Run your Real Estate Business Online With WordPress

There is no limit when it comes to real estate business and there is certainly no limit to customize the WordPress by its themes and Plugins to run your online business by using this platform. By Merging both Real estate business and build it online with WordPress means you have a successful combination.

With the advent of WordPress, the Real Estate business has got a whole new dimension. The very first step towards promoting your Real Estate Business online is by having a well designed and spectacularly looking WordPress  website that holds content of useful value for the end user, that provides the user with what he is looking for and that is Satisfaction.

A successful Real Estate website with WordPress  on the web will ensures that your site reaches the maximum people all across the globe.

I already complied a list of Premier WordPress themes for Real estate Business but today I am telling you the best Premier and Free WordPress themes and Plugins to run your real estate Business online.

Premier WordPress Themes for Real Estate Business

1. StudioPress: AgentPress Child Theme


Click here to view more details | Demo

2. Main Street


Visit Gorilla Themes

3. De Casa


Click here to view more details

4. Open House Real Estate WordPress Theme


Click here to view more details

5. Smooth Real Estate WordPress Theme


Click here to view more details

6. Broker Real Estate WordPress Theme


Click here to view more details

7. De Condo


Click here to view more details

8.Homeowner Real Estate WordPress Theme


Click here to view more details

9. AgentPress Theme


Click here to view more details | Demo

10. iReal Estate


Details | Demo

11. Our Home


Details | Demo

12. SOFA Real Estate


Details | Demo

13. Villa Grande


Details | Demo

14. The Real Estate


Details | Demo

15. Realist


Details | Demo

16. Real Estate


Details | Demo

17. Elegant Real Estate


Details | Demo

18. Real Estate


Details | Demo

19. Main Street Real Estate Theme

I was working on a real estate project, the client requirement was that the CMS should be WordPress and theme must be clean and easy to handle. Thats why I preferred Gorilla theme due to my previous experience on Open House Real Estate WordPress Theme. When I was exploring the themes directory I came to know this “Main Street Real Estate WordPress Theme” which meet the client requirements.

Live Preview and  Purchase License

Real Estate WordPress Theme

Our real estate theme is so easy to use it takes less than 2 minutes to install & setup! Simply use the theme tools in WordPress to upload the theme then hit the reset button to install and configure all of the default setup options for you!

Demo | Download

Prime Real Estate – WordPress Theme

The Prime theme makes it easy for real estate agents and brokers take control of their entire site & property listings all while delivering a clean, corporate look for their brand.

Demo | Download

Free WordPress Themes For Real Estate Business

WP Real Estate

Demo | Download

Stand Among Buildings

Demo | Download

Perhaps My Home

Demo | Download


Demo | Download

Sun Bathing

Demo | Download

green house

Demo | Download

Dark Real Estate Theme

Demo | Download

Our Dream Home

Demo | Download

Real estate WordPress Plugins

Real estate agent WordPress plugin

Realestate agent plugin allows you to create a dynamic content managed site for use in the real estate business or like a tourism portal engine . It’s very simple to set up and running, and includes many features!

Live Preview | Detail

Great Real Estate

Great Real Estate was developed to enable real estate agents, brokers, and REALTORS to display and manage information about their listings in WordPress pages.

This plugin works best if you also use the following plugins:

* NextGen Gallery – to upload, manage, and display property listing photos

* WordTube – to upload, manage, and display videos

* FPP Pano – to display panorama photos in a Flash 360 degree interface (“virtual tours”)

* Feed Wrangler – to enable you to send a listings feed to various websites, such as Google Base, Trulia, and Zillow

* WP-DownloadManager – to display and track links to downloadable brochures

You’ll also need to get a Google API key to enable the maps display, and a Truilia, Google Base, and Zillow account to enable feeds.

To use the panorama plugin, you’ll need to obtain the Flash Panorama Player, appropriately licensed for your domain.

Please read the documentation carefully… to get the most out of this plugin, you may need to edit some of your theme files, and/or copy files from this folder to your theme folder

Very detailed documentation is be available at the Plugin home page at Great real estate plugin


Real Estate

Real Estate Plugin (REP) is simple and functional, and currently works out of the box with real estate listings theme.

Real Estate Agents: publish your listings the same way you publish your blog posts — easy and fast! Image & Photo Fans: use this plugin to enable simple image gallery on your blog post!

This plugin enables you to use the power and flexibility of WordPress to generate optimized pages for your real estate listings. To utilize many features for website optimization which WordPress and its numerous plugins have, just migrate from another platform and your life will get MUCH easier. The complete guide to real estate optimization on WordPress is updated at real estate homepage.


Simple Real Estate Pack

Simple Real Estate Pack is a package of real estate tools and widgets designed specifically for real estate industry blogs and web sites. The plugin includes mortgage and home affordability calculators, closing cost estimator, live mortgage rates, Trulia and ALTOS statistical charts, local schools, local rental rates meter, business listings from Yelp and Google Maps. Optionally, Simple Real Estate Pack can function as an extension for Great Real Estate (GRE) plugin, and will add new features to the GRE if it’s installed. Take a look at live example of this functionality at

For detailed usage instructions visit the official site.


Real Estate Q&A

Real Estate Q&A plugin enables you to host a real estate Q&A for a metro, city, ZIP, or property in your sidebar.


Real Estate Chart of the Day

Real Estate Chart of the Day is a widget-based plugin that published relevant real estate- and mortgage-related charts to your blog. Data includes, among others:

  1. Existing Home Sales
  2. Housing Starts
  3. Mortgage rate trends
  4. New Home Sales
  5. Unemployment Rate
  6. Pending Home Sales
  7. Housing Market Index

Charts are resizable, randomized and current and available in unlimited colors to match every WordPress theme.


RealPress Real Estate Plugin

Realpress uses a unique method to allow real estate listings to be added to WordPress posts using a simple shortcode. Realpress makes additions to the database to control listings details and displays an attractive front end interface by allowing the user to select display options from a choice of sub themes, which include an advanced java drop down page. More themes will be added as we extend the plugin further.

Additional advanced search and feature property widgets will be released in the near future.

Some key features:

  • Full internationalisation via language files
  • Attractive image flash slideshows
  • Fully searchable database
  • Front end listing layout is highly flexible and both the layout and the font-styles/colors can be set in the plugin interface.
  • Google map integration and easy location setting. No need for Geo Locations to be entered.

More documentation can be found on

Related Links:


Local Market Explorer

This plugin allows WordPress to load data from a number of neighborhood-related APIs to be presented on a single page or within your own pages / posts. The different modules that this plugin contains are as follows:


WordPress Zillow API

WordPress Zillow Demographic Charts Plugin was developed to provide a website owners with an easy way to add dynamic demographic details to real estat.

For Theme Developers, please visit for details on how to distribute this plugin with your WordPress themes FREELY and Without Additional License Requirements. They provide you easy to include PHP code to make your distribution of the plugin exceptionally easy.


WordPress Featured Listings

WordPress Featured Listings Plugin was developed to provide a website owners with an easy way to add dynamic featured listings for real estate or auto.

For Theme Developers, please visit for details on how to distribute this plugin with your WordPress themes FREELY and Without Additional License Requirements. They provide you easy to include PHP code to make your distribution of the plugin exceptionally easy.


Mortgage and Loan Calculator Widget/Plugin

Let your website visitors calculate their payments based upon the interest rates and loan amount entered. One of the most unique features is that it gives the opportunity for your visitors to receive reports on their email account.
This is a win win situation because your users will be happy for archiving their reports and will come back for more in order to compare with older ones, while you receive precious stats for later report monetization.
Last but not least this plugin/widget actually gives a real meaning to your financial and not only website making both Google and visitors like you more about it.
Making money from websites like these is not easier than other BUT if you dont know already cpc rates are REALLY high when it comes to keywords like “mortgage”, “loans”, “finance”, “amortization tables” etc.

They can change any values without reloading page.
They can enter “Extra Payments” details although its not required.
If your visitors wish they can enable the “Send report to email” option in case they want to have their report sent as an email for later comparison with other reports.
After entering all fields select “Calculate” and wait a few seconds for the results to appear.

Every time your visitor enables the email report you get results saved in your WordPress database under table wp_a_m_c_reports. You can use that table for exporting reports and other useful data. Plugin uninstall also removes all related tables.
Live Preview | Detail

Other Useful Resources:

ThemeForest WordPress Themes For Real Estate Bloggers

Main Street Real Estate Theme from Gorilla Themes

WordPress 3.0 Real Estate Theme Update – OpenHouse V3


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