Free Files of the Month: May 2011 from Envato

This post is continuity of “ Free Files of the Month: April 2011 from Envato”  which is the marketplaces where thousands of developers and designers buy and sell digital goods every day. Free files from Envato are completely ready-made, well-designed and functional enough to provide [...]

How to Decorate Web Pages With Google Font API and Font Squirrel

Using Arial or Georgia font in your WordPress theme is a normal thing but now it’s essential that you take advantage of the latest tools and techniques. Until now, designers were forced to choose from only a handful of web fonts when designing their sites or templates. But not anymore, Take the Google [...]

Decorate your Website with Free Resources

When designing a website, designer require lots of material for website decoration. It encompasses colors, buttons, backgrounds, textures, rules, fonts, graphics, illustrations, photos, sounds, and any other elements that support the overall concept. Designer should establish a stylebook specifying [...]

How to Customize fonts in WordPress blog with CSS3

Before start, Would like to tell you a very important thing that Font designers work very hard to create fonts, their work is copyrighted and licensed. Thats why, keep in mind before embedding any font into your site, make sure you’re using truly “open” and free font or have the right [...]