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I am a Wordpress, Website Developer and Designer, creator @ WP Arena, Provide Free WordPress consultation and can help to install WordPress in a secure way to small businesses and bloggers.

Direct Impact Media

Direct Impact Media Theme Name: Di Media LAYOUT: These rather presentational classes are generated by WordPress, so it’s useful to have some styles for them. Edit as you see fit. More info: Font stack options: The following represents a...

Coca-Cola Newsroom

Coca-Cola Newsroom Theme Name: Theme Theme URI: Description: Custom newsroom theme for Coke News Version: 1.0 Author: sixty4media Author URI:

sector7g 2010

Theme Name: sector7g 2010 Theme URI: Description: sector7g website and blog theme Version: 0.1 Author: sector7g Author URI:

Prototye Syndicate™

Prototye Syndicate™ Theme Name: Prototype Syndicate 2.0 Theme URI: Description: 2010 Design Author: Prototype Syndicate Author URI: