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Mojo Themes Anniversary Bundle Announced $442 All For $25

Mojo Themes are running a special bundle for their first anniversary, which include some of their most popular items within their marketplace. These are 14 primer items having worth of $442, but you can get them all for $25. The bundle is limited time only. It will run for only 7 days (April 18th – April 24th, 2011). Although, I am late to inform you about this excellent offer but still there is time to avail this chance.

The bundle include 10 cool WordPress themes, 2 WordPress plugins (Mobile plugin and an auctions plugin), and 2 tumblr themes for those who uses tumblr. Check out in details about the Mojo Anniversary Bundle:

WordPress Themes

Signal 8 Magazine – WordPress Theme

One of the longest top sellers on MOJO Themes, the Signal 8 WordPress theme delivers a sleek & fun feel but is still packed with tons of features. It offers a premium magazine/news formatted homepage. Featured articles or posts display on the homepage slider.

Live Preview

Lambert – WordPress Theme

Lambert is a high customizable theme for WordPress with a unique and creative design to make you stand out. With this theme you can play with the latest cms features likes the menus, thumbnails and the background manager.

Live Preview

Pride & Joy WordPress Theme

Pride & Joy is a beautiful, minimalist, clean looking WordPress theme, with easy to customize color scheme, typography, graphic header and background. This theme comes with 6 color schemes, more than 10 Cufon fonts, 9 widget area, 50+ theme options, WP3 new features ( Custom Menu, Header, Background), localisation support, Shortcodes, and many more.

Live Preview

Cleaner Business WordPress Theme

This theme is currently a MOJO best selling item from MOJO’s current top seller. The Cleaner premium WordPress theme has been designed for those looking to create a very clean and minimalistic website to show off their business or personal portfolio.

Live Preview

FolioStudio – WordPress Magazine Theme

FolioStudio is the perfect blend of WordPress goodness. Experience everything with FolioStudio, from a sophisticated portfolio, detailed magazine, or professional business layout all wrapped up with a fresh design.

Live Preview

Stereotype One Page – WordPress Theme

Stereotype WordPress theme is a clean and simple one page portfolio theme. The extensive and beautifully styled options page lets you control every aspect of the theme and is very well documented with how-to videos for each section.

Live Preview

Granity – Corporate WordPress Theme

Granity is a clean and simple corporate wordpress theme, it include an extensive list of features and styles, you would expect in a premium theme. Pack with 20+ shortcodes, 4 sliders, 6 custom widgets and much more!

Live Preview

Universalistic WordPress Themes


Universalistic is a highly-customizable premium WordPress template that can be used for company presentation, personal blog or portfolio. It provides simple administration panel, making Universalistic configuration as easy as possible.

Live Preview

Wordshaft WordPress Theme

Wordshaft is a great WordPress theme for community or personal blogger with clean design and neat code. The rich theme admin panel and widgets enable you to control your content, manage your advertisement, show your latest tweet, video, photos and much more.

Live Preview

Advanced Portfolio – WordPress Theme

Advanced Portfolio is the best WordPress to showcase for your work. This theme is widget ready, nivo slider, 3 skins and more!

Live Preview

WordPress Plugins

WP Mobile Detector – WordPress Plugin

The WP Mobile Detector allows you to display a mobile theme on WordPress sites to mobile devices in minutes. Simply install the WordPress plugin and activate it. WP Mobile Detector is a WordPress plugin that detects mobile devices and displays a mobile optimized theme specifically for each mobile device.

Live Preview

WP Auctions – Premium Plugin For Auctions

WP Auctions is a plugin that lets anyone with a WordPress powered blog or site host their own auctions. You can use it to sell anyting you like to your readers in an auction format.

Live Preview


Altered Perspective – Tumblr Theme

Designed especially for photographers and the creative type, the Altered Perspective Tumblr theme features a custom javascript photography headerand a unique left to right scrolling/post feature. Nothing says creativity like being different. That’s what this theme is – different.

Live Preview

Veen – Creative Tumblr Theme

The Veen Tumblr theme is perfect for creative writer’s, thinker’s and doer’s. This theme has a quiet boldness, which instantly gives uniqueness to your website, so you can standout.

Live Preview

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Create a Mobile Friendly Site With WordPress Mobile Framework

WordPress Theme for photographers with BUILT-IN ECOMMERCE galleries!

Photocrati Theme is the professional WordPress themes for photographers. Creating your photo gallery website has never been so easy with these themes.  I’m a big fan of Photocrati’s themes because they designed for photographers.  They are easy to use and allows you to get your site set up in a couple hours, depending on how many photos you have.
Now they have launch their first WordPress theme with BUILT-IN ECOMMERCE galleries!

WordPress Theme for photographers


  • Built-in gallery management!
  • Built-in ecommerce galleries! Add ecommerce galleries with print sizes and prices. Comes with shopping cart functionality, integrated with Paypal. Accept Paypal or credit cards for purchases. You’ll be notified of purchases and sent an order summary. You’ll fulfill orders yourself at your preferred print lab.
  • iPhone / iPad compatibility.
  • Copyright protection for Photocrati Galleries – no right clicking, dragging images to desktop, or viewing source URLs.
  • Albums. Now add album pages – with thumbnails linking to each of your galleries.
  • Border controls. Customize borders on images and thumbnails in galleries.
  • Music. Add music to your home page, gallery pages, and blog page.
  • IPTC Data. Automatically imports IPTC headlines and captions.
  • Dozens of other updates!

Detail and Demos

Photoblogging with WordPress
Creative Digital Photography Inspiration
Photography Websites Powered by WordPress
Video Installing Photocrati Theme and Setting up a gallery

English and Writing Tips for Creative Blogging

I have read from Apress eBook “Creative Blogging: Your First Steps to a Successful Blog”  about English Writing tips to share with you  regarding writing blog posts. Note that the rules that apply to writing blog posts are different and much less strict than those that apply to writing academic or formal papers, resumes, or business correspondence. In general, your tone is informal, relaxed, and conversational, and you speak to your blog readers as to a friend. This is not intended to be an English 101 class, but to review a few practices to help you write better posts:

1. Use a conversational tone. As previously stated, your writing should be relaxed and informal. You don’t have to worry about an editor reviewing your work or that your sentences are structured perfectly. This book is written in a conversational tone as I speak to you about blogging in a friendly manner (not as your professor or English teacher).

2.  Keep track of your tenses (past/present/future). If you’re writing about the past, keep it in the past, and the same goes for the present and future. Nothing makes writing more difficult to follow than a jumble of tenses.

3.  Me or I. If you are writing or speaking about yourself, use “I” as in “Billy, Mary, and I are going to the mall.” Use “me” when you’re receiving an action, such as “Charlie gave me the game ball.” or “My mother is angry with me for staying out late.”

4.  Numbers. You can use either digits or words to write a number (10 or ten, for example) in the body of a sentence, so which you use is up to you. However, the first word or letter of a sentence should be capitalized so you shouldn’t use a
number there unless you write it out (Ten).

5.  Using commas. Unfortunately, some writers use commas to combine too many thoughts into one sentence. It’s better to use shorter, simpler sentences than to create run-on sentences.

6.  Its and it’s. In general, “it’s” is a substitute for “it is,” as in “It’s cold outside.” “Its,” on the other hand, is a form of ownership—“An elephant uses its trunk to pick up food.”

7. Apostrophes. In following the rules of ownership, in most cases you would use an apostrophe “s” such as “Heather’s jacket is red with black trim.” However, if the noun is plural, use just an apostrophe, as in “The princesses’ crowns sparkled with diamonds.”

8.  Quotations and ending punctuation. In general, keep the period, question mark, exclamation point or other punctuation inside the quotation marks. While blogging, chances are you won’t use many direct quotes that require quotation marks, but if you are specifically quoting someone else’s work, you should certainly credit them in some way (remember the saying “give credit where credit is due”).

9. Proofreading. In addition to using a spelling and grammar checker, be sure to proof read your work. If you inadvertently use the wrong word, but it’s a real word, chances are good that neither the spell checker nor the grammar checker will pick it up. So don’t forget to reread your work before posting. It’s even better to have someone else read your work!

Book Details

Creative Blogging: Your First Steps to a Successful Blog book cover 

  • By Heather Wright-Porto
  • ISBN13: 9781430234289
  • ISBN10: 1430234288
  • 336 pp.
  • Pub Date: 2011-03-15
  • eBook Price: $24.49

Purchase eBook

Best Theme For your Blog:

I’d like to share a few different types of Template Designs  that ThemeForest Designers  have worked on, each displaying something unique. Just a little imagery to spark your imagination!

Blogger Templates:

Premium blogger template with elegant layout and has a lot of features. This template build in two column (One column content and one column sidebar).

This template offering dynamic layout, with homepage that show you images thumbnail and single pages that focused on your content. This template work best for static pages/ Blogger pages too.

Live Preview | Detail

Infograbbit is a resume/infographic style HTML5 theme for Blogger. Offering an alternative approach to the boring text-based resume, this theme is intended for those wanting a simple yet stylish online presence or single-page site. Six colour variations are included in this theme package, along with detailed instructions for installation and a custom-made gadget for Google Maps integration.

Live Preview | Detail

Elegumus is a business style theme package for Blogger powered blogs which includes two different color schemes for the template: neutral and dark.

Live Preview | Detail

Golden Grace is a clean and professional Blogger template designed for blogger who needs a clean and professional environment to present content.

Live Preview | Detail

  • Powerful theme for blogger very easy to customize
  • 3 column layout
  • Left Aligned Layout
  • Horizontal CSS Main Menu
  • 4 Different Advertisement Locations
  • Easy to change and customize using simple CSS
  • Many options in the administration panel to set the theme
  • For news, magazines, personal, or anything else

Live Preview | Detail

Tumblr Themes

1. Pixelated theme (tumblr)

by oscarbarber

Pixelated theme is a premium tumblr theme designed by Oscar Barber to display the best way all you want to share on Tumblr. This theme focus on details and supports every single post type Tumblr allows: text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio, video and finally Ask Me (a very new feature wich allows users to ask you questions you can reply to). Each post type is displayed with it own unique formatting style. All you need to do is select the type you want to publish and Pixelated theme will do the rest.

Live Preview | Detail

Stratocaster is a simple and clean theme but very flexible and with a little bit of jQuery awesomeness.

Live Preview | Detail

3. Tumbl News – Tumblr Theme Template

by luckykind

Live Preview | Detail

The Desire Tumblr Theme uses all the latest features from Tumblr. It is perfect for any type of blog be it for a professional business, creative portfolio or a personal blog. The Desire Tumblr Theme features a wide array of jQuery interactive effects to make yours and your viewers experience that little bit nicer.

Live Preview | Detail

Clean and minimalistic portfolio theme with jQuery slider for designers, photographers and illustrators.

Live Preview | Detail

TGB is a clean and functional Tumblr portfolio you will love this theme.

Live Preview | Detail

Vintage sky theme supports all the Tumblr features and has two content rich sidebar, featuring your likes, latest tweets, description, search box, pages, avatar box and people your following.

Live Preview | Detail

8. Forma – Premium Tumblr Theme

by cmt

Forma offers a new concept and style to all Tumblr users. It gets rid of the regular post icons, of the typical blog design and focuses on real content, present in a refined design.
The user experience is the most notable feature of Forma. At the same time, it takes care of the author comfort with its awesome theme options.
Last but not least, Forma comes with extensive documentation and screencasts, so you don’t feel lost when you buy it.

Live Preview | Detail

WordPress Blog Themes

1.  TechBlog – Professional Tech Blog Theme

2. Bluelight WordPress | 2.0 Portfolio and Blog

3. Deadline – Premium WordPress News / Magazine Theme

4. Communitie – WordPress Blog

5. Dilapidated – Blog & CMS Grunge WordPress Theme

6. Duplex – Magazine / Community / Blog Theme

7. YEN – Magazine, News and Blog WordPress Template

8. My Journey WP – Personal Blog

9. Link – Clean Magazine Blog Newspaper Template

10. Newscast 4 in 1 – WordPress Magazine and Blog

Other Resources for Blogging Tips:

Creative Writing 101

Top 10 Tips for Creative Blog Writing

50 Creative Ways to Make Your Blog Popular

Six Tips for More Creative Blogging

A Creative Writing Blog

Blog Writing Guidelines For Beginners

Ten Practical Tips for Writing in English
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WordPress Theme and Page Template Builders

If you are using WordPress as a blogging platform or as a CMS, you have limitation with WordPress – it only allows you to have one active Theme. Because of this, your pages all look basically the same. With help of WordPress plugin you can create unlimited different and unique looking pages within your theme.

Squeese Theme and Flexxsqueeze allows you to create special looking pages on the fly. With these themes  you can  create dedicated pages with ease. The problem is you have to buy the Theme to use the features.

1. Impact – The Ultimate Page Template Builder

Impact was created in order to give users the ability to make certain pages and posts on their WordPress sites have a completely unique layout and design,  You can use any theme, free or paid, and it will still let you create beautiful looking pages that are totally different.

When they have created this theme, they have Two simple goals:

  • It should work on any WordPress site, no matter which Theme is active
  • It should be flexible enough to allow for any design imaginable

If you don’t know how to create page or template, you will be able to create one all by yourself.  This video show you how easy it is and what else you can do with this Ultimate WordPress Page Template Builder.


2. Template Builder: Online Theme Builder

Template Builder lets you effortlessly customize and personalize WordPress themes and Joomla! templates.

Template Bilder is a Powerful, easy to use WordPress Theme and Joomla Template builder that allows you to create an unlimited number of totally unique page templates. With this incredibly intuitive Template Builder you’ll be able to make every one of your WordPress pages as unique as you want them to be.

With this advanced editor creating websites will be easier then ever before! Start now

3. Squeeze Theme: Creation Tools for WordPress

Now, Build a Powerful Squeeze Page Using Any WordPress Theme! It’s now easier than ever to build high-converting squeeze pages using WordPress… Use a powerful drag-and-drop interface to create a customizable squeeze page with any WordPress theme.

Download Squeeze Theme

4. FlexSqueeze Creates Custom Sales Pages in WordPress

These are a few  example of the built-in sales pages!

The number one feature of FlexSqueeze is it’s instant sales page feature. FlexSqueeze now has 12 additional sales page designs (17 total) that can be applied to any WordPress page.

FlexSqueeze is not only the best theme for creating sales pages, it also is an excellent theme for creating niche sites for affiliate marketing or AdSense profits.

Download FlexSqueeze Theme

5. iThemes Builder

Builder Theme

iThemes Builder lets you create WordPress sites quickly & easily by creating your own layouts. You can use iTheme Builder exclusively as your framework. You don’t need to be a  web developer or  graphic designers. iThemes Builder makes creating page layouts quick and easy.

6. WordPress Dynamic Landing Page Plug-In

This nifty little addition will allow you to create highly targeted landing pages and super clean urls in your WordPress sites. Landing pages with keyword-rich content have a positive impact on quality score and can also boost conversions. Among other things you can create custom tag names and then write them directly into your WordPress blog for DKI (Dynamic Keyword Insertion).

Download WordPress Dynamic Landing Page Plug-In

7. Free Wp Themer Kit

Wp Themer Kit is perfect for both developers/designers and the average do-it-yourself-er. Easily rearrange a layout or change a setting in a jiffy. With themer you can stop worrying about the monotonous tasks or the technical stuff, and just get down to creating great content for your blog. Themer makes designing your blog the easiest thing about blogging.

Download WP Themer  Kit

Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. Whether you’re a novice or advanced developer, Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.

Live Demo | Download

Artisteer: The Automated Web Designer

Artisteer is the first and only Web design automation software that instantly creates fantastic looking, unique Website templates and Blog themes.

  • Design awesome WordPress Blogs and professional Websites in Minutes
  • Easy to Use
  • No need to learn Photoshop, CSS, HTML or other technologies
  • Export as WordPress Theme or CMS Template

With Artisteer Website owners immediately become Web design experts, editing and slicing graphics, coding XHTML and CSS, and creating Web design templates and WordPress themes – all in minutes, without Photoshop or Dreamweaver, and no technical skills.

#1 WordPress Theme Generator. Instantly create great looking and professional WordPress Themes.

Recommended Web Hosting:

Hostmonster |WPWebHost

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FlipBlog Premium WordPress Theme and Flip Book Plugin

WordPress is the best platform to create a website that attracts search engines and buyers in no time flat! It also makes the process of flipping the web site easy and trouble-free. WordPress has many plug-ins and features that allow you to optimize the site for SEO without really knowing a whole lot. This brings in targeted traffic from the major search engines. What’s really nice is that WordPress is free to use. You don’t have to pay for the software.
Today I’m presenting a FlipBlog Theme, which is like a Rock Star buisness/portfolio theme got together with a hip blog theme and had a baby. Yeah… FlipBlog is the whole package.

FlipBlog Premium WordPress Theme

by ThemeBlvd

If you want to know exactly what you’re buying with when you purchase FlipBlog, and so they have prepared about 30 minutes of video tutorials here for you. FlipBlog is packed with features, These are the best video clips.

\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\

For the entire Vimeo playlist of video tutorials click here.

Total Customization

With FlipBlog, visual customization is key. It’s impportant that you have total control over the look of your site all from the comfort of your WordPress admin panel; this theme gives you that! So, if you’re planning on using FlipBlog for your next website, there are a few questions you’re going to have to answer for yourself…

How are you going to flip it?

Which homepage layout does it for you?

What style are you going with?

What color are you going to pick for the header?

What color are you going to pick for the footer?

And what about an accent color?

Here’s how your basic visual customization is set.

Built-in SEO

FlipBlog comes with SEO built right in. You can take advantage of all it’s features or just disable it if you want to use a third-party SEO plugin. Watch the video: ThemeBlvd SEO Plugin Overview.

Note: This is not stand-alone WordPress plugin. It comes integrated into this theme and is designed to work perfectly with ThemeBlvd themes.

Introducing “Theme Hints”

If the rock-solid documentation included, built-in documentation scattered throughout your WordPress admin panel, and over 30 minutes of video tutorials wasn’t enough, I’m also introducing a new feature to help you get started called Theme Hints. Turn on Theme Hints and then browse through the front-end of your website to see clues on where and how to edit the different parts of your website.

Flip it on…

And browse the front-end…

For more information on Theme Hints and other tips on getting started with FlipBlog checkout this video tutorial: Getting Started

Demo | Download

SharkLight Premium WordPress Theme with Flip Book

by mpc

SharkLight is a premium WordPress Theme enhanced with XML / Flip Book AS3 one of the three top selling items of all times on ActiveDen. It has been build from the scratch on top of new WordPress 3.0 Almost everything you see on the page is easily customizable through the WordPress administration panel – easy installation, no coding skills required. There is also WordPress Flip Book Plugin Available on CodeCanyon.

Demo | Download

Flip Book WordPress Plugin

by mpc

Flip Book WordPress Pluginis based is on XML Flip Book / AS3 one of the three top selling items of all times on ActiveDen . It has been built from scratch. Almost everything you see on the page is easily customizable through the WordPress administration panel – easy installation, no coding skills required.

Live Preview | Download

XML Flip Book / AS3

by mpc

XML Flip Book / AS3 is fully xml driven. We have put allot of work to ensure that all your needs are fulfilled

Live Preview | Download

Free & Professional WordPress Security Service Free & Professional WordPress Security Service

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