Pinterest-Style WordPress Themes and Plugins

Pinterst has established from a photo bookmarking website to spread visual thoughts and ideas to inspire the creative minded people, and used to drive referral traffic like any other social media website. Even other products or projects can be promoted to inspire and attract  the  millions of people. Other photo sharing websites like Flicker had changed their home page and adopted Pinterest-Style (Flickr Gets a Makeover, Looks Like Pinterest).

Although the presentation of Pinterest-Style layout is not new, there is a jQuery Plugin “Masonry” developed by David DeSandro, according him:

Masonry is a dynamic grid layout plugin for jQuery. Think of it as the flip-side of CSS floats. Whereas floating arranges elements horizontally then vertically, Masonry arranges elements vertically, positioning each element in the next open spot in the gerid. This minimizes vertical gaps between elements of varying height, like a mason fitting stones in a wall.”

First thing first, How can you use Pinterest to your advantage? and how to use it. In the following lost you can find tutorials and tips about how to use Pinterest, why and how to use Pinterest to get more visitor to your blog or Website.

How to Use Pinterest – A Tutorial

Reference: How to Use Pinterest – A Tutorial

How to Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a new type of image-based social media that allows you to easily share your interests and items that you find with others on the Internet. Read this article to learn how.

How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

On Pinterest you virtually” pin” pictures associated with links to the best ideas and products in every corner of the web. You can find great new sites, organize them on your pin boards, and share your own products across a platform driven by a female audience (the buyers of the world!). Sounds pretty perfect, right? Now, you just have to learn how to get the most out of this site.

How to Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a virtual pinboard. I like to compare to a binder that you would use to store all the awesome ideas you found in magazines. Instead of keeping a binder full of magazine pages it is all virtual. Less clutter = I love it!

Free Ebook: How to Use Pinterest for Business

once you get started, you’ll want to create a few pinboards before you start trying to build your pinterest following. Just like any social network, building reach via a follower base is key to longterm sustainability for that network as a traffic and lead source.


How to use Pinterest’s pinboard for the Web

Just like on other social networks, you build a list of people to follow on Pinterest. This will impact what appears on your homepage.

Users can follow all of a user’s boards or just a single board. Linking Pinterest to Facebook lets a user see quickly which of his or her Facebook friends are on the social network.

How To Use Pinterest

Ever wish you could gather up all of the amazing images you find online without worrying about disorganized bookmarks, buried blog posts or wasted paper and ink? Well, say hello to Pinterest.

The Marketing Case for Pinterest and How to Use it Successfully

Pinterest – the virtual bulletin board that allows users to store and share images and links they find interesting or inspiring – grew to over 10 million active users faster than any standalone website. It immediately secured its place as the social media darling of 2012, and for good reason. But as a business owner or marketing manager you may be wondering, “Is Pinterest right for me?”.

Pinterest Secret Boards: 10 Reasons To Use This New App Feature

Pinterest announced that they added a new feature which allows users to curate secret boards that aren’t visible to the public. Evrhet Milam, software engineer at Pinterest, disclosed on the website’s blog that this option has been one of the most requested features, because, let’s face it, there are just some things you’d prefer to keep to yourself…at least for now.

Why and How All Bloggers Should Be Using Pinterest (Pinterest Invites)

According to the company itself, “Pinterest is a place to catalog the things you love.” The essence of Pinterest is this: You’re doing your thing, minding your own business as you stroll down the web, and then BAM. You come across some kind of really cool graphic (photo, illustration, etc.).  You think, “Man, I want to save this!” So you press a button in your browser (more on that in the video below), save (or “pin”) the image to your Pinterest account, and then all of your followers on Pinterest see that cool image that you pinned. (All pinned images include links back to their original sources on the web.)

6 Non-Stupid Uses of Pinterest’s New Secret Boards Feature [INFOGRAPHIC]

This original infographic shows 6 non-stupid uses for secret boards.

Add a Pinterest Button to Your WordPress Posts

Now there’s a plugin called Pin It On Pinterest that makes it easy for WordPress sites to add a “Pin It” button to the end of posts. As I am a huge fan of Pinterst, this plugin immediately caught my attention.

Complete Guide on How To Use Pinterest as a Traffic Machine Part 1

Chose a name that’s easy to find and reflective of your business. Add keywords to your biography that relate to who you are and what you’re about. Don’t forget the importance of reciprocating traffic from one platform to another by linking your Pinterest page to your social media accounts and vice versa. Just as you added “Like” and “Follow” buttons for Twitter and Facebook on your blog, you can add “Pin This” and “Follow Me On Pinterest” buttons to it as well.

7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know

Pinterest has grabbed the attention of many social media marketers and has gathered millions of fans since its debut two years ago. With amazing tools, you can easily share any photos you found on the Web and socialize with anyone in the world through Pinterest. It makes sharing easier, and you can make friends with many more people who share your interest.

Pinterest Icon Set

Each icon is available in 128×128, 256×256 and 512×512. You can use them for personal and commercial use but use them responsibly, and we mean don’t redistribute them without permission please.

Create A WordPress Plugin To Add A Pin Button To Every Image

The Pinterest buttons can be placed anywhere on the site, most websites have placed these pin buttons at the start or end of an article with the other social network buttons. But Pinterest is not like the other social networks, if you tweet a page you are tweeting the entire article. If you pin a site you are pinning a specific image on the page.

This is what this tutorial will teach you, how to create a WordPress plugin to add Pinterest pin buttons to each of the images that appear inside the WordPress post content.

5 Tips for Creating Pinterest Images That People Love to Share

If you want to make the most of Pinterest, you need to create images.A great image can increase traffic, get you more pins and repins and improve your presence on Pinterest.

Premium WordPress Pinterest-Style Themes

Being the hottest Social Networking Website, Pinterest has virtual pinboard wherever user can upload and manage creative work for their collection under different categories. On the other hand WordPress is the most popular used platform for blogging as well as for Websites. So for WordPress users its possible to ride the Pinterest-Style by activating the WordPress themes based on Pinterest design and features. In the following list, you can find the most latest and creative Pinterest-inspired WordPress themes for your blogs or website.

Pinboard – Responsive Pinterest-style Theme by Themify

You’ve got to love this new theme we have to offer – Pinboard. It features an auto stacking layout with infinite scroll as seen on the Pinterest desktop site. If you are unfamilar with the term “infinite scroll”, it means that new posts are loaded automatically when you hit to the bottom of the page.

[button link=”″ variation=”purple”]Live Preview[/button] | [button link=”″ variation=”purple”]Detail[/button]

Pinterest Plus – WordPress Photo Sharing Theme

The Pinterest WordPress theme renders the exact design of Pinterest template. The theme delivers multi column layout, extending the facility to add any number of images to the pinboard. The Pinterest plus theme uses the same Jquery dynamic grid layout as

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Gridlocked: Minimalistic WordPress Portfolio Theme

Gridlocked is a grid-based, post-format supporting, layout-shuffling, minimalistic theme for creatives. It is both a classic portfolio for showcasing your work and a modern tumblr-style blogging system.

A truly versatile theme, Gridlocked can be configured to focus on your work, your blogging, or both. Support for post formats means you can jazz up your blog with your own self-hosted video, audio, images, galleries, asides, links, quotes and of course good old standard posts.

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Photolux – Photography Portfolio WordPress Theme

Photolux is a powerful and elegant Portfolio and Photography WordPress Theme which is best suited for photographers and creatives who use portfolios to showcase their work. Photolux theme is powered by advanced Pexeto Panel, which provides tons of options to manage and modify any aspect of the theme – it is well suited for both beginners with no coding knowledge and developers. The theme comes with three base skin choices: Dark, Light and Transparent, as well as numerous of backend options for eazy customization and bulding your skin.

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Brick + Mason: Premium Photography and Blog Theme

Brick + Mason is ideal for photographers and/or design studios. It utilizes infinite scrolling so users don’t have to leave the page to experience all your talent. This theme also uses the jQuery masonry plugin so the content will fit any browser size.

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Grido – Pinterest-Style WordPress Theme

Grido is a new Tumblr-like theme to join the responsive theme family (TisaSucoEleminFunkiMinblrWumblr, and iTheme2). It is colorful, trendy, and stylish. The theme comes with 9 gradient backgrounds for you to style the post individually. You can choose a color scheme to reflect the mood of the post or select a different color for each post to make your blog look like a wall of sticky notes. The posts are automatically stacked on top of each other and automatically loaded when you hit to the bottom of the page.

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Megalithe business & portfolio WordPress Them

Megalithe is the perfect solution for your business & portfolio website. Megalithe is a Genesis Child Theme developed with a beautiful grid portfolio and gallery available in 2,3 and 4 columns.

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The Style WordPress Theme

Now you can share your content with style. Featuring a crisp, modern design, TheStyle will give your blog that unique visual impact you have been looking for. With its unique jQuery-enhanced fluid width design, your posts always get displayed in a way that is best suited for your visitor’s resolution.

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Origin WordPress Theme

Origin is a stunning grid-based theme that tells a story through imagery. The theme creates a truly engaging experience by saturating the screen with your beautiful photos. The theme is also responsive, meaning it will look and work great on mobile devices as well. If you are an artist looking to showcase your latest work, or if you are a blogger looking to give your visitors a fun new way to browse your latest posts, then Origin is great choice for you!

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Notebook WordPress Theme

Notebook is a fun multimedia theme that takes advantage of WordPress post formats and advanced CSS3 animations. The result is a unique and highly engaging design that is sure that impress your visitors. Notebook makes it easy to share a variety of content, including audio, video, photographs and standard blog posts.

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eco Strip – Pinterest-Style WordPress Theme

A funky new theme to showcase your posts in a slick, dynamic wall that arranges itself beautifully based on the user’s screen size. Also bundled is the ‘Dynamic filter’ plugin that lets your users filter your posts dynamically with one click. Get on with the Pinterest craze with ecoStrips!

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Zoho – WordPress Grid Portfolio

Zoho is an artist’s gallery packed full of options, inspired by a simple, subtle Golden Grid foundation. It’s a great way to present your work, or show off your blog or gallery. With isotope filtering, Zoho allows your work to be neatly organized and filtered. Along with the cool filter feature, Zoho has unlimited color schemes, 16 pattern options, 11 page templates, single page templates, and just for fun, it offers the premium iShare plugin for easy social networking.

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SideWinder for WordPress – Dynamic Grid Portfolio

SideWinder for WordPress is a unique portfolio theme, driven by the dynamic vGrid Plugin. It comes with all of the features that you would expect in a premium WordPress theme, and a little bit of extra magic to make it worth your hard earned cash.

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Reflex – Dynamic Grid Portfolio + Blog Theme

No gimmicks, no “a million themes in one” silliness… just great design, great coding, and a smooth user experience from both sides (yours and the viewers!). Reflex is a dynamic portfolio theme, developed from the ground up to be the easiest, most customizable grid portfolio theme possible.

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Gridler – WordPress Portfolio Theme

Gridler is a grid-based portfolio theme with a tumblr style blog supporting a range of post formats. This theme is built upon a rock solid HTML5 WordPress framework. It’s optimized for awesome SEO , quick loading and full of useful theme options.

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Artiste: Professional Portfolio WordPress Theme

Artiste is an “all-about-the-work” WordPress portfolio theme for the professional creative. It’s clean yet functional, and concentrates on showcasing your work to potential clients and employers with little distraction. Go get hired more.

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Dettagli Portfolio

Show your work in a beautiful way with this section, Detaggli Portfolio can be use for show a photographer’s work, a designer’s work or just to show personal images using great transitions and effects driven by CSS3 and jQuery, also, all happens in just one site thanks to ajax.

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FacePress – Community Content Sharing

Thank you for choosing CosmoThemes and purchasing one of our Premium WordPress Themes – your choice is greatly appreciated!
FacePress represents a community-builder theme with multiple skins and layouts suitable for different needs:

  • Community builder,
  • Portfolios,
  • Image gallery,
  • Content-sharing with front-end uploading,
  • Classic blog
  • Combination of all content types.

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Helious Grid Style Portfolio Creative Template

Helious is the WordPress theme for Portfolio, Creative and Photography built with latest WordPress features. Custom Post Type, Skin & Colors, Extensive admin panel etc.

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HyperGrid: Responsive Gallery Showcase WP Theme

HyperGrid is a feature-rich, responsive WordPress theme which easily transforms your basic blog into a fully functional gallery showcase website. It comes with a built-in submission form to accept user-submission entries into your collection. Use HyperGrid and start your very own gallery site!

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Bookcase – WordPress Portfolio Theme

Bookcase is a uniquely interactive portfolio theme perfect for freelancers, web designers, photographers and videographers alike. Its user interactive interface delightfully enhances your most loved portfolio pieces.

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Sliding WooCommrce Theme

Sliding is a clean and simple theme for WooCommerce, designed by Chris Rowe and featuring a homepage which elegantly showcases a large catalog of products. There’s a featured product carousel as well as two other content sliders showcasing recent and best selling products.

[button link=”” variation=”purple”]Live Preview[/button][button link=”” variation=”purple”]Detail[/button]

FolioGrid Pro – Responsive WordPress portfolio theme

Designed to be a fluid WordPress Portfolio Theme, FolioGrid has shown an impressive flexibility to be used for much more. Video embedding, fluid layouts and multiple colour schemes make FolioGrid Pro great.

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Gridnik – Elite Portfolio WordPress Theme

Gridnik is a WordPress Theme for those who dare to be unique! With it’s flexible layout it can be resized to large sized monitors or even to small and narrow screens e.g. Mobile Phones. It also comes in 9 slick colors enhanced with 15 font’s options served by Google!

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Grido – Responsive WordPress Theme

Grido is a powerful responsive business/corporate/portfolio & blog premium WordPress theme. Grido has been coded in HTML5 & CSS3 and jQuery. Grido will fit your large desktop screen, all the way down to your iPhone – and of course any Tablet or iPad.

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Free WordPress Pinterest-Style Themes





Aperio Prototype

Shaken & Stirred

Pronto Free Masonry Gallery


gRID! Theme

Portfolio Press

Imbalance 2

Free Modern Theme


Photum: Free Responsive Theme


Grid Portfolio





PinBlue Theme

Shaken Grid (Lite)

Pinboard WordPress Theme

Simple Photo Responsive Theme

Photographer Theme

WP Theme: iPin – Pinterest Clone

Sampression Lite


Premium Pinterest WordPress Plugins

Pinterest Automatic Pin WordPress Plugin

Pinterest Drives More Traffic Than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn Combined and this is why I did this plugin that will pin images in your post automatically to just install and forget your pinterest account as pinterest automatic will do pinning work for you .

[button link=”” variation=”purple”]Detail[/button]

Pinterest Auto Pin For WordPress

Did you know that Pinterest drives more referral traffic than Google Plus, Linkedin, and Youtube COMBINED ? Shareaholic. Pinterest Auto Pin for WordPress allows you to quickly and easily add hover – over pin it buttons to your images on the fly making them instantly pinable to any board on Pinterest!

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Free Pinterest WordPress Plugins

Pinterest “Pin It” Button

Easily add a Pinterest “Pin It” Button to your site and encourage your visitors pin your awesome content!

7 Useful Pinterest Tools You Should Know

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Pin It On Pinterest

Pin It On Pinterest places a “Pin It” button at the end of your posts, and allows you to predetermine what gets “Pinned” at Pinterest. Spawned by the idea of Jamie Swanson ofThe Modern Tog and developed by William Bay of Flaunt Your Site.

Visit Pin It On Pinterest website

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Pinterest For Galleries

Pinterest for Galleries adds a pin-it button under each thumbnail of WordPress galleries (the ones added to posts with the native WordPress gallery feature). It does not work with NextGen Gallery and may not work with customized galleries (it depends on themes and/or other plugins).

Visit Pinterest for Galleries website

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Pinterest Block

Block selected posts and pages from getting pinned on Pinterest.

Pinterest Block Features:

  • Blocks pages by inserting the official meta tag from Pinterest as described here
  • Block specified page types: blog home page, front page, posts, pages, archives
  • Block selected posts and pages

[button link=”” variation=”purple”]Detail[/button]

Pinterest Badge

Pinterest badge is a fully customisable pinterest badge plugin for wordpress. It adds a widget to your blog that will display a list of your latest pinned images from your pinterest profile or page. It also displays the number of people who have followed you in pinterest along with the follow button.

[button link=”” variation=”purple”]Detail[/button]

Pinterest Image Pinner From Collective Bias

This plugin is a jQuery-based plugin that will display the Pin-it button at the bottom right corner of every image available on your site.

[button link=”” variation=”purple”]Detail[/button]

Pinterest “Follow” Button

Add a Pinterest “Follow” button to your sidebar with this widget. Also includes a shortcode.

“Follow” Button Features:

  • Simply drag the widget to your sidebar, enter your Pinterest username, and voila!
  • Select from the 8 official Follow button images or specify your own
  • Use a shortcode to display the Follow button anywhere else
[button link=”” variation=”purple”]Detail[/button]

Pinterest Image Pin

This Pinterest plugin will enable your sites visitors to pin individual images on Pinterest, the pin button will appear just underneath every image in the main content.

[button link=”” variation=”purple”]Detail[/button]

Easy Pinterest

This is an early version of the Easy Pinterest widget for WordPress, please let me know at if you have suggestion how to make it better.

The plugin adds a 300px wide Widget to your website which fetches your Pinterest RSS feed and displays the images on your website. Currently, you can select the number of images to display, the account to fetch and the title of the Widget.

[button link=”” variation=”purple”]Detail[/button]

Pinterest RSS Widget

This plugin allows you to place a widget on your sidebar that fetches the most recent contents of a Pinterest user’s RSS feed and displays the corresponding thumbnail images. You can choose whether to show the description below the image, and you can set the height and width of the thumbnails to fit your theme. You also have the option of showing 4 different sizes of the official “Follow Me On Pinterest” button below the list of your pins.

[button link=”” variation=”purple”]Detail[/button]

Pinterest Pinboard Widget

This plugin adds a Pinterest widget much like the pinboards on Pinterest. It uses the original thumbnails from Pinterest itself. The plugin aims to have the same look and feel as the pinboords on Pinterest. To improve your site’s performance, the pins are cached every 15 minutes.

[button link=”” variation=”purple”]Detail[/button]

Pretty Pinterest Pins

This plugin allows you to display thumbnails and links to yours (or anyones!) latest Pins from Pinterest in your sidebar. It is styled after Pinterest and offers a clean and modern look to show off your pins.

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You can  reach your audiences or grab more traffic for your blog of website that would be beneficial for Internet marketing. If you like this post, then follow follow wparena on Pinterest for mor interesting and latest tips and tricks about blogging.


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