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Best Innovative Uses of WordPress to run Online Invoicing System

There are many ways to run online business. If you have plans to make some money online, WordPress so for a best platform for small business owners specially if you are a freelancer. The big edge of running a website on WordPress is that you can extend the functionality of WordPress to grow your business independently. So let us check the few important and innovative plugins of invoicing systtem to manage client and making money from your website.

Online Invoicing System Powered by WordPress

If you are a Freelancer, With WordPress powered website you can run a fully-featured invoicing system by enhancing WordPress functionality  that allows you to send itemized bills to your clients and integrate with payment gateways like Google Checkout, or PayPal. You can read all about Best Online Invoicing and Billing Tools for Web Designers on this link and I am compiling a list of the WordPress plugins for invoicing systems.

Friendly Manual Order Processing for WP E-Commerce

Friendly Manual Order Processing for WP E -Commerce provides an easy-to-use and flexible way for you or your client to process orders directly from the WordPress back end without having to go through the payment process necessary on the front end of the site.


WP-Invoice – Web Invoice and Billing

WP-Invoice is a plugin from TwinCitiesTech that lets you create invoices right in your WordPress Administration screen. WP-Invoice lets WordPress blog owners send itemized invoices to their clients. Ideal for web developers, SEO consultants, general contractors, or anyone with a WordPress blog and clients to bill. The plugin ties into WP’s user management database to keep track of your clients and their information.


WordPress 3 Invoices

Wp3i is a WordPress plugin to manage invoices for freelance web designers / developers.

  • Create and track your invoices and quotes
  • Send stylish invoices to clients via HTML email.
  • Create a custom php templates for invoices, quotes and HTML emails
  • invoice templates use native WordPress code to make life easy
  • See live statistics of your income
  • Well designed interface
  • Customise Currency, tax and more
  • Completely FREE!
  • Supports I18n
  • Pay online though PayPal



CollabPress adds project and task management functionality to WordPress. Easily create projects and assign tasks to users.

Features include:

  • Unlimited projects, task lists, tasks, and comments
  • Easily edit/delete projects, task lists, tasks, and comments
  • Front-end shortcode support
  • BuddyPress group integration
  • File upload on projects, task lists, task, and comments
  • Email notifications for new tasks and comments
  • Task due dates with a calendar view
  • Uses built-in WordPress user accounts
  • Activity log tracking all activity


Technical Support

If you’re a freelancer, a web design agency or simply a WordPress consultant, Technical Support for WordPress is a way to provide quality support to your clients. After setting up a WordPress powered website for your client, install the Technical Support plugin, which will enhance your client’s Dashboard with a new widget for submitting support tickets directly to your e-mail.


FV Testimonials

FV Testimonials brings you easy management of your testimonials.

  • Easy to use and configured straight out of the box
  • Takes extensive care on testimonials images, resizes them to correct user-defined size
  • Easy embedding of testimonials everywhere on site
  • Requires almost no installation (just copy and activate)
  • Doesn’t create database overage (just a single additional query on a page with testimonials)

Download now!

Advanced Client Portal

Advanced client portal allows you to centralize all of your interactions with clients by combining client management and invoice management.


  • Create multiple projects per client, upload documents, media, links, and post messages
  • Create professional invoices for clients.
  • Download PDF versions of invoices.
  • Messaging system allows general conversations, as well as conversations specific to a project, document, or invoice.
  • Inline media player via flowplayer.
  • Projects can be organized by phase.
  • Email notifications for account activity (messages, documents, invoices, etc)
  • Security via sophisticated authentication system that also protects files. No one will be able to access a document or file not associated with their account.
  • Create multiple administrators.
  • Comes with an easy to use installation wizard.
  • Built using an MVC architechture making it easily extensible.

Live preview | Detail


eInvoice is a invoice generate system, with html & pdf format. easy to email to client. Nice template with easy to print out. You can also create your own template. just use two line, you can create your own invoice.

Invoice Design Examples

Design by Chase holdsnowaterv

 Cameron McEfee



Veerle Pieters for Devia

Ole Martin Buene

 Impulse Studios

Sugar Rush Creative


I would love to hear feedback from people who rely on WordPress to run their business.

Other References and Resources:

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Video Tutorials To Learn WordPress Development, Designing and Blogging

If you think that visual learning is better than reading, this is the list of well explained video tutorials which help you to develop your WordPress skill. These tutorials are very helpful if you are a WordPress Theme Developer as well Bloggers those using WordPress.

WordPress theme development

Designing for WordPress

WordPress is a hugely popular CMS for blogging. The blog section of CSS-Tricks is run on WordPress and I am very happy with it. By popular request, we are going to walk through designing for WordPress. Also check out part 2 and part 3.

Creating a WordPress Template

Here’s a tutorial series (also see part 2 and part 3) for creating a WP template using a variety of free tools such as MAMP (for local machine development) and TextWrangler(a text editor).

Hodgepodge of WordPress Tricks

It’s WordPress Week here at CSS-Tricks, so I wanted to so a WordPress-themed screencast and cover a lot of mini-tips that haven’t made it into previous WordPress screencasts.

WordPress as a CMS

Learn how to create a WordPress site that’s more of a fully-featured content management system (like Drupal or Joomla) rather than a blogging platform using a few tools at your disposal such as the SimplePie WordPress plugin.

How to Modify WordPress Theme

This video tutorial is showing how to work with some WordPress theme codes, that is how to add autoresponder code to the blog sidebar, how to put banner in the single post and similar things that can help you to modify the theme and blog to your needs.  You’ll learn about some Theme Template tags in WordPress.

Add a Twitter Field to Your Form

Instructional video on how to install and configure the wp-twitip-id plugin for WordPress blogs. 5 minutes and you can include a field for your commentators to add their twitter ID.

How to put a Custom Header in your WordPress Blog

WordPress Kubrick Theme, the default theme for WordPress blogs, has a very ugly header graphic. In this easy to follow video tutorial you’ll learn how to change it to a great custom image in just 3 minutes!

Create your first widget

This video tutorial shows you how to create a theme widget for WordPress.

How to make a WordPress plugin

Learn how to create a WordPress plugin that follows the WordPress plugin development guidelines.

WordPress Plugin Development Tutorial (Video & Reading)

WP Tutorial: Your First WP Plugin

Here it is, a video guide to creating your first WordPress plugin (in under 5 minutes!). The tutorial assumes you have some very basic PHP knowledge… syntax, function declarations, etc. Click here to watch

Writing a Plugin

WordPress Plugins allow easy modification, customization, and enhancement to a WordPress blog. Instead of changing the core programming of WordPress, you can add functionality with WordPress Plugins.

How to Write a WordPress Plugin – Introduction

For any WordPress user, plugins are essential. WordPress Plugins allow those with little to no programming skills to extend the functionality of their blog.

Create a Custom WordPress Plugin From Scratch

This tutorial will describe the implementation of a WordPress plugin starting from scratch. The plugin will connect to an external OSCommerce database and display random products on your WordPress site.

Anatomy of a WordPress Plugin

This tutorial will guide you through every step of building a simple, widgetized WordPress plugin with settings.

A Crash-Course in WordPress Plugin Development

Despite an extensive codex, many WordPress users remain unfamiliar with how to create their own custom plugins. In today’s screencast, we’ll start from scratch and build our first usable plugin.

WordPress Plugin Tutorial – Hello World

Learning to develop a WordPress plugin can be both fun and rewarding. In this Tutorial we will go over how to make a simple Hello World plugin that you can create.

The Ultimate Guide to Building a WordPress Plugin

There are often plugins created for basic extended functionality, but what happens when you can’t find the perfect plugin for your needs? It might be easier to just create the plugin yourself.

WorPress Plugin Development with PHP

Nice video tutorial on plugin development.

Tips to Speed Up WordPress Plugin Development

Anyone can create useful WordPress plugins without being a hacker.

Seven Reasons to Write a WordPress Plugin

Listed below are seven reasons why a WordPress user should consider writing a WordPress plugin.

WordPress Plugin Actions

An example of an action would be that you want a execute some code after a user has published a post or left a comment.

WordPress Plugin Filters

WordPress filters allow to you modify virtually any kind of text displayed and are extremely powerful.

Constructing a WordPress Plugin Admin Panel

This tutorial will go into what it takes to successfully create an admin panel for your plugin.

Constructing a WordPress Plugin User’s Panel

This tutorial will go over the steps to add in your own User’s Administration Panel.

Using JavaScript and CSS with your WordPress Plugin

This portion of the series will cover how to load JavaScript and CSS files for your plugin.

Using JavaScript and CSS with your WordPress Plugin

This portion of the series will cover how to load JavaScript and CSS files for your plugin.

Releasing and Promoting Your WordPress Plugin

After you have finished writing your awesome WordPress plugin, there are a few things to consider before releasing and promoting your WordPress plugin.

WP Screencasts WordPress Video Tutorials

The primary target audience is blog authors and editors using WordPress to manage their web-based content.

CSS-Tricks WordPress Video Tutorials

iThemes WordPress Video tutorials

Siteground WordPress Video Tutorials

KillerSites WordPress Video Tutorials

Likoma WordPress Video Tutorials

WordPress Training Video Tutorials

Weblog Tools Videos WordPress Tutorials

ScreenCastCentral WordPress Video Tutorials

Faq.WordPress.Com Screencasts

Youtube WordPress Video Tutorials

Other Tutorial Sites and Articles:

How to Improve WordPress Search

Before digging into how to improve your WordPress powered Website specially if you are running online store, let me first tell you why you need to do it. If you look at Creating a Search Page on WordPress site, you’ll find a lot of good information but lot of WordPress developer and designer are complaining about WordPress search functionality. I know that WordPress’s poor functionality was poor. But, I didn’t realize how poor it was until I experienced it recently on eCommerce site, where I had to search all products. I find excellent piece of Code on Anton’s blog (How to create a search engine for wp-e-commerce) and he is saying:

It is also great to see that other people think further and developed even more complex code. One of them is Steve who extended my code to do not only search with multiple words but also do a standard site search. You can download Search.php by Steve here.

WordPress Search WordPress Plugins

If you like WordPress Plugin to improve the search on your WordPress blog, here are some options.

Relevant Search WordPress Plugin

If you’ve always fantasized that WordPress would fix their search results and return something actually relevant (not ordered by date), but are let down on every new release. You’ve found the plugin to make that dream come true.


WordPress Instant Search and Suggest

The plugin requires very little configuration and should work out of the box with most themes. The plugin has its own options page to configure the plugin to work with your theme if you require it. You can also tweak which WordPress fields and meta are used for the auto suggest feature.

Live preview | Detail

WP True FT Search – A Truly Fulltext Search Plugin

WP True FT Search is a truly and extremely lightweight fulltext “search engine” plugin for Worpdress with porter stemming (keywords spelling), keywords highlighting and many more features. It is extremely fast with very low CPU consumption, custom option pages, configurable stopwords and without any special requirement to WordPress installation.

Live previewDetaill

TweetSearch – Twitter Search Plugin for WordPress

Premium WordPress plugin for displaying Twitter search results in your posts, pages and widgets.


  • Template Engine
    Use custom HTML & CSS to skin your list of tweets and display them in your blog theme.
  • Shortcodes
    Embed tweets into your posts and pages using a custom shortcode.
  • Search Operators
    All Twitter search operators are supported! Build a unique list of tweets for all your needs.
  • Detailed Documentation
    Step by step instructions on how to make your list of tweets and skin them.

Live preview | Detail

Search and Replace for WordPress

With this plugin you can search and replace strings in you WordPress website. This will not change your database data because the search and replace is done just before the content is shown on the screen.


Image Search Module for OpenCart

This module is needed to accelerate the addition of product item. You no longer need to search for images, this module will do it for you. All you need – this is to click on the link and choose the desired image. To install and configure this module, you will not need knowledge of php.


  • Accelerated work with the product
  • Less time to add the product
  • Easy Installation
  • Detailed Installation Guide
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quick Operation (Used Ajax)
  • To work with the database used by ORM
  • Easily extendable

Live previewDetail

Search Everything WordPress Plugin

Options include search highlight, searching pages, excerpts, attachments, drafts, comments and custom fields (metadata). If you are having trouble, check out the fix by Reaper-X.

Download | Search Everything

Semiologic’s Search Reloaded Plugin

This plugin offers “dynamic indexing”. This means it reindexes whenever a post or Page is edited, saved, or published, keeping track of the content for a better and more wide spread search, though it does not currently cover some non-post content areas.


Search Excerpt WordPress Plugin

This excellent plugin searches WordPress, extracts out keyword phrases, and highlights the matched keywords in the search results instead of just the first 55 words or that apply specifically to the keywords searched.


Search Pages 2.3 Plugin

A WordPress blog includes posts and pages. Posts are often the most important part of the blog and pages were supposed to provide static background information. With this in mind, WordPress designers restricted the search capability to posts only.


WordPress Plugin: Search Hilite

The Search Hilite Plugin highlites Search-Words, from external Searches over Yahoo,Google, Lycos and Baidu, as well as WordPress internal Searches, on the Search Results-Pages.


New WordPress search plugin

Introducing Search All, a new plugin to enhance searching in [tag]WordPress[/tag].

Based heavily on the work of David B. Nagle (Search Pages) and Dan CameronSearch Everything, Search All adds an admin interface to select the search options and adds attachment and draft post searching to the mix.

Read more about it here.

Nice Search

This simple plugin (no configuration) redirects ?s=FOO search URLs to the nicer /search/FOO versions. Requires pretty mod_rewrite permalinks.


WordPress Live Search Plugin

Download and install the new plugin. Once installed, navigate to Settings > Permalinks in your WordPress admin and click save. This generates the routes needed for the live search to work.


WordPress Widget: King Search

The WordPress Search gets more important with every line you write in your blog. So i decided to build an advanced search widget.


Relevanssi – A Better Search

Relevanssi replaces the standard WordPress search with a better search engine, with lots of features and configurable options. You’ll get better results, better presentation of results – your users will thank you.


Search Unleashed

Extends the standard WordPress search to include data from posts, pages, comments, and meta-data, as well as the full content of data inserted by plugins. This last feature makes it unique amongst search plugins.


External Resources Search WordPress Plugins

Google Video Search Widget

Based on the Google AJAX Search API, Google released a video search widget called GSvideoSearch Solution.


JKG Search Spelling Suggestion WordPress Plugin

Connects with search engines to suggest the right spelling for a word from your blog.


Doogate Search Widgets

Adds a sidebar widget to let visitors search your site with

Mycroft Search Plugin Generator

It helps you create a search extension (addon) to offer your users to add to their Firefox search box. If they are reliant upon your blog for information to help them with their work and life, and you have enough searchable content, make it easy for them to narrow their search to just your blog right from Firefox.

Statistics Search for blog and WebSites

Search Meter: a WordPress plugin

Search Meter is a WordPress plugin that helps you keep your blog focused on what your visitors want to read. It does this by keeping track of what your visitors are searching for.


Cloud of Google Queries WordPress Plugin

Cloud-O-Google Queries is a filter to display keyword clouds based on search engine queries. It works with a statistics Plugin that tracks your incoming search terms and works with SlimStat, and Counterize II.


Plugin: Search Phrases / Anzeige der letzten Suchbegriffe

Displays a list of the last search phrases or words that lead visitors to your blog. The keyword and search terms are linked to Google search results with those words.


Tips and Tutorial to Improve WordPress Search?

If you are adding search to your WordPress Powered WebSite that covers your searching needs? Is there a Search WordPress Plugin or Tutorial that  I’ve missed that you can’t live without?

WordPress Top Plugins
Digging Into WordPress
How To Create Amazing Search Functions For Your WordPress Blog
Helping WordPress Search With WordPress Plugins
How to improve WordPress search
yolink Search plugin wants to improve WordPress search
Better WordPress Search – 3 Solutions To Improve WP Search
How to Improve Search Function in WP [Using Plugins]
3 Codes for a Far Better WordPress Search Page
Improve Your WordPress Search Functionality – Why ?And How ?
10 Important Tips to Optimize WordPress for Search Engines
Make WordPress’ search function suck Less.
How to Turns WordPress’ basic search into a full text
Display a different number of posts in wordpress searches
How To: Building a Google Custom Search Engine (GCSE) into Your WordPress Blog

How to add Multiple Product Categories to WP e-Commerce Plugin

WP e-Commerce is a free WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin that lets customers buy your products, services and digital downloads online. PHPurchase is a paid plugin, it seems to be of better quality than the free versions as well as slightly easier to use. It has the more features as compare to the free one. Even there are WordPress Themes with eCommerce features, you can find theme on the following links:

If you are using this plugin as a e-Commerce platform and want to add multiple categories, here give you a solution for that and by using this code you can create your own Plugin to add bulk Product categories for your online shop. You can read all about WP-eCommerce Plugin here: Create Online Store with Free WordPress e-Commerce plugin

Plugin Name: Add Product Categories
Version: v0.1
Author: WordPress Arena
Description: Bulk category import for WP-eCommerce Plugin
Plugin URI:
Author URI:
function batch_import_function() {
global $wpdb;
if(isset($_POST['Add'])) {

$group_id = $_POST['groupid'];
$parent_id = $_POST['category'];
$categories = $_POST['categories'];
$cats_array = explode(",",$categories);
print_r ($cats_array);
foreach($cats_array as $key => $value) {
$nice_name = str_replace (" ","-",$value);
echo ($nice_name);
		'group_id' => $group_id,
		'name' => $value,
		'nice-name' => $nice_name,
		'active' => 1,
		'category_parent' => $parent_id
<form name="batchcats" action="" method="post">
Group:<input type="text" name="groupid" />
Parent Category:<input type="text" name="category" />
Categories:<textarea name="categories"></textarea>
<input name="Add" type="submit" value="Add" />
function batch_import() {
      add_menu_page("Import Categories", "Import Categories", 1, "Import Categories", "batch_import_function");
add_action('admin_menu', 'batch_import');

Save this file  as a .php and upload it into plugin directory, activate the plugin and you will see “Import Categories” tab in your admin panel. Click on this tab and add Group id number and add Parent Category id, after adding ids entry the categories name separated by commas and click on add button.

WordPress Themes for eCommerce

Free & Professional WordPress Security Service Free & Professional WordPress Security Service

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