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How to Find, Remove and Protect WordPress Site from Malware

WordPress powered websites are hit list on the crackers, they are using Maleware (a malicious software) for attacking your WordPress site. There are different form of Malware, like viruses, Trojan horse, spyware, hijackers, crimeware, adware, dialers, keyloggers, worms, rootkits and similar programs. Detail about different types of Malware have explained by James D. Nardell on “Different Types Malware“. Latest news about Types of Malware and all other security threats can be found at Panda Security website which provide and present Collective Intelligence Monitor about all threats, as they said ” The best way to defeat your enemy is to understand him.”  I have written step by step guide on How to Identifying removing and preventing malware WordPress site when one of my friend blog xponent4 was effected and I cleaned it up. Now its running okay without Malware but still on threat because of shared hosting on Servage, although they provide the good support but I recommend the best hosting like Hosgator.

If your site is infected, I cab help and assist you with removing Malware from your server and can clean up your WordPress site (Request at Wparena’s Facebook page and like it ). Even we can do basic penetration test free of cost to tell you about Valnurabilities in your WordPress powered Website.

Identifying Malware on WordPress Powered Website

There are different ways that can help you to identify Malware on your website. If you see any issue with Malware  on your site, first of all change your FTP, Admin, and database password and than try to use some online tools like Sucuri, Stop Badware and antiphishing to know more about latest threats and Malware.

Google Safe Browsing Diagnostics tool can help you to check vulnerabilities in your site and provide you the next step about protecting your site, detail you can read on  How to Identifying removing and preventing malware WordPress site.

Next you can use WordPress plugins to check about Malwares on your website, but before using these plugins do foolowing steps to make it more secure. Update all your installed Plugins, Test all Links on your site to make sure that your site not linking to site which contain Malware. All these checking you should don on Virtual Machine, so your actually Machine not be infected during any test. If you are not sure how to do that ask on  Wparena’s Facebook page or you can request in Comment to do it for you.

Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner

Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner is an excellent tool to check any Vulnerability in your site. The recent Timthumb.php vulnerability (discussed here) has left scores of unsuspecting bloggers hacked. It’s the perfect combination of not so easy to fix for the technically disinclined, and easy to find and exploit for the malicious – resulting in a disastrous number of compromised sites.

Regina Smola from wpsecuritylock, has explained about this Plugin and Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner plugin will scan your entire wp-content directory for instances of any outdated and insecure version of the timthumb script, and give you the option to automatically upgrade them with a single click. Doing so will protect you from hackers looking to exploit this particular vulnerability.

As well Elegant Themes authors provide a security patch and updates in their themes which use image re-sizing script called Timthumb, so their themes are more secure now. Woo Themes authors also update and mention the Security Flaw in their themes.


Exploit Scanner

Search the files and database of your WordPress install for signs that may indicate that it has fallen victim to malicious hackers. This plugin searches the files on your website, and the posts and comments tables of your database for anything suspicious. It also examines your list of active plugins for unusual filenames. It does not remove anything. That is left to the user to do. How To Detect Malware in WordPress Using Exploit Scanner.


There is a huge list of Security Plugins to Protect Your WordPress Site, but few best one are complied by Jules on Quertime Editorial and inspired by Techlila. More Secure Plugins for WordPress: Security Ninja

Reversing engineering to a malware wordpress theme

Removing Malware from WordPress website

Make a COMPLETE and CLOSE review of your ENTIRE content and replace suspect files with fresh ones from trusted sources. Always keep 3rd party Plugins and theme up to date to minimize the risk of security issues as good as possible. Regularly check your content so you might notice unauthorized modifications pretty soon yourself because when notes of this type get overhand we will charge an admin fee for our additional work.

After finding any suspicious and malware infected ads, links, Posts or piece of code in your file, image or in script, remove all of them. If you are sure that your site has been hacked, Follow the steps provided by Go Daddy to get back it online:

  • Take the site offline to avoid putting site visitors and customers at risk.
  • Remove all offending code. This is only effective long-term in conjunction prevention.
  • Fix underlying security vulnerabilities to prevent future attacks.
  • Check for and remove “back doors” left by the hacker. A back door allows the hacker future access even after you secure the site.
  • Check for and install updates, and research the software you are using to find out if other users have been affected.


Other Resources:

Beginners Guide on How to Remove Malware Scripts and Files
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How to Identifying removing and preventing malware WordPress site

In case if you Machine is infected with Malware you can get help from Different approaches to removing malware.

Protect Website from Malware

Finally all you have to protect your site for further attack and the best tool is the prevention. Try to keep upto date all your Plugins, Theme and Core WordPress and use scanners that can detect vulnerabilities. Before putting any ad or link on your site make sure its not distributing any  Malware and monitor them regularly. As well make sure user generated contents are no containing exploit links to Malware and they are clean for visitors without any suspicious link and executable files.

For maximum security please ensure your account password is secure (at least 6 mixed numbers and letters) and that it is changed regularly. Ensure that permissions for your folders are set to 755 and for files it is set as 644. Also check that no folders have insecure permissions such as 777.

For a password to be strong, it should:

  •  Be at least seven characters long. Because of the way passwords are encrypted, the most secure passwords are 6-12characters long.
  •  Have at least one symbol character in the second through sixth positions.
  • Be significantly different from prior passwords.
  • Not contain your name or user name.
  • Not be a common word or name.

Other Resources:

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How to Protect a Website From Malware
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5 Powerful Anti-Malware WordPress Tools

If you have any issue with your WordPress powered Website ask us on Wparena’s Facebook page.

How to Protect the wp-config.php File – WordPress Powered WebSites

Like other Content management systems on the web, WordPress is keep updating files to make it more secure. The WP-Config.php file is one of the most important files in the WordPress file system. It is essential that it be protected for vulnerabilities. WordPress team are trying hard to improve the system security at their own end but you should try to keep up to date with latest version of WordPress and keep hide your WordPress version from crackers and you should take additional security steps to make it more secure.

I already mention the steps about securing your wp-config file in my previous post, but today will trying to give you some more suggestions about it.  As mentioned, place following code in in an .htaccess file and both file must be in a in the same that contains your wp-config.php file.

<Files wp-config.php> Order Allow,Deny Deny from all </Files>

Generate & Store Strong Passwords

The wp-config.php file contain Database credentials, so make them secure as more as you can, keep in mind following tips for secure and strong password:

1. Must be at least 15 characters
2. Must be a combination of upper and lower case letters, must include number and symbols if your hosting company do allow to do that for mySQL database
3. Must be unique and not included names or dictionary passwords
4. You can use Strong Password Generator:  Use this strong password generator to generate secure, random passwords. It’s free. But I recommend to create your own password
5. Must be be same as your FTP, cPanel, wp-admin, database, email or similar to any other social media account like Facebook  and Twitter.
6. Try to change your password frequently.
7. For security porpose never save or write your password on piece of paper, make it secure as much as you can.  There are some tools and applications like Roboform, where you can manage all your login detail.

WordPress Security Keys and Salts

It is very important to add the unique keys and salts for security reason. There is an online secret-key service for automatic key-generation. Visit this link and refresh the page and copy the keys and past them into your wp-config.php file. For more Security and Tips to secure your WordPress powered Website, you can read Digging Into WordPress.


Best Free WordPress Resources: Themes, Hosting, Graphics, Icons, Tools and Plugins

WordPress has become the most feature rich and user friendly publishing platform. I have listed the best WordPress resources for WordPress beginners that help them to get into this amazing world of WordPress.

Free WordPress hosting

These hosting provide only to run your WordPress blog if you don’t have much data, better host on or on which is quick, painless, reliable and free as well. But with hosting there are lot of limitations as Most free hosting providers will incorporate advertising into their services in one way or another. The best Hosting for WordPress are: HostGatorhostmonster and WPWebHost.


Byet provides you with an ad-free load balanced free hosting service including PHP, MySQL, FTP, Vistapanel & more!.


Need a free bite? The Chocolate free web hosting flavor offered by Freehostia allows you to easily create a professional looking site for FREE. Try our Elefante Installer and install Joomla,WordPressphpBB and many more free PHP scripts with just one click.


At Zymic we offer free web hosting, with a level of professionalism any paid web hosting company offers, along with a full range of free hosting features.

000 Web Host ($0.00 webhost), is an industry leader in providing top class free web hosting services without advertising! There are no hidden costs, no adverts, and no restrictive terms. Lightning fast speeds, maximum reliability and fanatical user support are just a few of the features you’ll receive with our service.

Best Free WordPress Theme

Free Minimalist, Responsive WordPress Theme

Respo is amazing WordPress theme with clean, sleek and customizable design. The theme is suitable for presonal blogs and/or online magazines. This is a responsive theme, able to adapt its layout to the screen size of your visitors. (try resizing the screen and see for yourself) The sliders for this theme is responsive too, which means it works super sleek on mobile device like ipad or iphone. Features of the Respo Theme:

  • Responsive grid layout
  • Flexslider – jQuery slider with turn on/off possibility
  • Unlimited dynamic featured sections
  • Sidebar tabs (latest, popular, random posts + list of tags)
  • 5 widget ready sections (1 in sidebar, 4 in footer)
  • Full Width template
  • Font styles (font family, size, style and color) for typographic elements like headings, body text, links, header, footer or navigation text and links and much more
  • 300px dynamic ad widget
  • Custom “About Us Info” widget
  • Custom Search form widget
  • Easy Logo and favicon upload

Respo looks great out of the box but would also make an excellent base for customization. Download it today for from from Themnific. If you like how the theme works, make sure to check out the Themnific PRO Framework.

Demo | Detail

Free Responsive Sundance Video Theme

A free video theme brought to you by the folks at Automattic. Despite its minimalist design, Sundance was crafted with clean, elegant typography and close attention to detail. The home page offers a featured video carousel. It supports the video post format, widgets, custom background, custom header, custom menus, and a custom link feature for your social media pages.


Free Danko WordPress Theme for Charities

Danko WordPress Theme is ideal for charity organizations. It’s focused on raising funds for your charity. Use our free theme to do as much good as possible. Demo | Detail

Nordic Themepark Free WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme inspired by the Swedish design era Swedish Grace, a nordic design period from 1910-1930. With emphasis on typography and the subtle nuances of the grey scale. Demo | Detail

Retouch: A Free, Responsive Photo Theme for WordPress

Main Features

  • Responsive Design – Retouch adapts to different screen sizes so that your website will work (and be optimized for) iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices.
  • Galleries – Swipe or click through galleries. View an example gallery post for the full effect.
  • Post Formats – Retouch supports the Image, Gallery and Standard post formats.
  • Custom Background – Change the background from wood to a custom background of your choice.
  • Custom Header – Add a custom header image to bring some personality to your site.
  • HTML5 – Why? Because it’s 2012 folks!

To download Retouch, just sign up for an account. If you need access to our support forum or video tutorials, you’ll need to have a paid account.

Theme4Press Releases Free Tumblr Style WordPress Theme

BeFree theme is for everyone who prefer simple, minimal, yet stylish WordPress theme. The theme supports automatic thumbnail resizing, custom colors of header and background, and offers numerous of Google Fonts selection. BeFree also offers one column or right sidebar layout, author bio widget, 5 subscribe buttons and up to 5 widget areas. To display your navigation items you can use 2 custom menu areas – header and footer. Intuitive and easy changing of your own logo, favicon or custom css. Pre-installed ads spaces are ready to monetize your blog for your requirements. Demo | Detail

WP Explorer Workz: A Free Business and Portfolio WordPress Theme

Workz is a WordPress theme I’ve created exclusively for release at It features a design/function specifically for business and portfolio style websites so you can showcase your work and what your business is all about. The homepage has a custom layout driven by custom post types with a tagline, nivo image slider, homepage highlights and recent works section. The portfolio allows you to easily add unlimited items and categories via custom post types. You can create a “filterable portfolio” as well as have paginated portfolio category pages. And of course there is a full blog section so you can post news/articles in a minimal fashion. Demo | Office Theme | Detail

Online Resume with Free zeeBizzCard WordPress Theme

zeeBizzCard is a clean and elegant styled Business Card Theme for WordPress that fits perfectly for a sleek homepage for personalities, freelancers, entrepreneurs or small business owners. It comes with a Featured Posts Slider, a custom post types based Portfolio and Shortcodes for Resume, AboutMe Box and Skills. The theme also has an extensive theme options panel where you can change colors, fonts, layouts etc. Demo | Detail

Free Responsive WordPress Theme

Do you care how your website performs on mobile devices? Did you know that mobile browsing now accounts for an estimated 10% of all web traffic in the U.S. and is predicted to quickly approach 15%? Mobile browsing is gobbling up market share faster than knife fight in a phone booth. How people engage with your online portfolio and business is changing. How you respond to those changes is critical to your site’s success. Detail | Best Responsive WordPress Themes for All Devices and Screen Resolutions

Free Easy Docs WordPress Theme

This one is targeted at a very niche audience — the people who have to write documentation for products. I came across the need for a documentation template awhile ago when I released my first two products (Shaken Grid andShaken Tumble). I decided to create this WordPress theme to streamline the process and make the task of writing documentation a little less painful.


View the live demo to get a feel for what the theme is capable of. I built the theme to fulfill my requirements, which were very basic; a page for documentation with a simple way to navigate between sections, and a basic page template for simple pages like a Changelog.

8 Free Twenty Eleven Child Themes

FREE WordPress Child Theme For Twenty Eleven: Paper
FREE WordPress Child Theme For Twenty Eleven: Silver
NomNom Twenty Eleven Child Theme By Zeaks
WordPress 2011 Color Fun
Blue Splatter Theme
Twenty Eleven with Sidebar in Posts

Pink Touch 2: A Free WordPress Theme with 9 Beautiful Post Formats


A theme that has a stellar mix of color, texture and typography. Designed by Kcmr. It features a custom header, custom background, and maximum three widget areas in the footer. It comes with supports for several post formats including aside, gallery, image, quote, link, chat, and audio.


10 Free BuddyPress Themes Compatible with BuddyPress 1.5

FRISCO A BuddyPress child theme
BP Columns: A 3 Column Buddypress theme.
BuddyPress Widget Theme
Custom Community
Free Theme Framework for WordPress, WPMU and BuddyPress
Business Services
Business Services is all about showing off whatever you want – from services to products this theme fits the bill everytime.
Social networking in a box. Build a social network for your company, school, sports team or niche community all based on the power and flexibility of WordPress. BuddyPress allows you to stay in control of your site and create a totally customized, unique experience.
BlogTimes is another one from Milo with a 5-column magazine/newspaper style fluid layout. It sports a grid design, sliders and a white color scheme.

thetalkingfowl: A Free Minimalist HTML5 WordPress Theme

A semantic, HTML5 minimal template with plugin-free flickr and twitter feed.


Launch Effect: A Free WordPress Theme for Viral Campaign

Launch Effect is a free one-page theme that lets you create a viral campaign in minutes. Here’s how it works:

  • Visitors to your website sign up using their email.
  • Upon signing up, the page generates a special URL for them to share with their friends.
  • Use the URL to track your most active referrers and reward them for spreading the word.


Busby: WP Lift Free Market Theme

Busby is a clean personal blogging theme with it’s own options panel built with the UpThemesframework. I’ve been working on this for a while now, it’s quite a different experience building a theme which will be released publicly rather than one for my own or client’s use. There are a lot more things to take into account and lots more testing to do.


250 Free WordPress Themes: 2012 Edition

As far as WordPress freebies go, this is a big one. ThemeShock is offering a download that they’ve dubbed “The Best Free Bundle Ever” and wow is it packed full of useful goodies for your websites.


PressWork Free Drag-and-Drop WordPress Framework

The PressWork Toolbox lets you style any theme in a live preview environment without any code, drag & drop to set your layout in seconds, add Google fonts, and much more.


Casual: A Free WordPress Theme from Obox

Creative Theme Design

Hard to believe that Obox Themes turns two today, it’s been a roller coaster ride since the beginning and we’ve enjoyed every bit of it. The team has grown from a two man machine to four strong. The results have been awesome to see and we are incredibly proud to have gotten this far.


Trending: A New Free WordPress Theme

Hybrid Core is a WordPress theme development framework for creating solid parent themes. It allows theme developers to forget about all the complex functionality and dive straight into coding their theme’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Expositio: New Free Portfolio Theme


Expositio is a very simple & free portfolio WordPress theme for photographers, designers & artists. Expositio theme allows you in several clicks to showcase your works to the whole world. Adjustable main page lets you to provide any information. Integrated options panel helps to customize the template from font used to color theme.


17 Free WordPress Themes

WordPress Diary Theme
Enjoy this free WordPress diary theme and write down everything that pops into your mind.

News Free Theme
An extremely powerful theme made for use by news websites that includes an optional magazine layout for the home page and custom templates. It’s the best way to make your news-oriented Web site shine.

Copyright Theme
Copyright Theme is a Modern and Clean WordPress Theme. It has a management console, is widget ready, advertisement ready and is an easily customizable theme to use.

Imbalance 2
Imbalance 2 turns you WordPress-based website to an attractive blog, portfolio or even online magazine. This free template designed in strict modern style with a minimalistic touch. Imbalance 2 can easily fresh up your web-magazine or blog.

gRID! Theme
Very elegant, clean and fast loading WordPress theme with minimalistic approach. Super design with premium functions for free from BeatTheme

Melville Free Theme
Melville was our first WordPress theme, and it’s available for free. Inspired by classic literature, we wanted to create a theme with no widgets, no distractions—just a clean, beautiful design that focuses the attention on your writing.

Lysa is new free WordPress theme
Lysa is new free WordPress theme, that is rich and fully widgetized. Two columns layout, amazing look, eight colour schemes and other great features. You can use the default “blog name” or you can use your own logo like in sisterly theme Sucha.

AutoFocus 2.0 Free Theme
AutoFocus 2.0 is a clean and simple WordPress theme developed for photographers looking to showcase their work.

Abtely Theme
Very elegant, clean and fast loading WordPress theme with minimalistic approach.
Super design with premium functions for free! BeatTheme.

Grading Theme
Grading Theme is a Modern and Clean WordPress Theme. It has a management console, is widget ready, advertisement ready and is an easily customizable theme to use.

Yoko: Theme With Responsive Layout
In this post we are glad to present to you yet another freebie: a responsive WordPress themeYoko which was designed by talented designers Ellen and Manuel from Elmastudio and released for the Web design community.

Video Free Theme

Create a website to showcase your Videos by using WordPress.Create unlimited video categories, show popular videos, rate videos and share them on social network. This theme is just perfect for Video Blogging from Templatic.

Free WordPress 3.1 Theme: Splendio (With PSD Sources)

a new freebie: a beautiful theme, designed by Vlad and Elena Scanteie which was developed exclusively for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

Free HTML5 and CSS3 Themes for WordPress

HTML5Press: A New Free HTML5 Theme
TWENTYTEN FIVE: Bringing HTML5 to WordPress
HTML5-ified Twenty Ten
Toolbox Free Theme
Euclides is the perfect theme from CSSigniter Themes for those who write tutorials online. While we concentrate on web workers, anyone can use this theme. Euclides is a free WordPress theme.
Free HTML 4.01/HTML5 WordPress Theme: Spectacular
Free HTML 5 WordPress Theme
Starkers HTML5 Theme
The Travel Theme
Free Dream
Roots Theme
Handcrafted WP is a starter theme
Constellation Theme
Brave New World WordPress Theme
HTML5 WordPress Shell
Thematic HTML5 Boilerplate
Orange Flower
Platform Free Theme
Grey: A New Free HTML5/CSS3 WordPress Theme
Temple Gate: An Accessible HTML5 WordPress Theme
WordPress Basis Theme

Free Coming Soon Themes

my blue construction
Free under construction blue wordpress theme.

This theme is perfect if you have a website in development and you simply need to let your visitors know how to get in touch and how long until the site will launch.

Park your domain in style with WordPress and Google FeedBurner.

Fast&Easy way to prepare “Under Construction” page –

WpLauncher WordPress Theme
WpLauncher is a free premium wordpress theme, that is simple with a single purpose: to provide an attractive, customizable domain parking theme for WordPress users.

Site Under Construction
This site is under construction

Holding Pattern
A highly customizable landing page theme featuring the amazing UpThemes Framework.

WP Blueprint
Like I mentioned at the beginning, in this section you will find the most popular files, so to speak. Unfortunately I have no time to continue to provide support, but each file has its documentation.

Beback Theme
What will you do if your site needs a rest?
Wordspop presents you a WordPress theme that can be used while your site is down, undergoing a redesign, or still under construction. Easy to use, easy to manage, as simple as a click.

Coming Soon
Use as a Coming soon page for your website / Application / Software
Showcase your product in one single page with featured image and description on the right. Lots of iPhone App websites are built this way. You can use this theme to create a website just like that.

A sleek, dark, spaced-out landing page or email newsletter subscription page featuring the amazing UpThemes Framework. Find the Perfect WordPress Theme at

WordPress Anniversary Theme
That idea has helped millions of people easily create websites! That idea became WordPress!

WordPress Plugins

Free Google+ Plugin

Google+ is Google’s foray into the world of social media. Over the past six months we’ve seen it expand rapidly and the WPMU DEV Google+ Plugin has expanded with it.

The WPMU DEV Google+ Plugin lets you add a +1 button to your website so that people can tell the world how awesome they think you are. It integrates with Google+ Posts and Pages so that people can easily add you to their G+ Circles.


WP Super Cache

This plugin generates static html files from your dynamic WordPress blog. After a html file is generated your webserver will serve that file instead of processing the comparatively heavier and more expensive WordPress PHP scripts.


Comment Spam Protection

Akismet filters out your comment and track-back spam for you, so you can focus on more important things.


GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin

With the custom GrowMap anti-spambot plugin Andy Bailey from CommentLuvwrote based on an idea from Phil Hollows of FeedBlitz and improved by a suggestion from Dazzlin Donna Fontenot you can too!


How can I stop getting spam emails?

Contact Form

Fast Secure Contact Form celebrates Over 1 Million downloads from the WordPress Plugin directory. Also recognized near the top of Most Popular and Highest Rated WordPress Plugins. If you are a satisfied user, please help spread the word by posting to your blog, Facebook, or Twitter.


Comments Plus

Let your readers choose to comment via Facebook, Twitter, Google or regular old WordPress – developed for, now available for you!


Dropbox Plugins for WordPress

Dropbox CDN

Dropbox Upload Form

WordPress Backup to Dropbox


Integrates DropBox with your blog allowing you to post images and files directly from your DropBox. Requires PHP 5.2 and cURL.


Drop in Dropbox

Upload single files or entire directories with subdirectories to your Dropbox account.

SMEStorage Multi-Cloud WordPress Backup

Back your WordPress blog up to any one of 10 storage clouds including S3, CloudFiles, MobileME, Gmail &


Any images, photos, pictures from your DropBox Public folder now are accessible to view in sidebar gallery of your blog.

wp Time Machine

Creates an archive of all your WordPress Data & Files and then stores them on Dropbox, Amazon’s S3, or your FTP host.

A High Quality Free WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

Jigoshop is an eCommerce plugin for WordPress developed by professionals with years of experience delivering online shops for global brands.

Quickly Clone and Migrate WordPress Sites with the Duplicator Plugin

The Duplicator plugin is designed to give WordPress Administrators the ability to migrate a site from one location to another location in 3 easy steps. Just create a package, download it and install. No need to change all your settings and re-run import/export scripts. The plugin also serves as a simple backup utility.

WordPress Multisite to Power Multiple BuddyPress Social Networks

Free WordPress Chat Plugin

Start communicating! Bring live, two-way chat to your site. Host your own live chat sessions, interact with your visitors and boost your sales without needing any third party javascript or other code – works great with BuddyPress and Multisite too.

Download Two Free Sets of WordPress Icons

Free Icons Set: Social Media by WPZOOM

How to Protect WordPress Powered Site from Brut force attack

Security should always be a major concern when using the WordPress as CSM. If someone gets a hold of your personal information or breaks in to one of your admin accounts, then you are at risk of identity theft and hijacking of your WordPress Powered blog. Anyone who breaks in to your account could steal your private content, post spam, steal your WordPress account or use it to gather email addresses to send spam to. You can increase your WordPress security by following instruction on this page: How to increase the safety of WordPress.

Let’s seewhat is is Bruteforce and how to protect your WordPress powered site from it:

  • Bruteforce login attempts : Common technique that aims to log in on the WordPress platform to take possession of data and administration capabilities. It is not easy to create an attack, but now the possibility to use low-cost resources has increased the possibility that the brute force is the one chosen in order to gain access to our blog.

How to Setting up Limit Logon Attempts for WordPress Blog

Download and upload Limit Login Attempts plugins in your Plugin Directory. Limit Login Attempts doesn’t require any additional setup or configuration beyond just installing and activating the plugin. However, if you want to tweak the default settings, head over to Settings | Limit Login Attempts.


Allowed Retries—The total number of incorrect login attempts before the user is locked out.

Minutes lockout—The number of minutes the user will be banned from trying to log in again after N number of failed login attempts.
Handle cookie login—Determines if the lockout should be based on the user’s IP address or cookies; it’s recommended to stick with cookies, as IP addresses might be shared between multiple users.
Notify on lockout—Can be configured to log the IP address of the offending attempts and/or send an e-mail to the admin of your blog, notifying that a user has been locked out.

Download | Detail

Security Ninja

Years of industry’s best practices on security combined into one plugin!

  • perform 25+ security tests including brute-force attacks
  • check your site for security vulnerabilities and holes
  • take preventive measures against attacks
  • don’t let script kiddies hack your site
  • prevent 0-day exploit attacks
  • use included code snippets for quick fixes
  • extensive help and descriptions of tests included

Tests include

  • brute-force attack on user accounts to test password strength
  • numerous installation parameters tests
  • file permissions
  • version hiding
  • leftover files posing threat
  • 0-day exploits tests
  • debug mode tests
  • database configuration tests
  • Apache and PHP related tests
  • WP options test


Ultimate video player, monetization, and file security plugin for WordPress & Amazon S3. If you share Amazon S3 files on your WordPress site(s), then you must get S3Vault.

Live preview | Detail

Following are the other possible ways by which you can secure WordPress blog from hackers.

1. Update, Update!!!
2. Hide Plugins Folder
3. Hide wp-admin Folder
4. Remove WordPress Version Generator
5. Use Strong Passwords
6. Encrypt Login
7. Change Table Prefix
8. Take regular backups
9. Make use of secret keys
How to achieve these goals you must read these tips and tricks:
How to increase the safety of WordPress
How to secure WordPress site from hackers through Plugins
How to Setting up Limit Logon Attempts for WordPress Blog
How to Monitor WordPress 3.0 Security Problems through Plugins
Useful Tutorial, Tips and Plugins for WordPress Blogs Security
Identifying, Removing, and Preventing Malware on Your WordPress Site
How to Enhance WordPress security with two-factor authentication plugins

Best and FREE Twitter icons and Themes

Twitter has become an integral part of our social media lives, marketing strategies, and business objectives. We have multiple accounts, hundreds of followers to watch, Twitter trends to track, hash tags to follow, and a frequent need for continuously updating search results. Following are the free twitter icons available for download. If you find this list useful for you Follow us on  Twitter for more updates.

Best and FREE twitter icons

Free TwitterAll Users Icons

3 beautifully designed twitter icons for your blog or website. The icons are designed to fit wide range of needs, so go ahead and use one of these twitter icons in your next project.
The set comes with 3 icons (64px, 128px, 256px, 512px high quality transparent PNGs).


Chubby Twitter Birds by Aravind Ajith (2 Icons)

Chubby Twitter Birds by Aravind Ajith (2 Icons)


Woodstock Twitter Icons for free download

6 Woodstock Twitter icons for you frame this. Woodstock Twitties are all hippie fans, suitable for the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, Germany and the start of the movie “Taking Woodstock” . Freebie The icons are in PNG’s files, or as a complete vector EPS file is only here for free download at Elmastudio.

PNG files download | download EPS vector file

Fluzzy Twitter Icon Set

Fluzzy is free, comes in a set of 6 different icons in two separate sizes – 256x256px and 512x512px. All graphics are in tranparent .PNG 24-bit. Also included the .AI source. For designers who wish to get the most of the icons, you are welcome to do so. Also  check out Blitter Twitter Icon set.

Download Fluzzy (256×256, 512×512), PNG format | Download Fluzzy source  .AI format | Download Fluzzy full set (Icons + source)

Tweet Pillow A Free Twitter Icon Set

Twitter Icon Set for download and it is called “Tweet Pillow”. There are 2 icons in the the set and each is available in a few sizes. All files are PNG format. This set is free for personal and commercial use, just don’t sell it. Share And Enjoy!


TweetDeck Replacement Icons

If you’d like to use these icons yourself, you can download the ZIP file (579kb) containing all six colors in ICO, ICNS and PNG formats. Enjoy!


Free Fat Twitters icon pack

Free Fat Twitters icon pack, Pack consist of two icons (those two sitting on the branch). Both icons come in five sizes: 512×512, 256×256, 128×128, 64×64 and 32×32. And they are totally free.


6 cool Twitter icons to download

This super cool Twitter icon set you can you download for free. You can use the icons as buttons on your website, on your blog, or use them as wallpaper. Manuel has this snazzy “Beach Tweetie” designed exclusively for the Elmastudio blog.

PNG-Dateien down­load | EPS-Vektor Datei down­load

Thanksgiving Turkey Twitter Icons

Thanksgiving is soon approaching and what better way to celebrate this American autumn holiday than with a Twitter Turkey icon for your website or blog! This cute guy does not want to get eaten! A blue turkey with a plume of Twitter logos in fall colors. Download the PNG file which includes 4 different icon sizes. Enjoy!


Free Twitter Bird Icon

A free twitter bird icon from freshpixel.


Lovely Twitter Icons

Lovely Twitter Icons by Catmy. You can download Photoshop file for free.


A Little Bird Told Me

Inspired by Twitter and other vector designs.


Twitter vector icons massive icon set

A collection of Twitter vector icons from


El-Birdo Twitter Bird Icons

It’s El Birdo! Your friendly neighborhood Twitter Bird! Download this friendly chap today! Perfect for using in web visuals to display latest tweets, or even in print work as El Birdo is 100% vector-ized.


Tweetbird Free Twitter Icon

Let’s welcome 8 more twitter birds! You can find them in both vector and PNG (80×80 & 128×128 pixels) format.


Twitter icon

This is a NCP icon (look below for more information) and can be used for about everything without permission or whatswhoever.


Twitter Bird icon

Awesome Twitter bird icon. Feel free to download and use on your blogs and websites.


Free Twitter icon for all

Its represent the 3 basic types of update you can do i.e From Web, From Mobile Web and From Txt. Feel free to use them on your blog or web app.


Tweet bird

Exclusive twitter icon. Feel free to use it in your blog or website.


Exclusive Twitter Birds Set!

A professional and exclusive Twitter Bird Set designed by Marla. It’s a fresh new set that you can use freely for your personal projects or even commercial clients.


free pixey birrrdfon twitter icons twitter birrrdfon Icons – Exclusive twittericons from for Feel free to use it in your blog or website.


6 Adorable Twitter Icon Pack

The set contains 6 cute and adorable twitter icons. Each icon is in .PNG format sized at 500x500px in transparent backgrounds. You can use this icons where ever you like.


Little Blue Bird

This little blue bird need new home. If you are looking for a twitter bird, perhaps he is the one. Feel free to customize the little bird. Adopt him now!


Free Rockin Twitter Icons for Your Blog

FREE TWITTER ICONS CALLED ROCKIN’ BIRD created by James Dalman. There are two sets of the Rockin’ Twitter Bird Icons available in PNG format with sizes at 128 x 128, 64 x 64, 48 x 48, and 32 x 32.

The Rockin’ Bird was designed because there weren’t any real “cool birds” we could find and we wanted something a little more manly than those other wimpy birds.


Adiumy Dock Icons set

Adiumy Dock Icons set inspired by the colors of micro-blogging.


Exclusive Free Chubby Twitter Icon Set

A set of 6 lovely Twitter bird icons, the Chubby Twitters comes in .png and has three different resolutions – 64 x 64px, 96 x 96px, and 128 x 128px. Designed by Singaporean graphic designer Wong Lexin (floating3house), this Chubby Twitter icon set was exclusively made for Onextrapixel and their loyal readers.


22 cute twitter bird icons

22 different and unique custom twitter icons designed for you. The icons are available in two sizes in high quality transparency PNG file format. Browse through them and feel free to use them on your websites or blogs.


One World Twitter Icons – Country Twitter Icon Set free download

This cute Twitter-Birds arrived for you from France, Japan, the United States and Mexico, and would be delighted to find on your blog or your Twitter page, a new home. You can apply the Tweetie as usual as transparent PNGs or vector graphics download.


Blue Bird Twitter Icon Pack

Twitter bird icons made in PS CS4. You are free do whatever you want with these icons as long as you don’t share or sell them as your own. The icons are available in PNG Format and the available sizes are: 512×512 , 256×256 , 128×128 , 64×64 pixels.


Blitter Twitter Icon Set

Blitter Twitter icon set comes in two sets of sizes, respectively 215×215 pixels and 512×512 pixels in transparent .PNG 24-bit format. Also included the Adobe Illustrator .AI source file just in case you want a bigger version of any icon.


Birdies 8 bird icons

8 bird icons, for your dock, windows, mac, linux, whatever.


Birdie Adium Dock Icons

Adium dock icon pack, based on Birdies icon pack.7 States, 2 of them animated, with plist file.


Splashnology twitter bird illustrations

Some quality twitter birds from Splashnology. Reminds Ice Age!


Girly Twitter Icons

A cool female twitter iconset by hpvorlagen24.


Social Bird Iconset

Social Bird Icons by Inspiredm. Contains unique twitter birds.


Icontexto Free Twitter Icons

Free twitter bird icon and button from Icontexto.


Free Vector Twitter Bird Illustrations

Great Vector Illustrations from Fhoke.


Twitter Joy Icons

Three free twitter icons by icojoy.


Alternative Icon for Twitter Apps

Free ico to replace the default icons of twitter applications.


Tweet Tweet Cute Tweet

A cute twitter bird with big watery eyes.


MiloMark Twitter Icons

Great high quality twitter icons by MiloMark.


Singing Twitter Bird

Singing twitter birds by Noel Miciano.


Snoopalicious Twitter Icon

Cute blue twitter birdies by snoopalicious.


Kweet Twitter Bird Icons

Twitter bird Icons by ChethStudios.


Kailoon Free Twitter Bird

Free vector white birdy by Kailoon.


Tweeta Iconset

Tweeta, two gorgeous blue twitter birdies and a tweet bubble.


Sweet Twitter Birds

Sweet and simple twitter birds by InaliBlast.


Genie Twitter Icons

A completely unique iconset released by playground.


Sports Twitter Icons

A brand new set of sports themed twitter icons illustrated just for sports fans.


Twitter Bird Illustration

Nice twitter Illustration by function.


8 Cute Simple Twitter Bird Vector Graphics

Eight vector Twitter birds with the hand drawn style of youngsters.


Free twitter bird iconset

Free cute twitter birds designed by Gopal Raju from ProductiveDreams.


Cute Free Twitter Graphics: Badges, Icons & Buttons

Cute Free Twitter Graphics: Badges, Icons & Buttons from function


More Premium Twitter Plugins

Twitter Themes

Merry Christmas Twitter Theme

A Free Christmas twitter theme by Gopal Raju of ProductiveDreams.


Page Peel Twitter Theme

Pagepeel twitter theme with a cool twitter bird by Fhoke.


Ice Cream Twitter Theme

A free ice cream twitter theme with a cool ice stick by Fhoke.


Chuck – Twitter Background

Easy to change and update Well Organised 100% Fully Editable PSD !

Social Media Icons Include:Blogger, Behance, Cargo, Dribbble, Linkedin, Deviant Art, Flickr, Vimeo, YouTube, Tumblr, Lastfm, Skype, Forrst and Facebook


Daydreamer Twitter Background

A fun casual Twitter background in Photoshop with sticker styled clouds and soft fluffy grass. Profile pic fits into a curved pocket ‘freshly cut’ from the sky. Choose from either a portrait or landscape profile pic. Move the clouds, profile pic and bio around to your hearts desire – have some fun with the layout! I’ve used non destructive layer styles for the clouds and sky to allow you customize this summer styled Day Dreamer layout.


More Premium Twitter Plugins

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