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How to add SMS Text Messaging services to WordPress Blogs and WebSites


If you want to provide Text Messaging services to your site visitors or want to  send text message online to your loved ones and company employs. With WordPress plugins you can enhance your website’s features which will provide this service free of charge. You can also find deals to promote your products through some of these services. All you have to activate the plugin and add the sidebar widget, so visitors can subscribe for text message and can have live chat . Even you can set the plugin to auto-text updates out each time a post is published!

WordPress Text Messaging  Plugin

SMS Text Message

Allows a reader to submit their phone number through a sidebar widget. The blog owner then can periodically send alerts, updates, etc via SMS to everyone at once.


WordPress Text Message

The WordPress Text Message plugin allows visitors to submit their cell phone number in a sidebar widget, to signup for an SMS text notification list. The website owner can then send out SMS text messages to all subscribers at once. If the sidebar widget isn’t used, you can still add people add subscribers from the plugin settings in dashboard admin. This feature is available for businesses who collect cell phone numbers via traditional methods, such as contests, paper forms, sign-up forms, etc.


Host Your own SMS or chat Gateway on your website or blog

By using following scripts, you can host your own form and send SMS messages directly from your site.

Live Support Chat System

The Live Support Chat System enables you to get a instant messaging chat system integrated into your own website.

It is jam packed with features, and is incredibly easy to use. Features listed below, although its best to have a look and see what you think!


  • Unlimited number of active conversations ( limited by server performance only )
  • Audio and visual alerts on new messages
  • add extra users to the admin section
  • Built in contact form for when no agents available
  • Ajax powered
  • Fully configurable from the admin panel, no tweaking code required
  • Automated sign off if you close your browser without signing off

Live preview | Detail

Umbrella Text Messager

Umbrella Text Messager (UTM for short) is an entirely object-oriented library for PHP that provides a common interface for multiple SMS -gateway services and manages the hassles normally involved with each of them, enabling developers to conveniently send dynamic text messages with minimal code.


Simple Private Message System

PMS is a very simple PM system, which can be used for communication. It can be integrated into your existing application even.


  • It is lightweight with pure PHP scripts and only two database tables.
  • Threaded messages(messagea are categorized according to senders).
  • WYSIWYG text editor.


Messaging System

Messaging System was created with “Simple and Easy Integration” in mind. What this mean is that you can easily integrate this application into your existing website. With version 1.1, I have included all the features that I believe are necessary for the Messaging System application. Following are some highlights of the features of the application:

  • Address Book
  • Multiple Recipients
  • Rich Text Editor (WYSIWYG)
  • Saving message as Draft
  • Trash for deleted messages, which can be recovered or delete completely from Trash
  • Forwarding and Replying messages
  • User Registration



Add a shoutbox to your site, built entirely using HTML5 , CSS3 and JavaScript, and give your visitors a unique way to interact. Users can chat seamlessly with each other about your latest post, any related news, or just how much they love the site.


User Messenger

User Messenger provides a simple method of integrating a member system into a new or existing site with the ability for users to send messages to one another. The script features a CMS / admin panel to manage users & site settings as well as all of the scripts needed to let users register with and login to your site.


Send a Text Message via the Internet

Text your friends quickly and easily from the internet! With our app, you just enter your message, the recipient’s phone number, and click Send. You get free text messages to any phone in the USA or Canada while we’re in beta. To help us avoid anonymous abuse and text spam, please sign up with your email.


Virtual Text Messenger (VTM)

Virtual Text Messenger (VTM) is a Desktop to Mobile Instant Text Messenger/Bulk (SMS) application designed to streamline business communication and allow the user to send and receive SMS/Text messages From/To mobile users in 500+ Cellular networks around the world in real time.


Send SMS Messages through Other  Websites

Here is the list of website that allows you to send your SMS text msgs for free from the web . Some sites require you to sign up, some have limitations on how many text messages you can send, or which countries you can send them.

Websites to Send Text Message Online for Free
Hundreds of sites to send free sms
How to Send Free Texts From Your Smart Phone
If  you know any other SMS text web tools that I haven’t listed here? SMS Scripts? SMS myspace or blog widgets? SMS WordPress Plugins? Please mention it in comment and share with everyone!

How To Secure WordPress configuration file


Web site running on WordPress has many benefits over other Content Management Systems, and the most important is wp-config.php file that contains very sensitive information about your WordPress installation, including your database detail, table prefix and Secret Keys.

So this file should be secure from hackers because they can find the valuable information stored in the wp-config.php file.If someone get access this file, he can get website database username and password, he could log in and undo everything that you’ve built! Therefore, take whatever steps you can to secure that file so that no one can access it.To do so, follow these steps:

How to protect your WordPress wp-config.php file:

Protect it the .htaccess Way

Josiah Cole wrote a nice htaccess tutorial on modifying your .htaccess to protect the wp-config.

Here’s the code from  Digging Into WordPress:

# protect wpconfig.php
<files wp-config.php>
order allow,deny
deny from all

After updating your  wp-config.php, Change file permission (chmod) on wp-config.php to 640.

Move the WP-Config file to a secret folder

If you move the wp-config file to an unpredictable location and change the code, it would create a problem every time you upgrade WordPress. So there is a better solution, create a separate PHP file in a non-WWW location and add the location of WP-Config file in it. On the following link you can find detail about How to create PHP file and add secure location it: Protect WordPress wp-config.

If you found this post helpful or have any questions, please leave your comment below.

WordPress e-Commerce Theme for Furniture Store & Home Products


WordPress makes it easy to turn any kind of website into a money making, e-commerce store. Once you start using WordPress, you will find it very handy and user friendly CMS and  you must want to create more stores. After WordPress installation, all  you need to select theme related to your store requirement or  install some plugins like PHPurchase to run an eCommerce store which provide great support to run an eCommerce site. If you plan to use WordPress to run a Furniture Store & Home Products, than in a first list we have complied a list of online Furniture stores build by using The Furniture Store – WordPress eCommerce Shop and by other CMS  like Magento  for your inspirationn and at the end there is a list WordPress e-Commerce Themes for Furniture Store & Home Products.

WordPress e-Commerce Theme for Furniture Store

The Furniture Store – WordPress eCommerce Shop

This is a new e-commerce theme for WordPress from sarah neuber (author of  The Cloth Shop) is one of the best success on ThemeForest. This is very simple to install, easy to use e-commerce solution for your products. Look no further than WordPress. Where professional solutions like Magento are indeed much more robust and feature packed, WordPress paired with the right theme is just what a small shop needs.

Designed especially for online shops The Furniture Store features a plugin free localized ecommerce system, a membership area, creating and saving wishlists, an informative customer service area, unique „Shop by…“ widgets, lots of  independent widget ready areas and sooo much more!

Live preview | Detail

WordPress theme designed for online clothing shop, The Clothes Shop is a nice looking template. Bringing e-commerce functionalities to WordPress this is ideal for someone wanting to start a small e-commerce site without the learning curve of a fully featured store software.

The styling is crisp and clean with a nice cosy background and uses a lot of javascript effects to give it a modern feeling.

The Furniture Store – WordPress eCommerce Theme Showcase

This is a showcase of selected websites that were created based on WordPress eCommerce themes.

The Mouse Market

Oak Room Shop – Based on The Clothes Shop

Zion Roasters – Based on: The Furniture Store

Lavender by the bay – Based on: The Jewellery Shop

Fouta Life Style – Based on: The Furniture Store

Charm Georgetown – Based on: The Jewellery Shop

Present drawer – Based on: The Jewellery Shop

Poppyco – Based on: The Furniture Store

Tiny Hand Sonline – Based on: The Jewellery Shop

Yoga a Porter – Based on: The Clothes Shop

Entia Jewellery - Based on: The Jewellery Shop

Plumtique – Based on: The Furniture Store

Belgre Fabrics – Based on: The Clothes Shop

Wine Sa – Based on: The Clothes Shop

Painted Beauty – Based on: The Clothes Shop

Le Cheap Cest Chic – Based on: The Furniture Store

Red in Fred – Based on: The Clothes Shop

Dirt Couture – Based on: The Furniture Store

Doo Lally – Based on: The Clothes Shop

Dana Michele Jewelry – Based on: The Jewellery Shop

Where the hat is – Based on: The Jewellery Shop

Borrowedblueboutique – Based on: The Furniture Store

Furniture Store & Home Products

Sterling Furnitureg

John Lewis

Furniture Village

Cousins Furniture

Thing Sofa Think dfs

WordPress e-Commerce Theme for Furniture Store

Parquet WordPress e-Commerce Theme for Furniture Store

Parquet is mainly designed for furniture and home products online stores from Tokokoo. Parquet is Premium WordPress E-commerce Theme that adds any widgets you want, link your online store account on Twitter/Facebook page/etc into your site, choose one from five stunning skin colors, there’s plenty more to do with this theme.


Boutique WordPress Theme


Boutiques give you the power to open your own online storefront. The theme has been built to integrate with some of the most popular eCommerce plugins available, allowing people to use their favorite system without any conflicts.

Demo | Detail 

eStore WordPress Theme

eStore provides an elegant solution for those looking to sell products online. The theme is easy to configure, and offers integration options with some of the most popular (and free) ecommerce plugins, including eShop and Simple PayPal Shopping cart. Also, due to the open-ended nature of the design, adding support for additional shopping carts won’t cause a headache. If you are ready to bring your business online, then get started today with eStore!

Live preview | Detail


Delirium WordPress Theme

Delirium is a latest Premium WordPress Theme from Viva Themes. The Delirium theme is a fully customizable Business / CMS style theme. Delirium Theme is a very elegant and sophisticated wordpress theme. It is very clean and fresh and can be used for company websites, fashion, designers and e-commerce stores. The theme includes a large featured content slider on the homepage, advanced typography, custom login panel, extended backend options panel and more.


Free Interior and Furniture WordPress Themes

Other Resources:

WordPress Themes for Perfectionist
Creative WordPress Powered eCommerce Web Sites
OpenCart as a favourite E-Commerce Application and Its Templates

WordPress Plugins for Multisite Network Management


When it comes to create or Convert WordPress into multiple WordPress sites, Look at this tutorial “How to enable Multi Site feature in WordPress 3.0?“, which tell you how to set up everything. Here is an other tutorial which tell you what you need to do to activate the multi-site ability and get through the set up and domain mapping process “How to do domain mapping in wordpress multiste network“ , and Domain mapping without Plugins. There is one Plugin onWordPress directory Plugin Commander, by using this Plugin you can manage all WordPress Multi Site Network Plugins at one place. Now compiling a list of WordPress Plugins to manage Multi Site Network.

If you are new to WordPress Multisite or have been using it for years,  these WordPress plugins are best for the latest version of WordPress 3.2. They help you to manage your sites on your network easily. You can tweak your CMS specially can maintain and manage its privacy.

Moderate New Blogs

If you are running MultiSite network and after registration new blogs  will wait for moderation. No registrations slip through without your approval. New blogs(aka sites) await a final click from a Super Admin to activate. Keep blog registration enabled and open, keep Super Admin email notices enabled.


Toggle Meta Boxes

This plugin will not hide meta boxes added, this plugin toggles meta boxes for all users and all blogs regardless of Cap/Role (only SuperAdmin can override the limits of the plugin however).
WP3 multisite mu-plugin. Go to Site Admin–>Options to “Enable Administration Meta Boxes”. Meta boxes (post, page, and link edit forms, and dashboard) are unchecked and disabled by default. Extra options to toggle the Quick Edit buttons, Media buttons, Screen Options and Help links.



Enable or disable WP3 Multisite Backend Menus. Adds options to toggle administration menus at Super Admin->Optons page under “Menu Settings”. WP3 already toggles the Plugins menu, I’ve added a bunch more in the same/similar way.


Multisite Switcher

This plugin adds a simple dropdown menu in administration header that allows you (and every site users) to switch between administration of every site they are member of (and so work for super-admin, admin, contributors,…).


Proper Network Activation

Some plugins have an install procedure that is meant to be run only on activation. However, when you do a network activation, that install procedure is only run for the current site. So, you end up with plugins not working properly on all the other sites.

What this plugin does:

  • when doing a network de/activation, it triggers the de/activation hook on all sites in the network
  • when creating a new site, it triggers the activation hook for all active network plugins on that site


Multisite User Management

Running a WordPress network? You no longer need to manually add new users to each of your sites.

With this plugin, users are assigned a default role for each of your sites. You determine the default role for each site under the Multisite User Management section of the Network Admin | Settings page.

You can assign different roles for each site or keep a site private by assigning no role.


More Privacy Options

Adds three more levels of privacy to the Options–Privacy page.

  1. Blog visible to any logged in community member – “Network Users Only”.
  2. Blog visible only to registered users of blog – “Blog Members Only”.
  3. Blog visible only to administrators – “Admins Only”.

Mulitsite SuperAdmin can set an override on blog privacy at “Network Privacy Selector” on SuperAdmin-Options page

Multisite SuperAdmin can set privacy options at SuperAdmin-Sites-Edit under “Misc Site Options” as well.


Exclude Plugins

This plugin will allow you to selectively show or hide certain plugins from the normal WordPress user in Multisite, as opposed to showing or hiding all plugins at once.


Activate Update Services

For some reason WordPress removes the Update Services ability (under Settings – Writing) when you create a Multisite network. Activate this plugin to get it back.


WP Multi Network

Turn your multi-site installation of WordPress into many multi-site networks, all surrounding one central user base.

WP Multi Network allows cape wearing super admins to create new network collections of sites, allowing for infinitely extensible site, network, and domain arrangements.


WP Multi Network

Turn your multi-site installation of WordPress into many multi-site networks, all surrounding one central user base.

WP Multi Network allows cape wearing super admins to create new network collections of sites, allowing for infinitely extensible site, network, and domain arrangements.


Enable Multi-Site

This plugin takes care of most of the dirty work of installing Multi-Site on WordPress 3.0. However, there may be some server-side changes you may need to do before upgrading to Multi-Site. Please refer to Plugin Documentationor the WordPress Codex before using this plugin. This plugin only takes care of steps 3 – 5, which will cover most people.


Blue Network Plugins

WordPress 3.0 is cool like Thelonius Monk, but for super administrators coming from WordPress MU, if you head on over to the plugins page, you’ll notice something missing.

Network (or sitewide) plugins are now merged into the entire plugins list!


Other Useful Resources:
WordPress Premium Content
Professional domain mapping
How to Get Posts from all Blogs in Multi Site Network

How to Improve WordPress WebSite Navigation menu


A navigation menu is a listing of links displayed on your site.Well structured website  navigation and organized content give a  site good conversation to the site visitors, which help them to quickly find what they are looking for from the first moment they enter your blog. Navigation links can be links to pages, posts, or categories within your site, or can be links to other sites. As well, you can define navigation menus on your site through the use of the built-in feature in WordPress called Custom Menu and Appearance Menus Screen.

These are very easy techniques  to improve the navigation of your blog and visitors will find more blog’s content, which ultimately give your blog more traffic.

Add Breadcrumbs to WordPress Navigation

Navigation trail by using BreadCrumb NavXT Plugin

Breadcrumbs typically appear horizontally across the top of a web page, usually below title bars or headers. They provide links back to each previous page the user navigated through to get to the current page or—in hierarchical site structures—the parent pages of the current one. Breadcrumbs provide a trail for the user to follow back to the starting or entry point. A greater-than sign (>) often serves as hierarchy separator, although designers may use other glyphs (such as » or ›), as well as various graphical treatments.

Typical breadcrumbs look like this:
Home page > Section page > Subsection page or Home page >> Section page >> Subsection page

Read  detail about Breadcrumbs to WordPress Navigation

Smart Breadcrumbs – WordPress Plugin

Want to add custom breadcrumbs to your website?

Here’s the easiest way! Just a few clicks & you have customizable breadcrumbs at your service. Different models to choose from & the possibilitty to choose font, font color, font size, hover state & more.

Live preview | Detail

Customize WordPress Next and Previous Links

There is a << Next and >>Previous links at the bottom of each and every WordPress powered home page. This should be links to page 2, 3, 4, and 5, with options to jump to the end, the next 5, or back again. Otherwise with default WordPress << Next and >>Previous links, to get to “page 5? you have to click 5 times. That’s either going to make visitors leave your blog pretty quick, and keep a lot of users from getting to a lot of your content. To solve this problem, You should have a linked list of pages (like google) that says “this is page 1 of…” and links to “2, 3, 4, 5, etc”. It’s easy to fix this with plugins like WP-PageNavi or WP-Page Numbers.

Easy Pagination for WordPress

A true 2-in-1 product. Turn your long Posts and Pages into beautiful looking slideshows, as easy as inserting a few tags, by the click of your mouse. You can choose between 3 different transitions; Horizontal Slider, Vertical Slider or Fade. The Horizontal and Vertical slider can be combined with 32 jQuery Easing Effects. And you can choose between 6 different navigation templates and even customize it your self if you feel like it!


Add Next and Previous Links to WordPress Single Pages

The above plugins do not work for single post but by default  WordPress’s “single.php”  file shows a linked title to your previous and next posts. You can modify according to your theme design and can make them prominent to visitors which are mostly coming from Search engine, so they will come to know what is next and previously posted on your blog.

 <div><?php previous_post_link('&laquo; Post before this: %link') ?><br /></div>
 <div><?php next_post_link('%link &raquo; Post After This') ?></div>
 <div style="clear:both;"></div>
</div> [wordpress hack ways to improve navigation]

The above code will Blod the text “Post before this” and “Post After This.

Pages by User Role for WordPress

Are you a WordPress developer or a Web Designer who uses WordPress to develop websites for your clients?

Have you ever wanted not to show pages in the menu? Or wanted to restrict access to certain Pages, Posts, Custom Post Types or Categories based on the User Role level?

We have made this very easy with Pages by User Roles for WordPress.

This plugin lets you restrict access to a Page, Post, Custom Post Type or Categories depending on which Role the user has. It removes the Page, Post or Custom Post Type from search results and blog roll. You can hide Pages and Categories from the menu when the user is not logged in

Live previewDetail

How to Customize More Links and Excerpts

After you write the post, you can choose a few extra options before you publishit for the entire world to see. Excerpts are short summaries of your posts that encourage  the reader to click the Read More link to read  the entire post. By default there is Excerpts box down the Post content  box, type your short summary in the Excerpt box. Excerpts have no word limit,but the idea is to keep them short and sweet.

On your homepage, you can use the Homepage excerpts plugin to achieve this. On all other pages, just the “the loop” and change the_content to the_excerpt. By using this plugin you can change homepage to excerpts, If you want to know how to customize and hack the theme code, you can find this information on the WordPress Codex page “Customizing the Read More”.

Add Multi-Paged Navigation in WordPress

Multi-page toolkit

This plugin is the ultimate companion for people who use the multi-page capabilities of wordpress. Easy to use fully integrated in to the wordpress visual editor (tinyMCE) (WordPress 2.5 and above) and simple to use options page to create great navigation links. No coding required !!!!

Using the nextpage button in the editor or the <!--nextpage--> quicktag you can create multi-page posts, and this plugin gives you three functions that extend this functionality even more!!

  • Page Title button or Quicktag <!--pagetitle:-->

Create a title for each page in your multi-page post.

  • Navigation Options

This function give you several pagination options choose from simply previous and next links, page title links and numbered links. Quick jump options include dropdown menu or a list menu using page numbers or page titles.

New option to display all pages on a single page (ALL page link). New option to have a custom seperator between pages on the single page view, great for adding advertising code or just to make it look pretty. New option to display navigation on multipage pages as well as posts.

  • TA_display_pages

With this function you can quickly and easily display how many pages a particular post has on your index page. Choose from 3 formats ( 1 of 2 , Page 1, 3 pages). More Detail: wordpress hack 5 to improve navigation.

Download | Detail

Add Related Posts After Post Content

Following Related Posts plugins automatically inserts the related post block after your content, and you don’t have to paste any code in your template or theme files at all.

My related posts

This plugin is based around the concept of lists. You can create a list, then assign posts to it. (A post can only be on one list.) When a list is created, you edit the blog posts and assign them to the list. When a blog post is assigned to a list, they can be listed in your blog posts.

This plugin differs from the other ones out there, because it does no magic! (And that’s a good thing). You have to create a list. Assign various blog posts to that list.

You have complete control of your related posts, making this plugin a great asset when you create a series of blog posts, with different parts or chapters.


Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) for WordPress

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) for WordPress gives you a list of posts and/or pages related to the current entry, introducing the reader to other relevant content on your site. Key features include: The YARPP templating system puts you in charge of how your posts are displayed.


If you’re interested in some other options, check out Customizable Post ListingsRandom Posts, and WordPress plugin: Related Posts.

Display and fascinate Posts in WordPress

By creating unique post you should be showing your visitors your most valuable content. a great plugin called WP Post Views that has a sidebar widget than can display your most viewed posts! This is a great way to showcase your best posts and keep people on your blog.

ConMe WordPress Plugin

ConMe enables you to group your WordPress contents (post / page / category / other post type / other taxonomy).

You can easly manage your content into a Featured / Favorite / anything group. You can easly put the created group into Page or Post, and also using the Sidebar Widget.

You can create your own style for each group using your own HTML + CSS + JavaScript + Images + Flash, and share them with friends and other people who also uses the Styles with ConMe plugin. It has never been easier to add nice looking styling content group to your WordPress powered website.

Live preview | Detail

Popularity Contest

This plugin will help you see which of your posts are most popular. Views, comments, etc. are tracked and given configurable point values to determine popularity.

Download & Support

Easy Custom Content Types for WordPress

Easy Content Types provides an extremely easy to use and intuitive interface for creating custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes.

This plugin will completely remove the difficult task of manually creating custom post types, taxonomies, and meta boxes.

You’ll never have to touch another bit of complicated code again.

Live previewDetail

WordPress Content Types Manager

WordPress Content Types Manager makes creating advanced content for your blog/website child’s play.

Simply install the plugin on your theme to create a more dynamic user experience, with no code editing.

This plugin lets you create:

  • Custom Post Types – e.g Post, Product, Advert
  • Custom Taxonomies – e.g Location, Business area, Range
  • Custom Fields – Text, Textarea, Select Field, Checkbox field and colorpicker
  • Custom Shortcodes – Easily create your own shortcodes for use throughout your blog or site
  • Custom Theme Options: Fields, Text, Textarea, Select, Upload, Image Slider, Checkbox and Colour Picker


WP Pre Advertisement

This WordPress Plugin allows you to show an advertisement before showing the actual post. The plugin first loads an advertisement and shows a countdown. As soon as the countdown finishes the actual post gets loaded.

You can add any type of advertisement ( Image, Flash, Video, Text, … ) as the advertisements are just normal posts. You can even include a full post as an advertisement.

The Plugin Admin page allows you to set the default values for the advertisements.

Live preview | Detail

Post Validator

WordPress is full of wonderful settings built-in to allow for greater control over the material going into your posts. However, if you run a site with more than one author or you do not have time to moderate every detail about a post before it gets publish: WP POST VALIDATOR is the answer.


Post Series

The Post Series plugin creates a custom “series” post type and then builds the necessary interface to properly utilize it. Based on the same code that Tuts+ uses to create their sessions, but with some enhancements to the code base.


Premium Featured Posts Slider

  • Show off your content the real way – in a slider!
  • Feature any post, page or custom post type
  • Includes 6 predefined layouts
  • Customize layouts with 18 variables
  • Global and per-post options
  • Intuitive admin GUI with inline help
  • Arrows and pagination slide controls
  • Uses your theme’s CSS styles
  • Extensive user friendly documentation
  • No template editing needed if you use [fps]


How to Attach Images with Category in WordPress

This is the best option to assign images to the category names and display them instead of the text. Having categories linked with images which is a great way to get visitors to view everything else you have posted in that category. Assign images to the category names and display them instead of the text.  If you want to read in detail and want to know how to do it, read this article WordPress Theme Hack Show Category Images.

Category Icons Lite

Category Icons

After installation of this plugin you can assign icons to categories, which will be displayed next to the category title. This plugin is also used here at WPPG, and as you can see this plugin made a very nice graphical change to this blog. Just check the icons at the left of our post titles – see the post title above, with a ‘box icon’ which is assigned to the ‘various plugins’ category, the small icons positioned right to the menu options in the dropdown menu’s (in the blue navigation bar) Detail review.

Home page

How to Customize Sidebar Navigation in WordPress

There are many options for customizing WordPress sidebar, and most bloggers seem to just list categories, archives, and a blogroll. Check out all of the WordPress Widgets available, the WordPress Codex page for “Customizing Your Sidebar”, and especially the WordPress plugin iFrameWidgets.

Tabbed Content Shortcode

A clean, easy to integrate, reusable tabbed content area for your WordPress themes!


  • Reusable , add as many as you want on the page!
  • Easy to use, activate and copy-paste the sample shortcodes to begin
  • Auto sizing on a tab by tab basis
  • Help and information admin page
  • Easy to integrate into any design

Live preview | Detail

easySite – Infinite sidebars plugin

This is a technical, but very useful plugin which will help you to customize your WordPress website sidebar with different widgets for each page, post or category.

easySite infinite sidebars plugin is compatible with 3.+ version of WordPress. Also this plugins detect and applies to any custom post defined in your theme or plugins.

Live preview | Detail

Admin Menu Customization

Friendly Admin Menu

Give WordPress Admin interface a complete transformation with Friendly Admin Menu. Use it alone or in addition to the default WordPress Admin Menu.

Easy to use and a more logical menu layout using a tabbed interface with large icons. Uses built in JQuery library to keep it lightweight and fast loading, does not add any code to your themes.


My Domain List Plugin

The My Domain List Plugin for WordPress allows domain owners to manage, promote and sell their inventory of domains. If you are not interested in selling your domains, My Domain List plugin also helps you manage your list of inventory keeping track of expiration dates and domain registrars.

Live previewDetail

WordPress CML

A suite of wordpress plugins that cater for corporate multi-lingual websites. It allows specific country level user control, a detailed post revision mechanism and a host of other features.

You can: Set up the plugin with all the countries you want posts / pages translated into. Designate users as specific country level users, giving them access to only translate their own language. Allow a page / post to be published, while a newer version of the page is worked on in the background.


WordPress Menu Plugin

UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

UberMenu is a user-friendly, highly customizable mega menu ( or mega drop down menu ) WordPress plugin. It works out of the box with the WordPress 3 Menu Management System, making it simple to get started but powerful enough to create highly customized and creative mega menu configurations.

Live preview | Detail

WP Sticky Menu Plugin

Sticky Menu Plugin has it’s own option panel from where you can select your styles, the alignment of the menu (Top or Bottom), the width of the menu (980px or Full Width). You can also select the animation effect for the sliding out and in of the menu. Watch the video for more information or buy it now.

Live preview | Detail

The latest version of WordPress 3.2.1  has gone gold and ships with an amazing new menu manager that can be used to control the navigation menus of your website. Hope after reading this post, you will make  better navigation and your visitors will stay longer on your blog, please comment if you have something to add or a question!

How to do Domain Mapping Without a Plugin in MultiSite Network

WordPress domain mapping without any plugin

You’ve seen how to setup Professional domain mapping for your network users by using Plugins on this link: “How to do Domain Mapping in WordPress Multiste Network“. It is possible to do  setup domain mapping without using any plugin if  are using latest version of  WordPress, all you need to follow these steps as below.

1. Upload you wp-config.php file to convert  your single user WordPress to make it MultiSite blog and add following line of code above  the line”/* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */”. (You can find detail about How to add Multi Site feature in WordPress 3.0.)

    define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);

Now login to your admin and you can see “Network” under tool option.

2. Clicking on the Network link in the Tools menu loads the network setup/installation page. It should look like this:

After adding required information in “Create a Network”, install and update your wp-config.php file and.htaccess. Before updating never forget to backup your both file.
Now you will see a New feature in admin panel as “Super Admin” in Dashboard.

3. Login to you cPanel and create thewildcard subdomain for your main domain.

Don’t put any name under Subdomain instead of name put * (asterisk) and select your domain name and Document Root must be  your WordPress path.

4. Go to the Super Admin panel and select on All Sites, add New Site, write the Subdomain, Site Title and email address and click on Add site.


5. After adding your new site, now Edit from the subdomain. Change the value of Domain, Siteurl, Home, and Fileupload Url to suit to your new domain.

6. The most important par now. Edit your wp-config.php file again and change the value as follow:

define( ‘DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE’, ‘domain’ );



If you can successfully set up a multi-site install to begin with, you can probably do this as well. If still you need any help,  consult Professional Domain Mapping which give you ebook with full documentation and screenshots to help you set up whatever kind of server you have.

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