How to Fix: Extra contraction marks error in new WordPress posts

After migrating your WordPress site to a new hosting company, or for some other reasons  you see extra quotation marks in every word such as “you’ll” or “don’t”. Not only in new post you see quotation marks are becoming doubled. But also, older posts that were okay [...]

How to add/Show Images with WP-Category

If you are customizing or designing your theme, you can link images with categories in post. All you have to add some simple PHP code to your WordPress theme with some basic html knowledge and specific images for categories. First of all you must know about get_the_category tag. You can read [...]

Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 Traffic Pop

Take full advantage of these tools to get more traffic to your website. What they are saying about them: More likes = more exposure = more traffic = more money! More tweets = more exposure = more traffic = more money! More +1’s = more traffic = more money! Twitter Traffic Pop for WordPress Instead [...]

Best Facebook Tips and Tutorials for WebSites Marketing

Facebook is the most popular social networking website. It helps a lot to do social marketing. Now Facebook is just like an addiction for everyone who is using it. There are a lot of information exchanges happen daily through Facebook. So, some serious bloggers start paying their attention on Facebook [...]

WordPress Admin Interface Errors and Templates

If you are facing any issue with WordPress admin panel, for example, The load time which is taking more than 10-12 seconds,   following are the few step that can help you to solve this issue. 1. May be your installed WordPress’s php files are stalled for memory by various instances of WordPress. [...]

Must WordPress Setting for New Installation

One of my friend Rai Niaz Ahmad have installed WordPress 3.1.3 and asked for help to set up. After providing him all guidelines, There are some  important settings to change in WordPress installation, which are very helpful for WordPress Tweaking and “Must To Do Settings” to improve site [...]

How to Managing Your WordPress Multi Sites

If you planning to run Multi site through WordPress, there are some steps that need to be taken in order to get everything set up correctly. It is important that you follow these steps throughly, otherwise your additional sites simply won’t work. When it comes to create or Convert WordPress [...]