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If you want to give your Blog a Web presence without spending a lot of time or money, a google optimization is the answer and this is all about google blogs. Now a days blogosphere is pretty crowded and they know that they have something to say, whether it’s heavy stuff or just your thought for the day.

Make your opinions known. Get your photos shown. Blogging with google products, Means you are blogging with the best of Blogoshere. Googles Blogs encouraging feedback and discussion and handling dissension in the ranks.

Because so many blogs are floating about in the blogosphere, you can’t possibly read them all. Well over 100 million different blogs exist, and each one attracts its own audience. This article has made reference to a number of Google blogs, but there’s always room for more. I am  including  a list of some of the Google blogs I find most interesting and useful.

Take some time and visit each of these blogs. Not only do they feature some great content, but you also can discover more about what types of things these Google blogs do to achieve blogging success.

1. Google Blog


Whether it’s a product or feature launch or a cool new initiative, chances are that you’ll read about most news from Google on this blog.

2. Google Talkabout


The official weblog about instant messaging, voice, and other communications with the software.

3. Google Base Blog Now Google Merchant Blog


4. Google Video


Search and watch millions of videos. Includes forum and personalized recommendations. Uploading a video is completely free; It only takes a few minutes to upload and share it with friends.

5. Inside Google Desktop


Learn more about the features that make Google Desktop so useful. … You can now also preview your Desktop search results right inside the browser.

6.Google Code


Google’s official developer site. Featuring APIs, developer tools and technical resources.

7. Inside AdWords


8. Inside AdSense


The official weblog of Google’s AdSense advertising service.

9. Google Reader Blog


10. Blogger Buzz


The news about Blogger from the Blogger team at Google.

11. AdWords API Blog


12. Google Enterprise Blog


Official Weblog about Google’s enterprise search appliances and other tools for business users.

13. Google Research


Google researchers describe their projects and related interests.

14. Google Maps API Blog


News of the programming interface that lets put the tool web pages.

15. Google Writely


Google has purchased Writely. Writely is a collaborative word processor that runs in a web browser.

16. Inside Google Book Search


You can search and discover millions of books on Google Books. Our hope is that these new tools will make it easier for you to find.

17. Google SiteMaps Blog


In order to submit URLs for in a Sitemap hosted on, you’d need to follow the instructions for Sitemap cross-submission.

Google Blog around the World:

18. Google China Blog


19. Google Italy Blog


20. Google Japan Blog


21. Google Korea Blog


22. Google Mexico Blog


23. Google AdSense German Blog

Others Blogs Worth Reading

Blogs by Googlers


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