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WordPress 101 – Best Places to Learn WordPress

Welcome back to the series of WordPress 101! Along with the previous five articles, I have led you through the general knowledge about WordPress. Here are links for quick summary and reference:

In order to end this series, I would like to introduce you some places to learn WordPress from basic to advance for your future work. All of them are free and the list is:

WordPress Codex

wordpress-codex Learn WordPress

Of course, the first place is the official documentation of WordPress. If you are a new WordPress developer, here would be the good place for you to visit habitually. WordPress Codex contains information about every function of all versions of WordPress. You can also look for using way of any function if if you don’t know.

WordPress TV

WordPress TV - Learn WordPress

WordPress TV is another official source of WP news. From which you can update the latest change of WordPress and its community, the WP development trend and problems in solve. This is also a place to show the WorldCamp presentation all over the world so that you can learn lessons from other WordPress developers. You are highly recommended to watch this not to step behind the social movement.

WP Beginner

wp-beginner Learn WordPress

Name of this site indicates everything. Wpbeginner.com has almost everything to start with WordPress. It brings along with a lot of high quality tips, tricks, hacks for WP newbies to follow and improve WordPress sites. Now, let subscribe to this website to receive news.

Tuts+ – Learn WordPress

Tuts+ Learn WordPress

Tuts+  provides tutorials and courses not just in WordPress but in many other fields. Besides premium courses which require a premium membership to access, there are also a lot of free article tutorials for beginners and web developers to learn. I would suggest you visit and read articles on Tuts+ frequently to earn yourself more techniques.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Logo - Learn WordPress

Smashing Magazine is another recommendation to read good quality articles for Web designers and developers. WordPress is a certain part when talking about Web. In Smashing Magazine, WordPress extended category comes with intermediate level articles for readers with an emphasis on practical, hands-on discussions related to WordPress. Therefore, if you are looking for articles to improve the WordPress coding level, you can subscribe this site to get latest posts from them.

Mark Jaquith Blog 

Mark on WordPress

The best way of learning anything is learn from experts. In this sense, I would like to introduce the Mark blog. As he said and like many other developers “WordPress puts food on my table” – it is really true. There are many useful tutorials for beginners and developers of WordPress to read and follow.

WordPress StackExchange and StackOverflow

Stackoverflow Learn WordPress

Generally, the strong community is a key factor to make WordPress be the most powerful CMS on the internet currently. It means you can receive help and support for any problem occured. WordPress StackExchange and StackOverflow are also very good places for you to learn WordPress. Almost common error or trouble related to WP are answered. If Google can’t bring you to StackOverflow, you can go there yourself and search for your questions. Or even if the problem is new, then ask new question. You will learn something.

WordPress Arena

And the last but not least, WordPress Arena also provides tutorials for specific topic on using WordPress, WP development, plugin & theme collection, review about WordPress items. Hopefully, those articles would be helpful for you.

There are a lot of sources for WordPress newbies & developers to learn or find solution to WordPress development tasks. The above addresses are trusted sources for you to improve your knowledge and technique. This post on Best places to learn WordPress is the last one in my series. If you have any question about WordPress 101 in general and about any post of this series in particular, just let me know. If I am always willing to help you.


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