch is a WordPress plugin that allows you to make your blog only viewable [...]

Common Uses for WordPress Plugins

The beauty of WordPress is its extensibility. It is possible to make WordPress do just about anything you can think of with plugins. This is the list of Plugin categories to help you expand your site. It has included the specific plugin names to make it easier when you want to extent and searching fr [...]