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One of the goals of this post is to help you build a portfolio. It’s an essential step for a designer, but it can seem a little daunting. Here are some quick tips to help you get started.

The goal is of a portfolio is to compile your best work into a presentation that will land you a job or client. The pieces you select for your portfolio must make an impact and be easily understood with little or no explanation. If presented on the Web, it’s important to accompany the pieces with a brief description of the client, the project goal, and your design approach.

selecting the right pieces is a continual process of expansion and contraction. You put up the best pieces you have, and you replace them with better pieces when they become available.

Points to determine whether a piece is portfolio-ready:

  • It should be representative of specific design skills. (For example, logo design, digital imaging, illustration, or poster design.)
  • It should be related to the category of work you would hope to get hired for in the future.
  • Will it make a client say “Wow!” and will it stick in his memory?
  • Are you proud to say you did the work and discuss how you created it?

Many professional designers have an online portfolio too. This list is created for your inspiration. Get Inspired and make your own Web Portfolio by using WordPress.

Architecture Nexus


1. Odd Web Things


2. Push The Brand


3. Lawl Media


4. Psylicium


5. Fernando Leite


6. SixSix8 Web Designs


7. Captains of Industry


8. John Adigue


9. Jonas Rafael Rossatto


10. F.Alemadi Design


11. Hugh Peachey


12. Pixel Mobb


13. Ocondesign


14. Magdalena Stavila Paintings


15. JOS Creative




17. Heuts Design


18. Foliotastic WordPress theme for Portfolio


19. Myohanhtun


20. Troy DeShano Creative


21. Arvind Andrion Portfolio


22. Design by Eric Dies


23. Alex Carabi


24. S Design Inc.


25. Seventy7


26. Danilo Fiocco – Flash Designer


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