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Create Online Store with Free WordPress e-Commerce plugin

One of the greatest strength of WordPress lies in how easy it is to modify and extend. WordPress is an open source, its functionality is nearly limitless as well. WordPress developers creating hundreds of plugins to extend its capabilities. WP e-Commerce is a free WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin that lets customers buy your products, services and digital downloads online. PHPurchase is a paid plugin, it seems to be of better quality than the free versions as well as slightly easier to use. It has the more features as compare to the free one. Even there are WordPress Themes with eCommerce features, you can find theme on the following links:

About the WP e-Commerce plugin

WP e-Commerce Plugin is created by the New Zealand-based company: Instinct.  I found this plugin can be easily integrate e-commerce capabilities into any WordPress theme. WP e-Commerce is the most tried-and-true way to build an online store with WordPress. It’s an ideal solution for selling physical goods, services, and digital products online.

Site and business possibilities

Whatever you can imagine to run online store, this plugin is fulfil your dreams, let’s see in the follwing showcase  how WordPress Developers and designers are using WP e-Commerce plugin to run online business for their clients and to sell own creative work.



Icon Dock is a great showcase of wp-e-commerce and the DropShop gold module.

PedalPlay sell classic style metal pedal cars and ride-on toys using WP e-Commerce.

Chippi and Chilli
With an aim to keep you happy through an ever growing range of fabulous products, Chippi & Chilli will travel to the ends of the earth to fulfil your needs.

Photo, music, video, web-dev
Personal site of Sergei Bolser.

Innovate Electrical Supplies
Innovate Electrical Supplies Ltd supplies a wide range of electrical products, specialising in tools, lighting and data. – hard to find t-shirts offers you the best t-shirts. We carry hard to find brands and always concentrate on maximum customer satisfaction.

City Surf
City Surf Shops online store

Richardet Design
Company website with an included shop for web design templates and postcards.

Digitalpig the home of digital Photography and Artwork

panyizsuzsi –
Handmade fused glass jewelry by panyizsuzsi, a European gass artist

Artists For Hope
Artists for Hope has been selling donated art to help support a rescue center in Haiti since 2008.

Ski rent & shop: book online.

Paper Whistle
Paper Whistle is an art shop and blog about art and design.

Lightstalkers Scotland
Guided photography workshops and tours in the Scottish Highlands, built on WP E-Commerce.

Paper Magnolia
Beautiful functional stationery has never been more accessible! Our own Made in Australia range now available. Buy online, we ship worldwide!

AFCEA – Quantico-Potomac
The Armed Forces Communications and Electronic Association is an international forum for military and industry in the telecommunications field. This site has integrated WP Shopping Cart for event registrations and payments.

Chef C- Celebrating the Nourishing Life
Healthy recipes and “Green Living” blog by award winning Chef C.

Charlotte Roller Girls
Flat-Track Roller Derby promotional, fan and press website for the Charlotte Roller Girls.

Inner Peaks Climbing Center
Inner Peaks Climbing Center is the largest, state-of-the-art, full service indoor climbing gym in the Charlotte area. We have been in operation since July, 1998.

Mad Monkey Web
Web and Interactive Media Design.

Alternative Surf Shop
Alternative Surf Shop aims to provide a channel for alternative brands to reach consumers via the web.

The Uppercrust Cafe
We converted wp-ecommerce to be an online food ordering system! Awesome!

Spotlight Car torch
We’ve sold loads of spotlights thru wp-ecommerce – it rocks!

Executive Chef
Wil Mulders is an award winning European chef based in Hawke’s Bay. He shaped his unique cooking style in restaurants throughout Europe – from the Mediterranean coast to a exclusive castle in the Belgian Ardennes.

Tom Wallace Cycles
Tom Wallace Cycles, a Brisbane based bike shop.

Choux Bijoux Cailloux
Devoted mainly to necklaces, the creations are unique pieces made from quality materials … glass beads, metal or ceramic, for exclusive jewelry with warm colors and bright.

Deirdre Cartwright
Deirdre Cartwright is a Jazz guitarist and composer. Buy and download MP3s using WP e-Commerce.

Sonic Cycles
Sonic Cycles is a Brisbane, Springwood based cycle shop.

Le Comptoir des Savonniers
Beautiful soaps E-commerce website made with wp-ecommerce

G&G Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Site Austrian Publishing Company
Book your Buenos Aires tango show online. Better prices, less hassle.

MindGarden by Angela Rook
JEWELLERY • ACCESSORIES • GIFTS • BRIDAL • FINE ART • JOURNALS all original & handmade by Angela Rook Check out how I customized WP E-Commerce and Grid Layout to integrate seamlessly with my theme!

Gaiacom Wireless Networks
Gaiacom Ltd designs, sells and hires energy efficient information technology communications installations equipment. The mission is to facilitate always on everywhere information flows to foster business efficiency and interpersonal communications.

Headstones for Pets shop
Headstones for Pets – Creating memorials for your loved ones.

Here’s a unique store. Notice once again that it’s easy to create an assortment of products right on the main page of the site.

Seek & Destroy  – Designer Clothing – Tees, Tshirts, T shirts
With WP e-Commerce, it’s easy to create a front page of Cloth store that displays a gallery of products.

Pet Portraits – Custom pet paintings by Portrait Artist Leanne Wildermuth
WP e-Commerce makes it easy to create listings of photographic products, complete with sample images.

WP e-Commerce feature overview

On the above list you have seen the WP e-Commerce plugin in action, let’s take a quick look at some of the overall features.

Setting up the development environment

Always try to set up WordPress on localhost as it speed up the process of development. If you are on windows or Linux you can use xampp. For mac lovers can use mamp. Follow these short and easy tutorials on how to setup local host on your own computer.

Moreover I am using jQ, an awesome free theme for WordPress.

Installing the plugin

Install WP e-Commerce from official plugins repository or from its official website. Activate the plugin and you can see after activation, Products  along with other tabs below the comments tab. We will start from settings and then we will create some products to finally set up our demo store.

Settings WP e-Commerce>General

On Dashboard, there appear Store tab under Setting. Click on Store, There you can set location, target markets and currency in which you will sell products. There is an additional tax option which will be applied on the top of your product price.

Settings WP e-Commerce>Presentation

The presentation tab is the front of your store. Instinct, the company behind WP e-Commerce also offers a gold cart premium plugin with more options.

You can change setting for Product Page Settings, Shopping Cart Settings, Product Category Settings,Thumbnail Settings, Pagination settings, and Comment Settings with IntenseDebate Comments plugin.

Settings WP e-Commerce>Admin

Under Admin panel  you can set how much time a user can download a specific file. You can also lock downloads to that specific ip from which orders has been placed. You can customized the default email addresses. The purchase receipt is the message e-mailed to users after purchasing products from your shop.

Track and Trace settings:
The Tracking Subject, is the subject for The Tracking Message email. The Tracking Message is the message e-mailed to users when you click ‘Email buyer’ on the sales log. This option is only available for purchases with the status of ‘Job Dispatched’. Tags you can use in the email message section are %trackid% and %shop_name%

Settings WP e-Commerce>Shipping

To enable shipping in WP e-Commerce you must select which shipping methods you want to enable on your site, along with different shipping schemes like flat rate and weight rate that will automatically calculate the shipping charges and will add these charges on top of your product price. WP e-Commerce has built in support for ShipWire which is an order fulfillment company for online vendors.

If you want to use fixed-price shipping options like “Pickup – $0, Overnight – $10, Same day – $20, etc.” you can download a WordPress plugin from plugins directory for Simple shipping. It will appear in the list as “Fixed rate”.

Organization and layout

WP e-Commerce has a number of features to assist with organizing and displaying of your merchandise. These include:

Easy integration with all WordPress themes

WP e-Commerce assumes your WordPress theme has a page.php, or a single.php or an index.php like any good WordPress theme should have.
Due to some limitations to the Custom Post Type system implemented by WordPress (for more information on this please read here) WP e-Commerce has an interesting job when rendering Products Pages. Infact most WP e-Commerce pages use two templates. One for the overall look of the site (The arrangements for Header, Sidebar, Content, Footer) and another for The Content section. You can find detail on WP e-Commerce Templates.

Other themes should work as well. If you have any doubt, just try it yourself.

Products and merchandising

WP e-Commerce platform provide the best solution to manage and add inventory, which give you full control over your product catalog. You can add a new product directly from the WordPress dashboard, adding any descriptive elements with a rich text editor.


WordPress Widgets (WPW) [1] provide a simple way to arrange the various elements of your sidebar content (known as “widgets”) without having to change any code – Detail.

Product variations

You can set product attributes for a single product. For instance, a electric store owner might create one variation for product size (small, medium, large, XL, and XXL) and another variation for color (red, green, navy, and black). The product variation for product size is seen in the following screenshot:

Configuring your Payment Gateway

Activate the payment gateways that you want to make available to your customers by selecting them below option.

  • ChronoPay
  • Google Checkout
  • PayPal Express Checkout 2.0
  • PayPal Payments Standard 2.0
  • PayPal Pro 2.0
  • Test Gateway

The plugin not only keeps track of what items the customer wants to buy, but also calculates additional shipping and handling costs that you specify. Once you start making sales, the plugin maintains a purchase log for you. All transactions are logged on a month-by-month basis. Additionally, you can download a full report as a Comma-Seperated Values (CSV) file for further analysis or financial administration. Detail: Payment Gateways we support / General Information.


A shortcode is a WordPress-specific code that lets you do nifty things with very little effort. Shortcodes can embed files or create objects that would normally require lots of complicated, ugly code in just one line. Shortcode = shortcut.


The WP e-Commerce plugin enhance  the power and flexibility of WordPress, and seamlessly integrates a Shopping Cart into it. Anyone with an existing WordPress installation can quickly add the ability to sell goods and services.

How to Convert WordPress Posts Words into Affiliate Links

There are free and premium WordPress Plugins that allow you to automatically replace your post words into affiliates links. Although I am using MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin but there is one more excellent Plugin SEO Smart Links which improves the overall SEO strength of your blog by automatic interlinking your content as well as automatically convert keywords you define into (affiliate) links. It can do much more and if you’d like to skip to the full list of features click here.

SEO Smart Links: Premium WordPress Plugin

Developed by Vladir Prelovac, a known and respected WordPress SEO expert, SEO Smart Links is one of the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress, used by casual bloggers, Internet marketers and SEO professionals.  Matt Cutts from Google announced that smart internal linking is one of the key strategies for SEO in 2011. Having been downloaded more than 300,000 times to date, SEO Smart Links Premium has been selected as the best keyword affiliate link plugin.

Detail | Purchase

SEO Smart Links: Free WordPress Plugin

You can find a free version of this plugin at SEO Smart Links, that can do the same job: SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog.


There is an other simple way to replace words by an affiliate link, all you have to add the following code into your function.php file. This is the simple and free way but have limitations and will not give you as much control as the SEO Smart Link plugin. Don’t forget to enter your words/links as shown in the example code.

function replace_text_wps($text){
	$replace = array(
		'wordpress' => '<a href="#">wordpress</a>',
		'excerpt' => '<a href="#">excerpt</a>',
		'function' => '<a href="#">function</a>'
	$text = str_replace(array_keys($replace), $replace, $text);
	return $text;
add_filter('the_content', 'replace_text_wps');
add_filter('the_excerpt', 'replace_text_wps');

This code is courtesy of Kevin Chard from WpSnipp, and we should be thankful to him!

How To Make Your Own Music Site With WordPress

Creating an online music portal, a fan page for your music band, or want to present an online presence for recording studio or music school there is only one best and easy solution that is able to satisfy all your requirements – WordPress Soundcheck theme along with other Perfect WordPress Theme for Bands, Musicians and DJ’s.

My today’s post is dedicated to How to create Music website  by using WordPress themes and a list of themes which specifically created for music related websites. These WordPress Temes are dedicated to music band, recording studio, DJ personal page or just an online music portal. What is really beneficial about using WordPress is that you don’t have to possess any extra skills or knowledge about programming to set up a Music blog. Music related WordPress Themes are totally premade, feature pleasant-to-the-eye design and are easy to manage. You should just find the appropriate Theme from the following list that fits your purposes best. Hope this collection will help you find a perfect solution for your music website. 

Soundcheck WordPress Theme for Bands, Musicians and DJ’s

First of all you need to install WordPress on your Domain, If you need any help regarding WordPress installation,  do Like wparena facebook page and ask for free help. I would love to provide free support.  After WordPress intallation, get Soundcheck Theme from Press 75. Download complete usage and setup guide in PDF format.

Soundcheck is a one-of-a-kind audio theme for WordPress built with the latest web technologies (HTML5 & CSS3). This theme is perfect for bands, artists, musicians, churches, DJ’s or any one else looking to provide audio to your users. This theme provide video support, custom post types and formats, as well as custom styles built in for GigPress, Gravity Forms and WP-PageNavi. But what really stands out is the custom audio player:
“Featuring a custom MP3 audio player, Soundcheck allows your visitors to select, play and skip through tracks from albums setup within the WordPress admin. Integration and styles for the popular “Audio Player” WordPress plugin have been included as well. All tracks, files, purchase links and info setup for each album are automatically pulled into custom album pages.”

Soundcheck includes all the options you need to easily manage and customize your content. Customize your overall themes appearance (logo, colors, menus, audio player, hero slider, etc.) in seconds. Soundcheck also comes with several custom widgets for managing featured content, Twitter feed, social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Email) and more. Best of all, at only $75, Soundcheck is an amazing theme at an awesome price. Go check it out today.
Live DemoDetail

Other Best WordPress Music Theme Showcase

This showcase include a list of creative WordPress themes developed specifically for music related websites creation. I am welcome to look through and estimate!

Amped Child Theme

Amped was built to spotlight your latest video, showcase your music and the show dates you need to promote… all at your fingertips and built on the rock-solid Genesis Framework for WordPress (Best implementation of WordPress Genesis Theme Framework).

Live Preview | Detail

NightClubbing WordPress Music Theme

A WordPress music theme built specially for night clubs and other music related sites. This theme comes with video and audio player compatible will other players online such as and videos from YouTube. You can also easily add in events and featured articles on the site.
Live Preview | Detail

Fuse Music – WordPress Theme

Fuse Music WordPress theme is a theme targeting Musicians. This theme was created for bands or indiviuals who are looking to create a blog or portfolio for their band or team members. This theme also uses a social media plugin which allows you to add any exsiting social media websites that you or your band are currently on/using.

Live preview | Detail

Musaic – Music Theme

Musaic is a fun and clean template geared towards music/band portals or sites. However, the layout can be easily utilized in all types of sites.

Live preview | Detail

Multimedia – Music, Video, Picture, Blog WP

Very neat and clean music theme for wordpress. Comes in 7 different themes and widget ready.Definitely amazing for music lovers out there.

Live preview | Detail

Music WordPress Template – For Musicians / Artists

Music WordPress Template is a template geared at musicians needing a blog and an easy to use CMS.

  • Extensive CMS Functionality with an extensive Admin Panel
  • Three styles, light, dark, and minimal. See screenshots for other two designs.
  • Blog functionality with 1 level deep comment threading
  • Custom Jquery user interaction for song albums and photo albums
  • Flickr and Twitter functionality built in, and easily updated settings through the admin panel
  • Home Page Accordion Slider for news
  • Recent posts loop on the home page using jquery
  • Widgetized sidebar supported
  • Built in contact form
  • Full Page and two column page Page templates supported along with four custom page templates
  • Tour Dates supported with easy customization through the admin panel
  • Custom photo albums and song albums built in with easy customization through the admin panel
  • Music integration through wordpress plugin

Live preview | Detail

Veddio – Video Blogging WordPress Theme

The Veddio theme was created for both the average joe video blogger to the most sophisticated vlogger out there!
It features a nice look and the homepage layout allow you to really catch your visitors when they first land on your site.
From a custom rating system to custom widgets this theme will get you where you need to go.
One nice thing about each post image you see on the homepage is that they automatically re-size to fit what you see. In other words, if you don’t want to spend time re-sizing photos you’re all set to just get your blog on!

Live preview | Detail

Reverb music theme

Reverb is a premium  WordPress Music theme for Musicians and Music fans.Comes with Cool Home Page Slide Show,PSD files for the background, logo and a template for the slider,3-Day Money-Back Guarantee and much more.

Live preview | Detail


PopLife84 is a classical music wordpress theme, it will provide you an ideal backdrop for your blog or website regardless if you are blogging about the 80?s or today. The theme was designed with a light-urban, grunge feel, to emphasize the scratch ‘n’ mix beats coming out at the time.

Live preview | Detail


Backstage is premium wordpress music magazine theme for musicians and artists showcasing their media, future shows and music using {hugely|very} flexible custom widgets and audio players. This {beautifully|wonderfully} crafted layout {was created|was made} by Elliot Jay Stocks and boasts 7 alternate styles.

Live preview | Detail

The DJ WordPress Music Theme

The DJ Theme Professional is a WordPress music theme that is sure to get your fans pumpin’. The dark backdrop with the blue night lights sets the stage to showcase your music, services and talents.

So easy to use! This theme works with:

  • YouTube
  • and more!

The theme is ideal for:

  • DJs (club DJs, Wedding DJs, you name it)
  • Musicians (add your own songs using the services listed above
  • Bands – we included a easy to use template for creating a member listing & bio. You’ll love it!
  • Clubs – Promote your music and entertainment
  • Designer friendly – PSDs included (Sized – no slicing) for easy customization

Live preview | Detail

Tribal Music  WordPress Theme

Tribal is premium urban WordPress music theme,it is one of most popular themes from gorillathemes.Includes,multiple dropdown menu navigation, easy paste code for Audio Player, featured content sideshow plus much more.

Live preview – Detail

Disco WordPress Music Theme

Disco is designed with music in mind. If you own major/indie music recording companies or if you are a music producer, music director or music event organizer, the theme will serve you well as an online publication. If you are a musician, singer, DJ, or graphic designer fond of designing music artwork, you can stretch it to an online portfolio. If you are a music products affiliate or a retailer in music industry, Disco is perfect for your online business.

Live preview & Detail


Streamline is a great  premium wordpress theme from studiopress,ideal for wordpress music magazine theme and peoples who are looking for clear and professional design.This theme although more minimalistic, still cane stand thru the rest.

Live preview | Detail

Garage Band

The Garageband Theme is easy to customize to your own style. With the UpThemes framework you can change the logo, the background image, the way your fan galleries work and much more. This theme is packed with features to allow you and your band mates to keep your fans in the loop.

Live preview | Detail

PENDULUM – Premium WordPress Theme

Pendulum – it is modern template which was prepared with the thought about people loving the music: DJs, producers, musicians, musical clubs as well as for everyone which are fascinated by a music. It is possible also to use the template for construction of the modern portfolio.

Live preview | Detail

Dance Floor WordPress Theme

Dance Floor is a WordPress Night Club theme with cutting edge design and visuals built for Night Clubs and Music sites in general. The theme supports the popular Audio and Video Player plugin MediaElement.js (upload your own songs) compatible with iPhone and iPad (iOS) devices and mobile smartphones.


Setlist Music WordPress Theme

Setlist is a WordPress theme designed for Music bands, and artists in general that want to have a cutting edge design and  great features for their band website. Featured include a photo carousel slider for featured articles, event calendar for schedule shows or any kind of events with an extremely easy module to add-edit-schedule events and featured articles.


Hi-Fi WordPress Music Theme

The Hi-Fi WordPress Music Theme is ideal for:

  • Musicians – add your own songs using the services listed above
  • Music Fans – create a fan page of your favorite artist using the 3rd party music services above
  • Bands – we included an easy to use template for creating a member listing & bio. You’ll love it!
  • DJs – club DJs, Wedding DJs, you name it
  • Lounges and clubs – promote your business with class
  • Web Designers- PSDs included (Sized – no slicing) for easy customization. This theme can be easily customized for any purpose from restaurants to plumbers to dentists, etc.



Videozoom is an elegant theme with a neat-featured slider. It is ready to play any music videos you want to embed into your posts. It offers multiple posts layout, drop-down menus, video integration, custom templates, Theme options and many more features.


Music Mix

Does a great job out of the box for musicians. It provides you with all the essentials, support for every WordPress function, and the ability to customize the header image and background from the WordPress backend, without ever touching any code.



Magnifica is an elegant, powerful and flexible theme that focuses on providing functionality for blogs, magazine and news sites. The theme’s main characteristic is it’s ability to be layout and color customizable. Every color for every background, text, and area on the site can be modified from the included options panel with just a couple clicks.

Live preview | Detail

Dark & Gritty Theme

Foxhound’s Dark n’ Gritty is built for bands looking for something to be as gritty as their tunes.


Groovy Video

These are some of the more unique features that you will find within the theme:

  • Super-easy functionality  to create video posts.
  • Videos are resized automatically and Groovy even publishes the embed code for your readers.
  • Integration of the WP-PostRatings plugin for some added fun & interactiveness.
  • A completely widgetized sidebar with custom widgets included in the theme packaging. No third party widgets required.
  • 17 amazing colour schemes to choose from!


Free WordPress Theme Music Niche

Free WordPress Theme Music Niche is a SEO optimized, fixed width, 2 column widget ready wordpress theme. It is free to use as long as footer links are kept as is. The theme is suitable for niches related to music like songs, guitar, piano, musical instruments, ringtones etc. Live preview and Detail

WordPress Themes for Perfectionist
High Quality and Free WordPress Themes
Excellent Portfolio Friendly WordPress Themes
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Identifying, Removing, and Preventing Malware on Your WordPress Site

If your site has been infected, it is generally because some vulnerability has allowed a hacker to take control of your site. The hacker may change the content of the site (for example, to add spam), or add additional pages to the site, usually with the intent of phishing (tricking users into parting with personal and credit card information). Alternatively, they may inject malicious code (malware)—for example, scripts or iFrames that pull content from another website that tries to attack any computer that views the page.

The term “malware” covers all sorts of malicious software designed to harm a computer or network. Kinds of malware include (but are not limited to) viruses, worms, spyware, and Trojan horses. Once a site or computer has been compromised, it can be used to host malicious content such as phishing sites (sites designed to trick users into parting with personal and credit card information). Some hackers may even take administrative control over a hacked site.

If your site is listed as badware by Google or another StopBadware data provider, follow the steps below.

Clean & secure your website

Your website could have badware, even if you don’t know it!

Read detail guide to cleaning & securing your website.

Check your site

After cleaning your site, scan it with following  free tool to make sure you haven’t missed anything.

1. Google Diagnostics

2. Unmask Parasites
Security Check

3. Rex Swain’s HTTP Viewer
See exactly what an HTTP request returns to your browser

4. Sucuri SiteCheck

Fully free and open, check multiple pages for malware,spam and defacement.

5. Services and tools for analyzing malicious URLs

6. soswebscan
soswebscan is free online website scanner to identify iframe badwares.

Request a review

You’ve scanned your site, and everything looks clean. It’s time to request a review.

Google logoIf Google is the only data provider listing your site:

You can request an automated review through Google’s Webmaster Tools. This is the fastest way to get your site removed from Google’s list.

To request a review through StopBadware, find your site in our Badware Website Clearinghouse. Then, click “Request an independent review of data providers’ findings.” Fill out and submit the form.

About malware and hacked sites (from Google help)

  • If your site is infected: How to clean up a hacked site.
  • Preventing malware infection: Best practices for avoiding infection in the future
  • Requesting a malware review: Once you’re sure that all spam and malicious code has been removed, you can ask Google to review it. Google will check your site and, if it’s now clean, will remove any warning label that appears in your site’s listing on the search results page.

Other Useful Resource:

How to increase the safety of WordPress
How to remove Malware from Your Site?
Tips for Cleaning & Securing Your Website
Keep Your WordPress Site Secure with WordPress Security Plugins
Useful Tutorial, Tips and Plugins for WordPress Blogs Security

Find Secure WordPress Themes:

StudioPress Premium WordPress ThemesPageLines CMS WordPress Themes

Turns your WordPress blog into a fully featured Deal site

Running a Deal site like Mighty Deals and Design Shack is a very profitable online business, because most of the designers have to spend a lot of time on search. And on Deal site you can provide unbelieveable offers and discount for creative professions. The deals must be included products and services that are heavily discount, exclusively for premium customers. You can negotiate with the provider to ensure you are providing the best deals for designers.

Here come the WordPress which is the best CMS  which help you to create any niche of website. If you are interested to run deal site than Daily Deal theme is by far the easiest and cheapest way to create a deals site. It includes everything that a user would need while creating such a site. All you have to implement the Daily Deal Theme from Templatic. Before giving you a visual tour and see what this theme has in store for you, see  live examples of deal sites like Mighty deal and Design Shack.

Mighty deal is the best site in this arena that requires no registration or membership fee, and access to our daily deals is free for all users. They recommend that their visitors sign up for our free newsletter as these deals are available for a very short time only and when deals expire.

Design Shack

Design Shack showcases inspiring web design, alongside resources and tutorials for you to succeed in the same way. They only offer the cream of great design, filtering through lots of the redesigns that occur every day across the Internet, and cataloguing the greatest projects out there – perfect for getting that spark of creativity going again.

Daily Deal Theme

You can build a complete site for deals in just a few hours using nothing but the all-powerful WordPress and with this theme. Running a Deal site is a new concept and you can create beautiful design and focus on content – the deals  with this theme. Daily Deal is a complete theme with built in functionality for submitting, approving, displaying and buying deals.

Daily Deal Theme Features Tour

The homepage is finalized after many iterations. When it comes to sites like this the deals should be the center of attention- we did just that. The homepage displays how much time is left to grab the deal, product details, sharing buttons and the Buy Now button. Visitors can just click on the “Buy Now” button and buy the deal. An account is automatically created and username and password are sent to the email address. The homepage by default lists only one deal, but if you want, you can also list more deals. To do that just add a new widget to that area.

The listing page displays all the deals from that particular category. Three tabs are displayed – All deals, live deals and expired deals. Just like the names suggest, “All deals” will display all created deals, “Live deals” will display active deals and “Expired deals” will display finished, expired deals. Using the sidebar users can search for a particular deal. Below the Search there are regular widgets like Member Dashboard, categories, subscribe, etc. Just like with any (Templatic) WordPress theme – sidebar is all yours to experiment with.

Those who want to submit deals can just click on the “Submit deal” link. A form is provided where users can fill out all the information about the product and submit their proposal for the deal. If the admin finds that deal interesting he can activate the deal and only then it will be visible in the front-end. After submitting the deal an account will be automatically created and login details will be sent to that user’s email address.

Visitors who like the deal can buy that deal by clicking on the “Buy Now” button. After that, users can sign in or sign up (create a new account). Now they need to fill out the form, provide the shipping and billing address, select the payment gateway and complete the payment procedure. We have tried to make this process as simple as we could.

Now coming to the backend part. The backend is feature rich with various advanced options. We covered a lot of areas, we’re hoping you’ll never need to edit the code. “Design settings” will let you customize the look and feel of your site. “Custom fields” will help you add a new custom field in case you want to add a new input field for the user. And there is the Reports page that displays a complete report for sellers, transactions and deals.

Live demo | Detail

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