Best Google and Google Chrome Wallpapers – How to create Wallpapers

No matter what niche you are using for your blog, but sometime its good to compile or write what you like which make your blog evergreen. There is a strange kind of attraction and liking which every designer design to create Wallpapers. When I started my blog and compiled a list of Official and Unofficial Windows 7 Wallpapers , along with other following wallpapers:

I am getting lot of traffic from Windows 7 Wallpapers keywords, so I decided to make  amazing and inspiring collection of google and google chrome wallpapers which showing the creativity of the artistic graphic designers around the world. Hope you must appreciate this compilation. At the end you can find photoshop tutorials for creating wallpaper and posters.

Google Chrome Wallpapers

Google Chrome Photo Mosaic


Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Google chrome

Google Chrome Wallpaper

Red Google Chrome

Chrome Vector Wallpaper

Google Chrome HQ Wallpapers

Google Chrome Wallpaper

Apple chrome

Mozilla Chrome Wallpaper

Google Chrome Anime Style Wallpaper

Blue Chrome Wallpaper

Mind Blowing Google Wallpapers

Google Digital Black


Google It

Classic GOOGLE


Google – What you’re looking for?

Google Apps

Google Earth

Google Logo




Google 02

Tutorials for creating wallpaper and posters

Here are some splendid techniques where you can create your own wallpaper by learning some distinctive photoshop tricks.

Window Vista Wallpaper

Beautiful Rainbow Island Wallpaper

Design a Surreal Desert Scene in Photoshop

Photo Manipulate a Beautiful Sunrise Landscape

Awesome digital bokeh effect in Photoshop

Create a Sleek Illustration that Fades from Line Art to Color

How to create a Retro-style poster in Photoshop

Create an Abstract Underwater Scene

Typography Wallpaper in Photoshop

Fashion Shot

Team Fortress 2 Wallpaper

How to create abstract colorful rainbow background

Draw Theatrical Scene Wallpaper using Cute Animal Icons

Design an Extreme Grunge Wallpaper

Creating the Spoiled Princess Fashion Poster

How to create Pop Art Style Poster in Photoshop

An iPhone advertising poster

Animated Rainbow Wallpaper

Ford Mustang Wallpaper

Love Wallpaper for the desktop

Design a Halloween Pumpkin Wallpaper in Photoshop

The Creativity Wallpaper

Summer Camp Wallpaper

Missing Piece – making of

Creating a Mac-Type Background in Photoshop

Creating a Typographic Wallpaper

Create Smoke Effect on Grungy Wallpaper

Green Apple Style Design

Abstract Windows 7 wallpaper

Design a Sleek Diamond Poster Advert

Luminescent Lines

Patek Philippe Watch

Autumn Wallpaper – Photo Effects

Creating an Abstract Watercolor Wallpaper

Create Awesome Music Wallpaper

Turning a Picture Vintage

A Retro Poster

Create a Fantastic Abstract Fan Poster

How to make celebrity wallpaper

Design a Stunning Sneaker Advert

Create a Floating Island Scene Similar to James Cameron’s Avatar

Create an Intensely Grungy Wallpaper

Design a grunge car wallpaper

Create a Spectacular Grass Text Effect in Photoshop

Create a Poster Celebrating the Passing of Spring

Brokn Dream wallpaper

Using some free stuff to create a wallpaper

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