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Biggest Collection of Premium WordPress Plugins

A plugin is a file or set of files that extend WordPress’ core functionality. Plugins are installed in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and need to be activated through the WordPress WP-Admin to work.

There are thousands of developers who create and distribute plugins to do just about everything imaginable. Generally if you need something, try Googling it or searching the WordPress Plugin Directory.
Weblog Tools Collection – is an excellent blog for keeping up with new plugin releases.

Here I am happy to compile the biggest collection of Premium WordPress Plugins anywhere!

1. Mortgage and Loan Calculator Widget/Plugin

Let your website visitors calculate their payments based upon the interest rates and loan amount entered.
One of the most unique features is that it gives the opportunity for your visitors to receive reports on their email account.


2. Simple WordPress Gallery

The Simple WordPress Gallery plugin overrides the standard WordPress gallery with a film-strip style one. Our goal here is to finally present a version of the WordPress gallery that’s useful and not a pain in the butt. This plugin installs in a minute and is a breeze to use; it’s as simple as it it awesome!


3. Dynamic Step Process Panels for WordPress

Dynamic Step Process Panels is a lightweight plugin for WordPress. It allows that any content can be represented in any number of tabs / steps. Can be used to:

* presentation of bulleted content,
* multisteps forms,
* provide a description of products,
* viewing photos,
* loading content from files via AJAX ,
* anything that comes to your mind


4. iPhone, and iPad flickr gallery swipe

Adds a great simple looking gallery to your pages or post with iPhone and iPad swipe gallery grabs photos from Flickr. For more information on how to setup view documentation in plugin folder.


5. White Label Branding for WordPress

This plugin lets add your own branding to WordPress. Replace the WordPress logo from the log-in screen and dashboard with your own identity or even your client’s. Add a custom dashboard panel with your own welcome message or help.
Take full control over the all menu’s in the dashboard.


6. uBillboard – Premium Slider for WordPress

uBillboard is a slider for WordPress. We have been developing sliders for our WordPress themes for over a year now, and all that experience has been distilled into this one slider plugin. It is a premium quality jQuery-based slider with a nicely polished WordPress admin.


7. WizyLike Like/Unlike WordPress Plugin for Posts

WizyLike is a WordPress plugin that allows registered users or visitors to like/unlike your blog posts. It allows the user/visitor to like your post one time only and unlike it of desired. WizyLike has 3 style options and 12 colour options for maximum customisation. The mark-up is dead easy to style so if ready made styles doesn’t suit you, go ahead and make your tailored style


8. WordPress Weather

WordPress Weather allows the inclusion of a weather forecast in posts, the sidebar, and template files. The initial location for the forecast can be changed by the visitor. Default general and sidebar templates are provided, along with the ability for site owners to override using custom templates. The weather comes from the Google weather api.


9. Custom Backgrounds for WordPress

Custom Backgrounds for WordPress is a plugin that lets you create individual custom backgrounds and apply them to any Page, Post, Category, Search page, Home page or Frontpage of your WordPress website without requiring a knowledge of html or css.
It has never been easier to use beautiful looking backgrounds for different sections of your website.


10. Relevant Search WordPress Plugin

If you’ve always fantasized that WordPress would fix their search results and return something actually relevant (not ordered by date), but are let down on every new release. You’ve found the plugin to make that dream come true.


11. WordPress Automatic Plugin

WordPress Automatic Plugin is a unique plugin that enables you to create a content based on your specified keywords that will fill your site content very fast and very reliable.

Operation:That smart plugin searches for your keyword in the article directories & Naturally include the author’s resource box below each article to save the copyright.


12. Twitter Updates Widget for WordPress

With this widget, you can show your latest tweets on your website. Create your own widget with its great customizability.


13. Font Replacement WordPress Plugin

This plugin enables you to replace your fonts with CUFON fonts and Google Library fonts.

* V1.0 contains over 30 beautiful hand-picked fonts
* Custom admin panel
* You can choose fonts separately for H1, H2, H3, H4 and BODY
* Cross-browser compatible
* easy installation
* further updates (I will add more and more fonts over time as you suggest anything).


14. Lightbox Evolution for WordPress

Lightbox Evolution is a tool for displaying images, html content, maps, and videos in a “lightbox” style that floats overtop of web page. Using Lightbox Evolution, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page.


15. ML Regions

ML Regions is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to define a custom region anywhere on the site and add any content without using WordPress custom fields.
You can use ML Regions anywhere in WordPress templates, admin pages or posts.
Read the FAQ section on how to display the content of the regions.


16. WP Geo Tagger

The WP Geo Tagger plugin can be used to add your current location to posts or to add an event location, so your readers can get directions in a snap. It even integrates Google Maps right on your posts!

* Add locations to your posts
* Include a Google Map using that location
* Creates a “Master Map” for your site, including all sitewide geo-tags
* Takes about a minute to install
* Includes full documentation and a screencast for any customization needs

17. Insert Gamer Card Plugin

This WordPress Plugin allows you to insert customized Gamercards into any post using shortcodes. Numerous examples are included. Simply copy the shortcode, and replace the gamertag.
These cards can be used in any post on your WordPress site and is tested under WordPress 3.0.1


18. Friendly Manual Order Processing for WP E-Commerce

Friendly Manual Order Processing for WP E -Commerce provides an easy-to-use and flexible way for you or your client to process orders directly from the WordPress back end without having to go through the payment process necessary on the front end of the site.


19. Simple Share

Simple Sharing is an easy to use social network sharing plugin that adds a “share” box to each of your individual posts, allowing your readers to easily share your post over many of the most popular social sharing networks.


20. Simple Star Rating

The Simple Star Rating plugin for WordPress is a very simple-to-use star rating system that you can use anywhere in your blogs & pages by clicking on an additional button integrated in your content editor.

Choose the number of stars, the default value, the color and the size of your rating items within the WYSIWYG editor, through a dead easy slider-based popup. Then let your visitors rate your posts, movies, recipies and more…


21. Slider gallery shortcode

This plugin creates a new shortcode for WordPress. With this new shortcode, you can create a slider gallery in seconds just by typing [slider] while you’re writing your post or page. The slider will display the images that you have uploaded to the current post or page.


22. WordPress Community Links

Looking for a way to add Digg-like features to your WordPress site?

WP Community Links is the best premium plugin on the market that lets you do just that, within minutes!
Seriously, watch how I turn a default WordPress installation into something similar to Digg within 5 minutes!


23. CAPS Block WordPress Plugin

Just after spammers, Internet trolls are the most obnoxious and annoying beings in forums, boards and—yes, your weblog. They type with Caps Lock on or just alternate between lowercase and uppercase.

They leave a bad impression in your blog, annoy your visitors and usually break the discussion. If there’s Akismet for spammers, why wouldn’t there be a filter for Internet trolls?


24. PayPal File Download WordPress Plugin

PayPal File Download for WordPress is the easiest way to sell digital content to your visitors. Easily sell and automatically deliver e-books, PDFs, ZIPs, and any other kind of file to your customers—with built in IPN , email delivery, and download expiry.


25. Popular Posts Bar Widget

Show what’s hot in your blog right now with this WordPress Widget, inspired by the fine folks at Engadget.
Dont’ confuse it with the ‘most popular posts’ plugins out there, all they do is extract the highest comment count of all-time, with Popular Posts Bar, you can show the trending posts by comments in say, the last 7 days.


26. Contact – Friend Inviter Gold plugin & Widget

Introducing The Contact Inviter/Friend GOLD plugin & widget for WordPress.

Changing the skins and integration into WordPress is now very easy.
Install the Contact/Friend Inviter GOLD plugin for WordPress in minutes, then add it anywhere in your website!
Install the plugin in minutes and add it to everywhere in your site.


27. LogPress

This plugin will help you to debug and speedup development of wordpress plugins and themes. Besides logging PHP error it can log a bunch of other things to help you make your website better.


28. Easy Facebook – WordPress Plugin

Easily add Facebook features, including Like Buttons, Login Buttons, Comments, Social Plugins, and FBML to your WordPress-powered site.

* Drag-and-drop sidebar widget to add Like buttons
* Option to use Facebook comments instead of WordPress comments (WordPress 3.0 and up only)
* Full FBML integration using the Facebook JavaScript SDK


29. Premium WordPress Announcements Plugin

This plugin will make it extremely easy to create announcements pertaining to meeting times, bug fixes, feature updates, event planning, and anything else!


30. WordPress AJAX Store Finder

Using a range of very powerful WordPress features, WordPress Store Finder allows you to add an easy-to-use AJAX store finder to your WordPress website.


31. Automatic Comments – Get the conversation started!

No one commenting on your blog posts? Get the conversation started with the Auto Comment plugin. Auto Comment automatically posts a comment on every new blog like: “Did anyone else see this?”, “Who has experience with this?”, “Has anyone tried this?”, etc.


32. Reorder: Reorder Posts and Pages

Support re-ordering of Posts, Pages and custom content types!


33. Sliding Contact Form for WordPress

This is an elegant solution that puts a “sliding contact panel” on your WordPress site.

It will put a small “Contact” tab in the top left corner that expands to show a contact form and social media links when clicked.


34. uAd – Advertising for WordPress

uAd is a complete Advertising package by uDesignStudios. It has been first created as an additional feature for our WordPress themes, but has become a powerful advertising solution since. Now we’ve decided to offer this functionality as a separate plugin for WordPress for all of you to enjoy.


35. YouTube Pro

YouTube Pro is a great new plugin for WordPress 3.0! Upload, edit and delete your movies without leaving you blog! And that’s not all! You can change the appearance of your player.


36. Word and Phrase Spinner

Spinner is a SEO plugin for WordPress that assists authors in “spinning” their content. Spun content allows authors to create Search Engine friendly variations and versions of their content and articles. The purpose of spinning content can assist Search Engine results by slightly modifying the title, excerpts and summaries of specific articles seen on multiple pages throughout your blog, avoiding duplicate content penalties enforced by most search engines.


37. WPContact – AJAX Contact Form

WPContact allows you to add an AJAX contact form to your WordPress blog. The plugin adds a new widget which you can use in the sidebar or footer, and set the options like widget title, form labels, captcha. You can also choose if the guests will be able to use it.


38. Comment Image – Upload images with comments!

Wouldn’t it be great if your blog commentors could attach photos with their comments? Now they can!

Images are automatically resized to a thumbnail size and large size (without stretching). Your comment approval queue shows the image upload, so you can choose which the images you want on your site. After approval, the images are shown next to the comment. Clicking the thumbnail, opens a lightbox with the full image. If there are multiple comments with images on the same post, you can browse through the full size images in the lightbox.The built-in settings page allow you to specify additional CSS styles to customize the look, images dimensions, and file upload field label.


39. WordPress File Centre

Have you ever wanted to use your wordpress install as a file manager as well? Now you can! Use the wordpress admin panel to add users and files, as well as manage them and delete them. Give your clients/users login details for them to view the files and stop unwanted users viewing them.


40. Font Uploader

This plugin lets you upload your own font files and apply them to any element of your website without requiring a knowledge of html or css.
Use your own fonts with any WordPress theme.


41. SocialPop: A Social Media Plugin for WordPress

This plug-in adds social media sharing options under the content section on WordPress Posts and Pages.
Currently supports sharing for 26 of some of the most popular social media sites including:


42. Search and Replace for WordPress

With this plugin you can search and replace strings in you WordPress website. This will not change your database data because the search and replace is done just before the content is shown on the screen.


43. The Redirector : Vanity URL Plugin for WordPress

Easily create vanity URLs on your WordPress site to redirect to any other url. For example, you can use this plugin to have point to a link on the itunes store. Obviously you can also use this to point many urls on your site to the same post.


44. SocialPress

Socialpress is a WordPress plugin that lets your visitors share your posts and pages on their favorite social networks. You can define what networks you want to show and what icons to use. You can also add campaign parameters to your shared links so that you can see in Google analytics how many users click on your shared links. In the back end you even have a small analytics overview to see how many visitors are referred from the different social networks.


45. Lowrider Triple Slider

Try something different.
Lowrider Triple Slider is a non-traditional slider for WordPress.
* Install and configure as a WordPress plugin.
* Drag and drop images into slides you create in the WP admin.
* Hook a blog post to each slide so the slide links to a post.


46. myEASYhider PRO

myEASYhider let’s you remove almost any item from the Administration pages.
This is the PRO version including the following features not available in the free version:

* you can replace the WordPress logo in the administration page header with the image you like (the image size must be the same: 32×32 px)
* you can change the colors (text and background) of the administration page header and footer – you can customize the text in the footer left side by replacing the original text/links (Thank you for creating with WordPress. | Documentation | Feedback) with whatever text you like
* donation and advertisement is not present


47. IndeedPress

The IndeedPress WordPress Plugin gives publishers the ability to parse XML job feed directly into WordPress categories. All jobs are appended with the Publishers Affiliate ID in order to earn commissions from Indeed.


48. Post Validator

WordPress is full of wonderful settings built-in to allow for greater control over the material going into your posts. However, if you run a site with more than one author or you do not have time to moderate every detail about a post before it gets publish: WP POST VALIDATOR is the answer.


49. Extended Google Analytics for WordPress

It’s never been easier to add Google analytics and event tracking to your websites. This in combination with a campaing url generator tool makes a powerfull WordPress plugin to get the most out of Google Analytics.


50. WordPress deposit system

The deposit system is similar to the one they use on ThemeForest (and other envato sites). The system enables the users to deposit their money into their accounts, and lets the administrator to control all of the cash in his blog & the settings of the system.


51. Twitter Widget Pro – WordPress Premium Plugin

If you own just one twitter plugin for WordPress, let it be this one! The only premium twitter plugin out right now – with support for multiple twitter users and includes a ton of premium options. This is the last Twitter plugin you’ll ever need!


52. Envato Dashboard Widget

This WordPress plugin adds a widget to the admin dashboard where you can see an overview of your monthly sales and a list of your last sold items.


53. Events Calendar Pro – WordPress Premium Plugin

Version 1.2 is now available for download! Once you’ve downloaded the updated plugin:

*. DEACTIVATE your previous copy
*. UPLOAD the new one
*. ACTIVATE Events Calendar PRO 1 .2


54. WP Auctions – Auction Plugin for WordPress

WP Auctions is a plugin that enables you to host auctions on your self hosted WordPress powered blog or website.


55. jGallery

This WordPress Gallery Plugin gives you a simple and extremely customizable way to create a gallery on any post or page. You have the option to use widgets or shortcodes to insert your custom gallery into your web site. As well, the look of your gallery is fully customizable through the WordPress admin interface.


56. All Tagged Up, automated post tagger

Simplify your WordPress posting workflow with our automated WordPress post tagger!
Why stumble around trying to determine what keywords from your post(s) are best for getting some extra Search Engine Optimization; while you can let All Tagged Up do the work for you.


57. WP Envato

WP-Envato is a simple and easy-to-use WordPress plugin widget to display your most recent Envato items from a selected marketplace. When the plugin is installed, you just drag and drop the widget to the sidebar and edit your username and that’s it!


58. Owit with Myows

This plugin makes it possible for you to upload blog files, directly from the WordPress media manager to MyOws.


59. DDSliderWP – 11 Transitions – Slide Manager Panel

DDSliderWP features EVERYTHING that the jQuery plugin already offered PLUS a custom admin panel, with total management of slides.


60. WP-Membership Plugin

This is a WordPress plugin that helps you sell your content; you only need to install the plugin, create a category for your private content, setup the prices of your memberships and your Paypal account. Don’t hesitate and purchase it today.


61. User Locations

A WordPress Plugin which enables you to show your registered users locations on a frontend map from Google Maps. Comes packed with administrational settings for you to customize what information you want to display about your users and much more.

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Where to Find Images for Your Business Blog?

Do you want lower quality but free images, or higher quality but inexpensive images? High-resolution stock photography at large sizes can be expensive, but the smaller sizes that you need for use on the web are quite affordable. Paying for a stock photo just means you’ll spend less time looking for something that’s visually appealing and high quality.
Images you can use for free can be found on the Following Websites, If you know any other resources for good stock images, mention it in comment. And Subscribe to WP Arena for latest News.

1. GraphicRiver


You can find illustrations instead of photography, GraphicRiver has a great range of images,

2. PixMac

Most usable and reliable microstock agency out there. If you’re looking for the best picture or just trying to sell your best shot, PixMac is your perfect tool, with accurate search results and helping you at every step.

3. stock.xchng

Images you can use for free can be found at stock.xchng, though be careful to check the terms, as some images will require attribution and some will not.
SXC was launched in February 2001 as an alternative for expensive stock photography. The idea was to create a site where creative people could exchange their photos for inspiration or work. The site has evolved into the massive community you see today — there are over 2,500,000 registered users and around 400,000 photos online.

4. morgueFile

Despite the macabre name, morgueFile is another popular choice for free files,

5. Flickr

Flickr can deliver free images, but you’ll need to search for images licensed under the appropriate Creative Commons license using Advanced Search.

6. iStockPhoto and Fotolia

If you’re willing to pay a little cash for better images, there are a plethora of options. The most well known microstock site is iStockPhoto, but Fotolia is fast gaining.

8. Getty Images

For celebrity and news photography you can try Getty Images.

More Resource and Reference:

Where and How to Find Brilliant Free Stock Images

Thirty Free Image Resources on the Web

Where to Find Free Images and Visuals for My Blog – Mini-Guide

Where to Find Images for Your Blog

Where can you find good images?

Need of Link Building for web designers

Designing a website is the first step for starting a business online. The designers should give due regard to the search engine factors Link building is one of the crucial elements of Search Engine Optimization process and behaves as a determining factor for the reputation of your site. Today, big web designing firms and agencies make their web presence effective with the availability of vast resources and expertise but to make a recognizable presence for a freelance web designer, the process can be little formidable without the support of a good Link building firm. Whether it’s a reputed website design company or a freelance designer, link building is needed for their business growth.
A link building firm strategically builds links for your site to attain a significant position in the competitive rankings of search engine listings. It is an assured way to get your website to the top of the first page of Google, and other search engine directories. Link building is an easy process to do to increase the effectiveness of the websites in World Wide Web but requires a professional approach to earn remuneration. Building links helps improves relevancy of your site on search engines.

Meanwhile, the web designers should keep few important aspects or parameters in mind before hiring services from a link building firm like time taken to complete the project, scalability, pricing, and authenticity of the firm. Building quality links offers following benefits to the web designers;

Benefits of Link Building:

  • When you have greater number of inbound links pointing to your site, you have greater opportunity of viewers/clients visiting your site.
  • If the incoming links pointing to your site are quality and thematically relevant, the site gains trust and considered as a valuable resource by search engines and as a result your goodwill is built in the eyes of your existing and prospects clients.
  • By increasing the relevancy of the sites on search engines, link building helps increase their SERPs which will again help you to increase the awareness of your business on on-line podium.
  • It helps establish trust amongst your existing as well as potential customers and thus helps in generating new leads for your business. This also helps in building brand loyalty among your clients.
  • Higher rankings => more traffic => more conversions => more revenue. This would really help the designing firms especially the freelance designers to ensure sustainability in their income.

Link Building is one of the most effective marketing strategies employed by almost all web masters and web designers to achieve success. It helps search engine crawlers to visit the sites in a frequent manner. Link building is not a one-time effort, it requires a continuous management. Repetitive visits and frequent updates help web designers to mark their importance on search engines and henceforth help their websites to achieve higher rankings. As a result, both the probability of earning and business prospects for a web designer increases on a continuous basis.

102 Proven Social Media Headline Formulas List

The headline for the blog Post play a major role to attract the readers. If the face is not attractive your piece of writing will not fascinate to the reader and a headline is just like the face of blog Post which give the importance to creative work. Writers spend lot of time on writing, but the truth is that Writer’s work doesn’t matter unless someone reads it, and that’s what the headline’s job is: to get people to read your work.

Search Engines are an other kind of readers, so you should also consider them writing for the human reader.
There is a really great source to help your headline writing skill, is Chris Garrett’s FREE PDF:
102 Proven Social Media Headline Formulas, which contains 102 fill-in-the-blanks, tried and tested headline

102 Proven Headline Formulas

These are very old list but still very useful. Take these fill-in-the blanks templates and complete them to create your own compelling, click-getting headlines.
Get What You Want (Health, Wealth, Relationships, Time and Lifestyle)

1. 10 Money/Time Saving Tips for ______
2. The Secret of Getting the Best Price for Your _______
3. How to Find the Best _____ Deals on the Web
4. Top Gadgets for _____
5. Are _____ Worth the Money?
6. Everything You Need to Know About Getting Cheaper _____
7. Top 10 Tips For Hassle Free ______
8. Best ____ For Under [Price]
9. Unusual but Achievable ____
10. 5 Ways to Boost Your ____ Without Spending More _____
11. Ways to ____ on a Budget
12. 5 Ways to _____ and Profit!
13. 21 Audacious and Creative _____ Ideas
14. Who Else Wants to ____?
15. Now You Can ____ for Free!
16. How to Get _____ in Half the Time
17. 10 Stars and their ____
18. _____ Life Styles of the Rich and Famous
19. How to Look and Act ________
20.Now You Can Have Get More and Better ____ With Less Effort
21. ______ like a Movie Star
22.9 Ways You Can ____ Better Than You Deserve
23.How to ____ in 10 Seconds
24.Have a ____ You Can Be Proud Of
25. 21 _____ Conversation Tips
26.Finding Your Perfect _______
27. Plan a Perfect ______
28.What ____ Really Want
29.7 Signs You Are/Can _______
30.Get ____ Now

Crystal Ball and History

31. The History of _______
32.How _____ Will Impact _____ in [Year]
33._____ Then and Now
34.40 Predictions on the Future of ____
35. The Modern Rules of ______
36.___ Lessons from History
37. The _____ Story

Problems and Fears

38.Are _____ a Dying Breed?
39.How to Beat the Fear of _____
40.10 ____ Scams and How to Avoid Them
41. How Secure Are Your _____?
42.7 Most Frightening ____
43.Top 10 Scary _____ Facts
44.Outrageous _____ and How they Could Impact You
45. Get Rid of Your _____ Once and For All
46.Could Your ______ be a ________?
47. What Your ____ is Not Telling You About _______
48.Beware ______ and How to Spot them
49.10 Good Ways NOT to ______
50.How to Safely _______
51. The Unseen/Biggest Dangers of _____
52. ______ Do’s and Don’ts
53. 21 Ways to Screw Up _____
54. 10 Reasons Not to _____
55. 7 _____ Danger Signs
56. 7 things _____ Should Never Do

Fact, Fiction, Secrets, Truth and Lies

57. What Everyone Ought to Know about ______
58.____ Personality Test: What Your ____ Says About You
59. _____ Lies and How to Spot them
60._____ Facts and Myths
61. The Real Truth About ______
62.21 Secrets the _____ Experts Don’t Want You to Know
63.101 Most Popular _____ Myths
64.10 ______ Facts You Need to Know
65. The Secret of Successful _____
66.Little Known Ways to _____
67. Truth and Lies in _____
68.All You Need to Know about _______
69.10 Lies We Tell Our _______
70.101 things Not to tell _______
71. Revealed: Why _____
72. How to Spot a Fake ______

Download 102 Headline Formulas PDF

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If you like these headline ideas, please Tweet it or email to your friends using the buttons provided.

How to Build a Job Board Website With WordPress

By using the WordPress theme, you can easily create a job board to serve a job seekers. With so many types of jobs out there, the possibilities for  job boards build on WordPress  are almost endless. That’s where JobPress Theme from DailyWP comes in to make a job board on WordPress.

FoxNews and Smashing Magazine are two users of the JobPress theme who have their job boards on JobPress Theme. FoxNews only covers positions available within their own company while Smashing Magazine provides job listings design and programming-related jobs. Both  job boards are giving  you some idea of just what you can do with this theme. As you can see,  JobPress can be integrated into the design of an existing website so that the two blend together nicely.

Introduction About JobPress Theme:

JobPress is a wordpress theme that turns your website into a perfect working Job Board Software. It comes with all features a website of this kind needs, It is easy-to-use, easy-to-customize, easy-to-read and now a great way to monetize! which can be found at JobPress WordPress Theme for Job Board Websites.

Setting up and configuring JobPress Theme:

After uploading and activating the JobPress theme, a new JobPress Settings link will appear. So, to begin customizing JobPress to your liking, click on JobPress Settings which you can find under “Appearance”.

Settings Page:

JobPress is coming with a settings page from where you will be able to edit and customize all theme features. You can set the payment system, customize the success message and mail, set the price and the currency without editing any file. The Auto Publish setting allows you to publish job listings automatically or manually.

Payment System:

Just past your PayPal email in the settings page, set a price and a currency and you are ready to monetize. JobPress payment system is able to charge credit cards and paypal accounts. The Paid Submission setting is currently enabled, If you want change it to Disable to offer job listing placements for free.
In the Submission Price textbox, enter the amount that you would like to charge for standard ad placements. The last setting in this area is the Currency drop-down menu. Here you need to choose the currency associated with your area of the world.


After the payment is done Paypal sends a signal to JobPress, and only if the signal is real the job will be published. Also a verify sign key is generated and stored in your database.

Custom Information:

In this section, Renew Jobs is the first option that you will see which is enabled by default it means the job posters will be able to renew their listings if they would like to do so.

For Companies to upload their logos all you have to set the “upload” folder’s permission, which can be found inside the wp-content directory. So, navigate to the upload folder and then CHMOD it to 777. Hope you know How to change the CHMOD Setting.
All Other Setting you can set according to your requirements.

Making the sidebar widget-ready:

JobPress Theme doesn’t have a widget-ready sidebar. So, open up the sidebar.php file, scroll to the bottom of the file and then add the following lines of code right above the final </div> tag.

<?php if ( !function_exists(‘dynamic_sidebar’)
|| !dynamic_sidebar() ) : ?>
<?php endif; ?>

After adding this line of code, make some changes in your function.php file. Open that file and then enter the following code just below the opening <php> tag.

if ( function_exists(‘register_sidebar’) )

Now add the widget that will appear just below the employer login box located at the top of your sidebar.
After saving and uploading both files, widgets will be usable on your JobPress-themed site.

After adding these codes, you may will face a problem in  the Widgets page located in the administration area, that won’t display properly. That’s because the add_action(‘admin_head’, ‘jobpress_style’); function, found in functions.php, conflicts with the code that you just added to that file as part of this process. And this the Downside of widgetizing the JobPress sidebar.  If you have a solution in your mind, don’t hesitate to mention it in comment.

Adding a job listing to test the system:

Before launching your job board, Test yourself by posting a new job add, specially in case if you are charging a fee. For posting a new job, create a new account, rather than logging in to your administrator account. After creating go to the frontend of your website and then click on either the Post Your Job link or the Post a Job button. Then, complete all the process by adding all required information. If you’re charging a fee for submitting job listings, you will be directed to PayPal where you will need to complete the payment process.
Be sure are not using the same PayPal Id which you have set in your Payment setting.

As you can see, the installation and configuration of JobPress isn’t that difficult. For you, there are two obvious benefits associated with running a job board. You might use your job board to drive traffic to your main website or you could use it to generate revenue from job listing fees. So get your JobPress Theme right now and start earning. If you like this article subscribe to WPArena’ RSS Feed for more latest News and Ideas.
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Some More live sites use JobPress and Reference:
WordPress 3 Site Blueprints By Heather R. Wallace

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