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Best WordPress Ecommerce Themes & Shopping Cart plugin

The best WordPress Ecommerce sites are using the WordPress  shopping cart plugin. These are  best storefront Web designs  WordPress Plugins and themes which are glam-free and built with service and simplicity in mind. The purpose of Web site shopping carts is straightforward: to collect a customer’s payment easily, accurately and securely.

To help you on your way to selling your products, I’m going to tell you about the  best e-commerce plugins and Themes for WordPress. See how people are using these Plugins  with WordPress to sell sporting goods, memberships, electronics, digital product, services, Furniture store, Cloth shop, Jewelry shop and more.

1. E-Shopper Plugin Free Premium E-Commerce Theme

by Enova

E-Shopper turns wordpress website into a plugin free fully functional online store. Whether you’re a WordPress Pro or just starting out anyone can use this theme and you don’t have to touch a single line of code.
E-Shopper is the perfect solution if you have to setup an e-commerce store in no time.
You can also choose from over 30 fonts, using Cufon fonts. It also comes with video tutorials that walk you through every aspect of setting up your new website.

Live Preview | Detail and Download

2. The Furniture Store – WordPress eCommerce Shop

Flexible, Plugin Free and Localized (Translation-Ready) eCommerce theme!

Live Preview | Detail and Download

3. The Clothes Shop -WordPress eCommerce

by srhnbr

Flexible, Plugin Free and Localized (Translation-Ready) eCommerce theme!

Live Preview | Detail and Download

4. The Jewelry Shop – WordPress eCommerce

by srhnbr

A Flexible, Plugin Free and Localized (Translation-Ready) eCommerce theme!

Live Preview | Detail and Download

5. EStore – Online Store WordPress Theme

by templatesquare

EStore is a clean, modern, web 2.0 style wordpress theme suitable for online store, shopping cart and business sites.

This theme is fully compatible with WP Ecommerce plugin.

Live Preview | Detail and Download

6. WPC – WordPress Commerce

by dwoolf

Note: WPC – WordPress Commerce requires the WP eCommerce plugin for store functionality.

WPC is a fully featured WordPress shopping cart template!

Utilizing the powerful WP eCommerce template, WPC features support for multiple payment methods, user accounts with billing and shipping details, past order descriptions, and even an area to acquire purchases with downloadable content! WPC also features extensive styling options through a theme options panel in the WordPress dashboard.

Along with the WP eCommerce features, WPC is a fully featured blog, with a working PHP contact form and two widgetized sidebars.

Live Preview | Detail and Download

7. OSComm – Online Store WordPress Theme

by templatesquare

OSComm is a clean, modern, web 2.0 style wordpress theme suitable for online store and shopping cart sites.

This theme is fully compatible with WP Ecommerce plugin.

Live Preview | Detail and Download

8. RGBStore – Online Store WordPress Theme

by templatesquare

RGBStore is a clean, modern, web 2.0 style wordpress theme for ecommerce and shopping cart application. This theme comes with three color variations: red, green and blue.

This theme is fully compatible with WP Ecommerce plugin.

Live Preview | Detail and Download

9. Viroshop – Professional Ecommerce Theme

by MattStrange

Your eCommerce website should be a high converting machine that not only looks great but also builds tremendous credibility.

Viroshop turns your default wordpress installation into a fully functional online store. Viroshop can be run entirely in your wordpress admin, so whether you’re a WordPress Pro or just starting out anyone can use this theme and you don’t have to touch a single line of code.

Live Preview | Detail and Download

10. enVirashop – eCommerce WordPress Theme

by MattStrange

enVirashop is a WordPress eCommerce theme that has an in-built shopping cart feature that requires no plugins.

The theme comes with plenty of options so you can personalize your store to suit your needs. Please check the screenshots to see the design variations and the options available.

Live Preview | Detail and Download

WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

11. PHPurchase – WordPress Ecommerce Plugin

PHPurchase is a premium WordPress shopping cart plugin that will easily convert any WordPress site, regardless of what theme you are using, into a fully functioning, search engine friendly e-commerce website.

PHPurchase is another paid plugin, it seems to be of better quality than the free versions as well as slightly easier to use. It has the same features as the previously mentioned plugins, but accepts a few more payment gateways including PayPal Website Payments Standard, PayPal Website Payments Professional, PayPal Express Checkout, eProcessing Network, Chase Paymentech, Quantum Gateway and

Live Examples: WeGraphics and Hydrapak | Download

12. Ecwid Shopping Cart

Ecwid is a free plugin for WordPress. It is a full shopping cart/e-commerce system that is extremely easy to install and even easier to maintain. It’s also customizable so you can have it looking however you like. See their showcase gallery that features live sites that use this WordPress plugin.


13. eShop

eShop is another full e-commerce system for WordPress. Again, it is free and it is an all-around good e-cart. The admin area of the plugin is extremely simple to use and adding products, reviewing products and checking stats couldn’t be any easier.

Live Examples: Worm Sign T-Shirts and A La ModernDownload

14. WP e-Commerce

This is another free e-commerce solution for WordPress. WP e-commerce is one of the most used out there in this space, and it has a lot more features than eShop. To say that this is merely a “plugin” in the conventional usage of the term is a disservice to this amazing WordPress-based e-commerce solution.

Live Examples:  IconDock and City Surf | WP-Ecommerce Features | Download

Premium Ecommerce Themes

1. WP Store

Best e-commerce theme so far with balanced features! Create your own online store easily in wordpress.

It transforms your WordPress install into a fully functional Ecommerce store complete with backend administration. Use wordpress to easily manage your store that sells Tangible or intangible/digital goods.

Detail and Purchase

2. e-Commerce

It transforms your WordPress install into a fully functional Ecommerce store complete with backend administration. Use wordpress to easily manage your store that sells Tangible or intangible/digital goods.

Detail and Purchase

3. Kidz Store

It transforms your WordPress install into a fully functional Ecommerce store complete with backend administration. Use wordpress to easily manage your store that sells Tangible or intangible/digital goods.

Detail and Purchase

4. eShop

It transforms your WordPress install into a fully functional Ecommerce store complete with backend administration. Use wordpress to easily manage your store that sells Tangible or intangible/digital goods.

Detail and Purchase

5. eProduct

If you are building an application, digital product or have some product to release, this is a must have theme to have. a business CMS theme designated for companies that want to put their products on front and increase their sales effectively.

Detail and Purchase

6. Store Front

Best e-commerce theme so far with balanced features! Create your own online store easily in wordpress.

It transforms your WordPress install into a fully functional Ecommerce store complete with backend administration. Use wordpress to easily manage your store that sells Tangible or intangible/digital goods.

Detail and Purchase

All of the solutions I’ve mentioned are perfect for small- and medium-sized projects, but are probably not ideal for managing a full-scale, e-commerce website selling thousands of products. For that kind of size, you’re probably better off looking into a custom-built solution or a dedicated e-commerce publishing platform like Magneto.

Best Web Hosting Services for WordPress


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New HTML5-Friendly WordPress Themes and Templates

HTML 5 is part of the future of the Web. Its new elements enable clearer, simpler markup that makes pages more obvious. Div and span still have their places, but those places are much more restricted than they used to be. Many pages will no longer need to use them.

For WordPress theme Designers, HTML5 provides some great new features for them who love to create readable code and semantically-meaningful layouts. TwentyTen Theme is a fine theme that already validates as HTML5, and Now WordPress has just introduced Toolbox, a brand new theme that will let its users take advantage of some nifty HTML5 elements with the Custom CSS upgrade, Lean more about HTML5 Elements.

Toolbox is a blank, HTML5, WordPress starter theme. Out of the box, and has following features:

  • The latest in plain, old, semantic HTML5 markup.
  • Ultra-minimal (it looks like there’s no CSS at all), fluid, em-based CSS that won’t get in your way when you’re starting a design.
  • It’s free to use for commercial and public projects.

You can see Toolbox in action on this dummy site. Download it from the WordPress themes directory.
To help  WordPress Theme Designers, I am giving some very useful references to understand the Anatomy of an HTML5 WordPress theme at the end of this compilation.

In today’s post, Iwould like to present elegant and high quality  WorsdPress Themes, in WordPress theme designers  embrace the  HTML 5 technology and I am sure these themes would be best for your next project.

1. Visual HTML5 WordPress Theme

Visual is designed for people who love a clean design and functionality. It’s built on a solid modular framework and it comes with a custom set of Widgets which allow you to build your own layout.

Live Preview | Download

2. Nitro Modular HTML5 WordPress Theme

Nitro is a Modular HTML5 Theme for WordPress. It’s built on a solid Grid System Framework, the modular design gives you a full control on the theme layout. Homepage, Columns, Sidebars and Widget areas are designed to make this product really flexible and easy to use.

Nitro has a modular structure, which means you can customize the whole theme as you wish.

Live Preview | Download

3. Magnifizine – Magazine & Business WordPress Theme

Magnifizine is a stylish and modern looking WordPress theme designed primarily for magazine and business websites. It comes crammed with features including a custom slider that comes in three sizes and plays YouTube, Vimeo, FLV , MP4 , MP3 and HTML5 video files.

Live Preview | Download

4. SuperMassive – A Next Generation WordPress Theme

SuperMassive is a powerful professional WordPress theme. The aim from the beginning was to create a great looking theme that would allow you to make your own unique and abstract layouts in minutes. Your theme will not look like a generic “premium” WordPress theme, it will look edgy and different. SuperMassive achieves this by incorporating a ton of easy to use shortcodes, all of which you can view in the live preview. It also comes with excellent support for videos and audio. The slider supports YouTube, Vimeo, FLV , MP4, MP3 and HTML5 video files – one of the few, if not only WordPress themes to offer this. There’s also a great video shortcode so you can add your videos to any page with the click of a button. If that isn’t enough it comes in five amazing skins, Obsidian, Obsidian Grunge, Chocolate, Arctic Fox and Tiger (Dark) to suit your particular taste. SuperMassive really does live up to its name!

Live Preview | Download

5. Slide – The Wide WordPress Theme

Slide is designed for people who want a wide WordPress template that can showcase their images and videos in an Accordion and/or Fade Slider. It comes with over 40 shortcodes that allow you to customise each page as you want in order to create a unique site to suit your needs. It also supports YouTube, Vimeo, Flash (FLV, MP4 ), MP3 and HTML5 video files in the sliders, shortcodes and lightbox.

Live Preview | Download

6. Tarnished – Modern Grunge WordPress Theme

Always wanted a grunge theme but never found one that actually looked good. Tarnished offers you that “grunge” look with a modern twist making it great for all types of sites including magazines, portfolios and general blogging.

Live Preview | Download

7. 1stGiantLeap Mobile Template WordPress Edition

1stGiantLeap Mobile is a HTML5 /CSS3 template tuned to look perfect in mobile browsers. The markup is device orientation (landscape/portrait) sensitive, so when you change device orientation by rotating it 90 degrees CW or CCW this template will look nice.

Live Preview | Download

8. Creation – Minimalist Business WordPress Theme

Creation is a simple, clean and minimalist business wordpress theme suitable for company, business, portfolio, photography and corporate sites. Creation WordPress Theme takes advantage with all the amazing new WordPress 3.0 features.

Live Preview | Download

9. Illuminate – WordPress 5 in 1 Theme

Illuminate is a premium WordPress theme. It was created with beauty, elegance, and usability in mind. Illuminate incorporates the latest technology in its sleek interface as well as it’s back-end.

Live Preview | Download

10. Stylize – Blog & Portfolio WordPress Theme

It’s a great looking personal blog and portfolio theme. It comes with alternative front pages and if you want to customize it for yourself or a client go ahead. You can easily edit the site colours and dimensions from the theme options page.

Live Preview | Download

11. Sideways Portfolio Website WordPress Theme

Sideways is a portfolio theme that offers both horizontal and grid layouts. It incorporates eye catching full screen background images that scale to fit all resolutions and window sizes as well as strong and elegant typography and design.

Live Preview | Download

Free WordPress Themes and Templates

12 Elegant, Free & High Quality HTML5+CSS3 Templates
Free HTML 5 WordPress Theme
8 Free HTML5 WordPress Themes

Resources for WordPress Theme Designers:

New elements in HTML 5
Anatomy of an HTML5 WordPress theme
Using HTML5 To Transform WordPress’ TwentyTen Theme
WordPress Rolls Out New HTML5-Friendly Theme
Toolbox: An HTML5 WordPress Starter Theme
Grid Focus HTML5 WordPress Theme
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How to Add TrackBack URIs in WordPress blog post

For building a relationship with other blog than trackbacks and Pingbacks are an excellent way to build links and ultimately these links will bring traffic to your blog.

What Is Trackback?

Trackback is a way to notify a website or blog when you publish an entry that references it. “Trackbacks are a way to notify legacy blog systems that you’ve linked to them. If you link other WordPress blogs they’ll be notified automatically using pingbacks, no other action necessary.”

As well as having links to other blogs in your post, you might also want to add TrackBacks to other posts. If the other blog supports TrackBack, a TrackBack URI will be displayed somewhere on the blog post. Often, this URI is not visible unless just that one posting and its comments are displayed. This is because TrackBacks are meant to add a comment or comment-like entry to that other blog posting.

How To Locate The Trackback Link

Mostly you can find tackback after the blog post content and before  the comments.

As you can see I have allowed the trackback and these links appearing after the comment list as follow:

How To send a Trackback

First of all copy the URI of  reference post  where you want to send trackback and Before publishing your blog post, you’ll need to tell WordPress to send your trackback notices.  Back on your blog, scroll down from the editor to the Trackbacks module and paste that trackback URLs into the box next to “Send Trackbacks To.”

Successful trackbacks and pingbacks usually appear within moments of publishing your blog entry, but remember that trackbacks and pingbacks can be moderated or disabled by the blog owners.

You are welcome to use this blog entry to test your trackback/pingback functionality, however, please do not spam.

Reference and Other Useful Resource:

apfeltalk. Linkback
WordPress Trackback Tutorial

How to Submit & Optimize WordPress Blog Post for SERPs

Almost every day when I visit new blogs on the internet I spot duplicated content. Anyone can build a free blog on Blogger or on But do you know how to optimize your blog so it ranks well in the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs)?

Today going to tell you fundamental tips, which must help you to get you blog ranked well in the SERPs, because these are the first step to getting your site recognized by the search engines!

1. Optimize WordPress Blog Post for the SERPs

1. Write Title of the post accurately that describes the content of the post and this Title must not contain more than 64 characters.
2. Build your content strategy around keywords that are relevant to your business that you would like to get ranked for. For example, if your interest is WordPress Theme, WordPress Plugin, it is essential that you utilize that keyword in your title,  in the description, as well should be unique, interesting, authoritative, and RELEVANT.

3. Try to get Backlinks with high Page Rank sites that have some relevance to your business to link to your blog.
4. Be sure that 404 errors on pages redirect to your homepage.

(Create a file with this line at the top, and make your 404?s go to that file, it’ll redirect to the home page. )

<meta http-equiv=”Refresh” content=”4;”>)

5. Complete your meta descriptions. and Address your 301/302 redirects

6. Ensure than your site’s canonical errors are addressed so that you don’t have split indexing by the search engines.

A search engines considers these points before indexing your blog post:

  • The Keyword terms are to be relevant to the blog  post.
  • Search engin consider the authority of the blog content.
  • The post must contact the revelant information with the blog or site
  • The existence of blog or post for a while.
  • Blog or site doesn’t have a bunch of broken links.
  • Blog or website doesn’t contain a mega list of keywords.

2. Submitting Your Blog post or Site to The SERPs

There are free and paid ways you can submit your site to 100s of search engines with the click of a button.

Seo Link Fast indexer Tool

You must have a linking strategy to take all of your backlinks you create that link to your articles, blog posts, forum and profile urls etc and get those indexed and have multiple incomming links as fast as possible to get them ‘rank juiced’ up.

You must also take all of your RSS feeds (blogs, web 2.0 sites, articles etc) and add them to the mix as well but this will give us possible 100’s of links to work with!! and the time to do this manually can literally take days of effort BUT NO MORE!!!! Introducing the

It’s a simple 1-2-3 step Process:

Step 1 – Load Your URL’s

Step 2 – Ping Your URL’s

Step 3 – Meta Index Your URL’s to 31,000 Sites

With the ‘SEO Link Fast Indexer Tool’ you can:

  • Import URLs direct from file or the clip board.
  • Setup spinnable keywords / anchor text for pinging URLs.
  • Fast Meta Indexing of your links to over 31,000+ sites.
  • Add new Ping and Meta sites with ease.
  • Full multi threading for lightening fast performance.
  • Proxy server support to hide your IP addesss.

And the best of all. This is all done via a ‘click’ of a button!! 1 click and your all done.


The SEO Fast Indexer Tool Now!

1. What in the world is Pingoat! ?

Pingoat is a service that pings or notifies a number of services that keep track of weblogs and publish them. By pinging, you let the services know that your blog has been updated and hence, they crawl and index your site, publishing your blog contents, thus increasing your blog’s popularity.

2. Submit Express: TheFree Way

Here you simply input your sites URL and it will submit to over 40+ search engines. It doesn’t get any easier than that!  Submit Express offers a variety of link building services and they are worth checking out!

3. The FluffyLinkulator

Take advantage of the the Free FluffyLinkUlator, which has details about the submission pages for the search engines (google & yahoo!) and for (a respected directory).

4. SubmitEdge

SubmitEdge offers a variety of link building services and they are worth checking out! You can submit your site to 200+ search engines for $29 with no work on your part. If your budget permits, this is a GREAT idea, its gets those spiders crawling your site!

SubmitEdge started out as a site that allowed users to maximize their return on investment by using the latest in directory submission services. We were one of the first few sites on the internet to offer:

  • Guaranteed ten day indexing of websites
  • Manual directory submission
  • Social bookmarking services
  • Search engine optimisation

Best WordPress SEO Plugins For Optimization:

The WordPress plugin community values SEO and has developed a number of plugins to help. Here are the best SEO plugins to help you choose the right tags, tell search robots what to work on, optimize your post titles and more. Do no use all these plugin, only install the one which fulfill your blog requirement.

1. All in One SEO Pack

One of the most popular plugins ever for WordPress, this plugin does a bit of everything for you from helping choose the best post title and keywords, to helping you avoid duplicate content and more.

2. Automatic SEO Links

Automatic SEO Links allows you to choose a word or phrase for automatic linking, both internal and external, set anchor text, choose if it should be “nofollow” or not, and more.  One of the best features of this plugin is that it will only do this for the first occurrence of a word in a post so you don’t have to worry about spamming your post with numerous links to the same thing.

3. Google XML Sitemaps

An essential tool in any blogger’s armory of SEO tools. While the name only mentions “Google,” this plugin creates an XML-sitemap that can be read by Ask, MSN and Yahoo also.

4. HeadSpace2

This plugin allows you to install all sorts of meta-data, add specific JavaScript and CSS to pages, suggests tags for your posts and a whole lot more.

5. Meta Robots WordPress plugin

An easy solution for adding robot metadata to any page you choose on your blog.  You can use it to make your front page links into “nofollows,” prevent indexing of search pages, disable author and date-based archives, prevent indexing of your login page and numerous other features.

6. Nofollow Case by Case

This plugin allows you to strip the “nofollow” command from your comments, and then you can apply it to only the comments you don’t wish to support.

7. Platinum SEO Plugin

The Platinum SEO Plugin offers you such features as automatic 301 redirects for permalink changes, auto-generation of META tags, post slug optimization, help in avoiding duplicate content and a host of other features.

8. Redirection

For any number of reasons you sometimes need to move a page from one spot on your blog to another, but then you risk losing that page’s status in search results.  Redirection helps you with your 301 redirects, captures a log of 404s so you can work on correcting them, sets up an RSS feed for errors and more.

9. SEO Blogroll

Do you worry that the people you link to in your blogroll are feeding off of your PageRank?  With SEO Blogroll you can make separate sections for various groupings of links, with an unlimited number in each, and all of them will receive the “nofollow” attribute.

10. SEO for Paged Comments

With the introduction of paged comments in WordPress 2.7, there was a potential problem with search engines thinking you had duplicate content as the post would appear on each page.  This plugin aims to take care of this issue for you until the folks at WordPress change things up.

11. SEO friendly and HTML valid subheadings

Some themes for WordPress will confuse your sub-header tags based on the page they are to be displayed on, but this plugin will automatically reset them to make them more SEO friendly by moving them down one spot in the hierarchical tree.  In other words, h2 becomes h3, h3 becomes h4 and so on.

12. SEO Friendly Images

Images can be a great source of traffic as people search for images of various subjects, and this plugin helps you with making sure that you have “alt” and “title” tags on all of your images so that the search engines can properly index them.

13. SEO No Duplicate WordPress Plugin

If you must have duplicate content on your site for whatever reason, SEO No Duplicate will allow you to state which version of the post search engines should index while ignoring the others.

14. SEO Post Link

The post slug is the blog title you see in a browser’s URL bar, and if it’s too long, search engines won’t take a liking to it.  SEO Post Link comes with an already populated list of words to cut from a title when it turns into a URL to make your post addresses that much friendlier.  You can set it so that it’s limited to a certain number of characters, cut short words, cut unnecessary words and more.

15. SEO Smart Links

Interlinking your blog can be the key to getting more people to read more of your posts, but it is time consuming and tedious to do it by hand.  SEO Smart Links does this for you automatically when you tell it what words to link to what URLs, and it also allows you to set “nofollow” and “open in window” comands for the links.

16. SEO Tag Cloud Widget

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, a lot of people use tag clouds on their blogs.  Since their inception they have been fairly unreadable by search engines, but with this plugin they will be converted to an SEO-friendly HTML markup that can be indexed.

17. SEO Title Tag

Your tags are an important part of your site for making sure that search engines know where to place your posts, and SEO Title Tag focuses exclusively on this.  Unlike some other plugins, and WordPress itself, this extension will allow you to add tags to your pages, your main page and even any URL anywhere on your site.

18. Simple Tags

An extremely popular plugin that focuses on helping you choose the best tags for your posts by offering suggestions, auto-completion of tags as you type, an AJAX admin interface, mass tag editing and a whole lot more.

19. Sitemap Generator

This is a more customizable sitemap generator than most with options to support multi-level categories and pages, category/page exclusion, permalink support, choices on what to display, options to show number of comments and more.

20. SEO WordPress Plugin

This particular plugin will do most of the usual SEO work of optimizing titles and keywords, but it adds a unique twist as it is mainly directed at people who use WordPress as a CMS.

45+ Top SEO WordPress Plguins – WordPress SEO

30+ Essential WordPress Plugins

Recommended eBooks:

WordPress eBook: Success with WordPress

Success with WordPress is a popular WordPress eBook that covers everything from blogging with WordPress, WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS), SEO techniques, and of course how to monetize your WordPress blog with AdSense and affiliate marketing!

Get eBook Success with WordPress

The Envato Cinematic Bundle rules! $500 worth of cinematic files for $39!

The Cinematic Bundle has gone live! You can now purchase their latest Envato Bundle, featuring 15 mouth watering Adobe After Effects project files and 25 epic music and audio files, $500 value at the very special price of $39. This deal is available for a limited time only, until 12PM AEDT on Friday the 11th of March, so make sure you purchase before time runs out.

As if the bundle wasn’t enough, They are  giving away $500 cash to one lucky winner, as well as $100 of Marketplace credit to five runners up who choose to spread the news of the bundle to their friends!

To find out more on this competition, visit the bundle page for more information!

Purchase Cinematic Bundle

ActiveDen Launches Flash Facebook Templates Category

How Viral Marketing Help to Promote Your Blog

Viral Marketing is the most effective ways to promote your blog, business, product or whatever it is you are trying to promote. But, not everyone is successful in virtual marketing.

The key to viral marketing is to make something people will want to share with their friends. Then you need to make it easy to share. Tweetmeme’s tweet this button that makes it easy for blog readers to tweet about a post is a good example. Tweetmeme makes it easy to tweet about a blog post.

Twitter Marketing e-book

My Twitter Marketing e-book is an easy-to-follow guide to everything marketing on Twitter. It is a complete step-by-step guide to building your name, establishing your brand and authority, and getting traffic and customers on Twitter. It focused entirely on practical advice with specific, actionable how-to tips, tools and techniques. Follow the easy steps and clear tactics to take action today.

Get Twitter Marketing e-Book


An excellent example of viral marketing in a Twitter app is WeFollow. WeFollow is a Twitter user directory where every user gets to pick five categories to describe themselves. People want to be listed in the directory so other users with similar interests can find them. However, to get listed in WeFollow you must first publicly tweet your chosen categories and include a link back to WeFollow,  When a user joins, their friends are alerted. Now those users have a social incentive to join. When they join the cycle repeats, and you have a wonderful example of viral marketing.

The Blueprint to Video Social Marketing

It takes some creativity to come up with a good viral marketing campaign, but it is well worth the effort.

Resources and References:

How Twitter Makes You A Better Writer
How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Blog
Blog Viral Marketing – Promoting Your Blog Through Word of Mouth
Viral marketing tip – help attendees promote your events
5 Reasons Social Media Can Help Promote Your Webinar

Free & Professional WordPress Security Service Free & Professional WordPress Security Service

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