Why and How Turn off Disqus Comments on Custom Post Types in WordPress

Disable Disqus WordPress Plugin

When you setup a wordpress theme, you have the default WordPress comments system which is quite good and simple, but there are several other comments plugins which you could use for various reasons like using CommentluvSimple Ajax Insert Comments – WordPress Plugin for giving a backlink to the commentor’s website or there is Disqus comments which is a community based comments system and shows relevant stuff from all around the Disqus network.

How to Protect Images and Content on WordPress Powered Website


WordPress is the most stable and widely used Content Management System. People belonging to different professions like Art and Creative, Photography,  eCommerce, Real Estate etc have to show their portfolios on their websites and by uploading their work on the website, there is a great threat of getting their pictures andcontents copied or stolen and they may want to prevent from saving the images & content on their sites.

How to Login into WordPress using Github


This tutorial is for WordPress developers who want to integrate a GitHub login button into their WordPress themes. E-Commerce, Forum etc themes require you to login, providing a GitHub login button make the registration and login process faster for users as they don’t have to fill up long forms.

Free & Professional WordPress Security Service Free & Professional WordPress Security Service

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